Monday, February 11, 2013

Art Vibration - 68


Two Little Girl Chess Master's  are visiting  my Installation Chess in Life ,
 In CAI  National Chess Competition  2011.
Yes Chess in life , I can say it because i know every one is living  it in his of her life every day , day by day . 

 Chess is a board game for a common social person , Chess is a guide line for Politicians , Chess is a symbol of  war between two kings , 

But in  my view chess is a exercise of vision , chess is a exercise of life study ,chess is a exercise  of   philosophy . because i am a art master  i am not a chess master  but i am playing chess to my childhood age .

Here i am writing about chess because i want to share  with  you  my art philosophy  by chess  Board philosophy . when i were busy  in master's study in  my art collage Rajasthan School of Art year 2004 -05 .  in that time i were noticed the philosophy of chess and life . I were  saw many time senior citizens were playing chess in evening time at temple of Govind Dev ji , I were watching full game of them and i were listing  talk of them , they were talking about his home condition or on family relation but there they were playing chess board by his cool mind . I were noticing they seniors were playing two chess game  in a one time  on was visualizing as a chess board and second in mind invisible chess , one chess move's were completed by pon, queen or by king but in mind they were playing itself as a king, pon or queen on life problem chess  board .

There to, i were collected a concept  for  my art philosophy and i did started thinking on that and i thought sixty four block is base of chess , and in INDIAN  art we are saying we have sixty four type art  in our life philosophy , here sixty four is same between chess or art .But i thought some more about that sixty four block of chess , i saw on chess board by my art philosophy  one block for life and sixty three block for problem's  of life .

I did converted that art philosophical concept in art form and i did created  a installation art work , i did painted  two Chess  board one  for real chess or second  for life problem chess . In second Chess Board i did used text in one block i were wrote LIFE  and in sixty three blocks i wrote only PROBLEM word .

After  my art collage  i were created same art work for a international chess competition but that competition was canceled before that competition of chess so my work was putted impression  on organizers  . After life block  we are facing problem block all side .ha 

In that time i were played lots of chess board on online and in  my life some time i were won and some time i lost , some time i won real chess board or some time i lost  my inner chess board of my own life problems but chess in life continue , as a artist or as a chess player i have made some record about this philosophical game of life . 

Its  my own real chess board record  on online chess rank  .
Today I am playing chess for  my refreshment of mind , i am not playing  for win or loss , i am playing  for  my mind exercise  and its supporting me very much when i want refreshment of  my mind after  my art exercise. In this exercise on i have completed 171 Level and Experience .Point  192,880 , or chess board 3000 games. Kind  your information there i have registered myself with name * yogendra-art * and the team of chesscube know it  i am artist not a chess  master ..ha

In 2011 Chess Society CAI was organized a national chess competition in Bikaner , i were participated in that chess competition as a chess player or as a art exhibitor . The Director of CAI chess Society was noticed the  philosophical art work of chess in life ,they all chess player were saw  a new view of chess by sound of art , some one shoot to that art work by camera some one asking to me about that concept of chess or life , in that chess competition i were not made any good rank but i did gave a good view to all chess player by chess  art concept .

Myself  with installation art work Chess In Life -2011  
In that  CAI National chess Competition i saw a blind chess player  was  playing chess he was facing lots of problem when he was taking lots of time in move of chess , i saw a kid his age was only 12 year and he lost his game after played with a senior chess player and he was weeping much more , ( that movement i were care the confidence of that kid i did offer to him for play with me , and i did gave five chance to him  for win. he was won five time and then i saw a  natural kid smile on his face , that was  my  live art work  for natural life  in that chess competition ) 

 I were laughing there when i saw  my opponent a lady was telling me please move slow i can't think very fast just like  you ..hahaha.  she was covered to chess board to her hand and stop to me for  my move , there  many player were watching our chess board and her live action on chess board as a rule she was out but i were live silent with  my natural smile  because  i saw she was in problem of win matter . i were leaved my chess board and gave win to her and all player  were told to me you are artist man  , you can win this board but i told to them. Yes but  she is wanting win or as a artist i can not create problem  for her win  because i know chess in life..ha 

yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


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yogendra, insightful and significant observations, well done

Anand Singh said...

Very well said Yogendra jee, i am the witness of Chess in Life Bikaner 2011. I remember the blind player was Abdul Sattar and the girl in photo is Harshita Dewat.