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Art Vibration..42


Front view of Junaghad fort , Bikaner.2002

I can't forget that day when our city Commissioner Mr. A.Mukoupadhyay had visited my street art exhibition . that was his special art visit for me. we had not invited to any one by invitation for visit but he did came for visit my art work . that was a great moment of my art journey. here by this post i want to share a one more art story of my art journey with you on subject of Heritage Project.
In 2002 i were started a big project on "Heritage " in that project i were added a one more artist of my home town Mr. Mohan . we had work in street of Bikaner for 4 to 5 month continue .we had selected the street of historical place of Bikaner and then we did drawing lots of view of streets in art drawing and after drawing we did exhibition in that street for common visitors. that was our study work ,you can say it and i will accept it.ha..

In that art project we had draw lots of art work then we had learn the prospective drawing sense of buildings with stone carving design that was tuf work for me but i were started and we were committed by ourself for art study so we had created that art work...ha

In that art project we had draw 5 th historical spot of Bikaner one by one .
here i want to share some visuals of that art work and street exhibition.

Street Drawing of a old building of Bikaner city,2002

A light lamp Drawing of Junaghad fort Bikaner. 2002 .this Art work is in collection of Princess of Bikaner, Shidhi kumari, Its exhibit in her PRACHINA SANGHRALAY,Junaghad fort Bikaner.

Street Exhibition at Rampuriya Haweli Street,Bikaner,2002

A boy is visiting the view of Rampuriya street in Drawing,2002

Complete view of RAMPURIYA HAWELI street exhibition,Bikaner 2002

Children are enjoying the Street exhibition in RAMPURIYA STREET.Bikaner ,2002

Kind your information when we were exhibit our art work, that time city people were supporting us every time they were making tea and brake fast water service etc.they were loving us and our art activity.because in street, kids were learning live art study by our art exercise.we were making sense of art in kids by our heritage art project and today i can say that Street art exhibition is my real Heritage of art journey..ha

when we had exhibit our art work in Rampuriya Street then a one senior theater artist Mr. Suraj Shingh pawar had promot us by his visit. he did buy our two art work for his art collection.that time tourism writer society director Mr. U.C. Kochar had visited our art exhibition with his life partner . he did like our art exercise and art presentation.

After Rampuriya Street Drawing and exhibition we did draw some more art work of Laxminath temple that temple is very old and historical temple. so we had selected that for drawing exercise finally we had draw 20 drawing and then exhibited on the spot for visitor here i can share a one image of print media report about our art exhibition.

After Laxminath temple we did went to Junaghad Fort for Drawing exercise we had draw the view of Junaghad fort 15 to 20 days continue . there all Junaghad fort staff were know us as a art student . kind your information the junaghad fort is in under of King Trust first we had taken permission for Drawing then we were started the drawing of that beautiful fort . after 15th days we had draw 20 drawing and then we did demand a one wall of fort for exhibition. after some small problem i did got the permission for exhibition on own risk. i were requested to Trust director of junaghad fort then he did asked to me full information about our art project and i were share all matter and art project report with him in his office of LALGHAD FORT.

One day we had pasted our art work on inside wall of Junaghad fort . Junaghad fort live full day busy by visitors so we were very busy in our art exhibition at Junaghar fort.lots of people had visited our art drawing and media had published our art project continue step by step so that day media repoter was with us.

At 5 pm we did saw a red light car came in Junaghad fort. i were thought a GOVT.officer came for visit of Junaghad fort.But thet red light car were stop in front side of our exhibition wall . a office came out from that care and asked to some one . who is draw this artistic art work. then we were went near to that officer he told me . i am come here for your exhibition visit specially after off my office time.i were reply to him thank you sir. then he did share his post and name with us .he told me i am city commissioner of Bikaner and my name is A.Mukopadhyay. I were happy because we had not invited him but he was in our art exhibition after read the news by news paper.
He told me i like art and artist vision. He did visited our all work with full time and patience one by one. Finally he did liked a one art work of myself and he did asked to me, that art work cost then i were told him its our exercise work and we are exhibiting it for visual language education in mid of our society and we are continue busy in this art project to last 4 months.after listen my word he told me very good art work of yours . but i want to buy your one selective art work. then i told him i will submit to you my one work with fram as a gift i will not sale my work to you .He told me i will exhibite your creative art work in my home i have a free space in my room for 15X20 inchesh. When you give me your creative art work i will exhibit there with full respect of art. That was very big word and reward for me from our city Commissioner and his special art visit was a second reward for our hard work of Street Drawing and Street exhibition. that time the Director of Junaghad fort got the information of City Commissioner visit he came for invite to commissioner sir, but he did not went in Junaghad fort for visit and he told to Director of Junaghad fort i did came for visit the art exhibition of our youth artist .I did came here specially for visit of our youth art energy i have not time for Junaghad Fort visit..!
when city commissioner Mr. A.Mukopadhyay had gone then Director of Junaghad Fort did asked to me, are you invited him? i were reply to Director of Junaghad fort no sir he was came on his self art interest we were not invited him .then director of Junaghad fort had put his hand on my head and bless me. he told me you are very smart ..ha

After that art exhibition i were submitted my one selected art work as a gift to Bikaner princess Shidhi Kumari ( in present she is M.L.A of Bikaner) and after that to City Commissioner Mr. A.Mukopadhyay on his special art visit of our Street Exhibition...!

Yogendra kumar purohit

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Art Vibration..41


In 2000, i were in Mumbai for My masters Admission at J.J.School of Art. that time i were meet to two artist of Historical Village of HUMPY ,south INDIA. artist Jitendra and Rajkumar kalet. they had exhibit a art exhibition in Mumbai PVT. bank. we were stay in J.J. hostel Bandra. one day when we came at hostel of J.J. that evening Mr. Rajkumar Kalet had share his exhibition report with us . he told ,today we did got a art collector for our art work in exhibition hall. when he share his name and address of office .after that he did guide us you can meet to him may be he will support to you in Mumbai. we were noted his address of office and after that we friends were fixed a date for meet to that art collector . one day after J.J. School of art inquiry of Admission date we were went to Jahangir art gallery . that day the rain was continue tip tip tip..ha

But we were on art mission so no way for rest in any condition. i told to my friends we can meet to that Art collector all are upset but we had no any way for other after that art meet . we had started the search the right Address of that art collector. after a hour we did find the right address of that art collector. that was on Pitha Street. we did saw a sign board of AIM Advertising , we were went in that office that time our cloth was wet by rain water . when we enter in first door of his office a committed worker asked to us where to you come.then i were told to him we want to meet to your Director we are artist from Rajasthan. he did reply me wait i am asking to him about your meeting. that time i were thought may be he will not meet to us and after visit our look he will tell us sorry...ha

After a one minute that committed worker came and told to us.sir you can meet to him so you can go inside of his room. i were reply to him thanks.when i were enter in his room that time i were feeling hesitation because our condition was very funny.because i were meet first time to a art collector in his office with out any talk to him in my art journey. when we were enter in his office room he did said welcome . we were sited in his office a small room one table some art work on wall and lots of art tool on his table for Advertising work. i were feel he is a artist.he told us i am Artist Prashant shah .tell me , who told to you about my office add. then we were share the full story of his contact .he was like that art search of ourself .that time he was said good i like your spirit young boys.after formal talk he did offer us coffee when we were told no then he did press on us and told to us i will drink tea so you can give me company . after that we told ok sir we can take tea with you. In tea brake we had share our art mission and that condition and after that talk he did asked to us are you have some work and work visuals at present in your hand that time we had share our art work visuals files one by one . he did saw our art work and asked to us about our art medium. that time my one friend Artist Sanjay had some small work on paper portrait art work in miniature style and my friend sohan singh Jakhar had show his big art work but that was also on paper and then i were share my art work visuals that was on canvas by oil color. Mr. Prashant Shah had liked my conceptual art work and art medium . he did guide us in international art market all are want long life art work so medium selection is very must .paper work is not safe and not for long life but canvas can live 100 year in same condition when we care to canvas . that time i saw and feel my in side. he is not a simple artist he had lots of art knowledge of art and about art market. after visit our art work Artist Mr. Prashant Shah had share his art business point and a new step of his art business. that time he did busy in a online art business. he told us i have started a new web portal that is a online art gallery we will sale the art work from our online art gallery and i will update your art work with your bio- data after your registration on our online art gallery.thats gallery link is . that time i did asked to him how we can register ourself on your online art gallery. after listen my question he told me good question . i will gave you a form you will fill that with right art information and then you will submit to my office then we will register yourself on our online art gallery. then i were asked a one more question how many rupees we will pay to you for our registration that time he did guide us 2000 rupees for one member and on your sale of art work we will cut 25% our commission . we were reply to him ok sir. please give us the registration form of your collect that form of registration we were came out from his office and our side the rain was continue tip tip tip..ha .In evening time we were meet to Rajkumar Kalet and told to him thanks.after that i were came back Bikaner and i were completed that registration form of and posted that to office of Painternet .com with Draft of 1000 rupees.i were attached a application of my membership fees. i were wrote i will pay to you my membership fees in two or three installment . when Mr. Prashant shah received my membership form he called me yogendra i like your relationship step ok you can send your fess of registration of our online gallery in installment .that time he did read my real art condition.he asked to me about my Masters admission but i could not got the admission in of art i told three month i had sent my full fees of membership of to office of Prashant Shah.Mumbai.after my second installment of fees he did called me for my some art work i were posted him my canvas work in roll to Mumbai. he told me some one is interested in your art work so send me very soon. after one month he did posted me a first cheque of 10,000 something. with a mail of art collector name he was from America Mr. Amish Divatiya like that..ha

here i want to share that art work image for your visit. it was my first art sale by online art gallery in 2000.

this art work title is "NATURE"

kind your information that time Mr. Prashant shah had gave us life time membership on his online art gallery and after few month he had sold my two more art work from his online gallery. here i want to share one more artwork for your visit.thats title was "ART PAIN" its sold by

2000 to 2001 The Director of had sold my 5 to 6 art work and i were came in art form by support of a real art promoter . kind your information 2000 to 2003 i had lots of exhibition and i were used the money of my sold art work .in 2001 i were visiting some more art gallery of MUMBAI that time i were went to visit the gallery of Art Musings thats gallery director asked to me are you from RAJASTHAN so how to you sale your art work ? that time i were reply to'm i had sold my 5 to 6 art work from online art gallery . thats link is and its office in Mumbai. she did laugh and told me i can't believe . then i were show some visuals of my online sold art work in her art gallery. that time Mumbai art galleris were not showing the trust on online art business but a lion had work on online art gallery in 2000 for Indian artist and he did sold many art work of contemporary Indian artist from his online art gallery with in one year by art communication 2003 Mr. Prashant shah came Jaipur for Art fair visit . that time he did offer to all artist of Rajasthan for membership of in free. he did share some information and advantage of online art business with artist of RAJASTHAN. that time he did show me as a member of online gallery in mid of RAJASTHAN artist. he did sold my art work from his online gallery.he did created a special image of myself in that art fair and in mid of Rajasthan Artist. he told to all yogendra is not a artist he is my friend ..ha

In that art fair he did shoot my portrait he told me your eyes is very critical ,i like its sound so i want to shoot your portrait . in that case i were shoot some picture of him by my camera and here i want to share two image of Mr. Prashant Shah with his natural art mood sound.

Myself with Lion Mr. Prashant shah

Lion Prashant shah is busy in art talk with Dr.Vidhyasagar Upadhyay in art fair of LKA.Jaipur at J.K.K.2003-4.

Here in this story i had used the word lion for Mr. Prashant shah because he is real hard worker for art and very committed for his art duty to last 10 years, his online art gallery is continue working for promotion of contemporary art and art communication in our word on his own art vision and self lion word is perfect for him in my vision . and he is member of world lion community from INDIA he told ,so its proving he is a real lion of INDIA..i am accepting he is LION what you say to him, I don't know..ha
webpage image for your knowledge

yogendra kumar purohit

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Art Vibration..40


Myself with Artist Praveen and Artist Vidhyasagar on Mandakini River Chitrakoot Dham,2009

In 2009. One day in evening time i were received a phone call from my artist friend ( here i am not sharing his name and image because he don't like it). that call from CHITRAKOOT DHAM.
he did informed me you were invited for a national Painting camp. when i were asked to him the date then he did told to me the right date of that art camp. 8th Jan.2009. kind your information i were received his call on date 6 th Jan.2009 and that time was winter time and Indian railway was late 28 hour because fog was every where in environment . but that was a art call for me from National Art Camp. they were Invited to a Artist for art work. so i were went to tour booking office . and i were inquiry about Chitrakoot Dham he told me we have no any direct service for you and in short time by road you can't arrival at Chitrakoot dham on date 8th jan. then i were asked to him about Air Service and thats ticket charge.he did informed to me by air service you can arrival at Chitrakoot dham on date 8 th Jan. but thats ticket charge will 5000 rupees something. that time i were thinking about that art call and my art journey condition i were thinking what i do or what not..? when i were thinking that time the tour office member told me in hindi " JANG MAI SHAMIL TO HO JAAO HAR JEET BAAD KI BAAT HAI" "just join to war don't think for win or loss" his word click to myself confidence and then i were booked my first Air ticket for Chitrakoot dham from BIKANER. kind your information in my home town we have no any airport .so i did went to Delhi on 7th Jan. night by Bus. that night Fog was not very much in environment but that was...ha. Over all at 5 am i were arrival at Delhi and then i were went to rest house of Lalit Kala academy for some rest. because my air journey time was 12:30. in that time gap i were take some rest at rest house of Lalit Kala academy. At 10 am i were went to Airport of Delhi. i saw the domestic airport and then i were enter after show my air ticket to gate keeper. he did guide me for a waiting hall. i saw lots of people were going and coming on airport.that was very busy and i were watching the visuals of Domestic airport . after some time i were taken a one cup coffee thats cost was 75 rupees..ha.
At 12:30 i were listen a announcement for my air journey. I were listen the Allahbad flight will not going to fly at 12:30 because in sky we have no visibility so all passenger will wait for next announcement . After listen that announcement i were feel i have lost my time i can't arrival at 6 pm at Chitrakootdham .but i were join to war so i w
ere silent sited in domestic air port. After one hour once again i were listen same announcement for Allahbad flight. then i were talk to flight manager .Then he told me we are waiting for the visibility and with out visibility we cant pass to air craft for fly. that time we were 15 to 20 passenger of Allahabad.But my heart was cool some one come out from his or her patience. They were got angry on air service .that time i were told to air craft manager you can return our money if you can't pass your aircraft for air journey . Today i can't arrival to Chitrakoot Dham by your service so i am saying it to you . you know visibility is not your fault and not from my side that 's nature fault so we are handicapped in this condition. He did noticed my talk and reply me wait sir we will do something. then i did asked to him when sir when..time is going from my hand today is a real test of myself for art journey and here i am watching your air service is making handicapped to myself what i do just tell me..? then the officer told me wait i can understand your feeling we will do very soon for you something special . i told ok, i am waiting of your special service . After a long wait i were listen one more announcement that was for me. i were listen Allahbad passenger can go for Allahbad by our aircraft no****** so catch your flight in a short time . that time, time was showing 4:30 Pm. ha.finally i were sited in a air bus that in yallow color and after 20 minute the aircraft was in sky i were not close the window of air bus and i were saw the take of seen from that window that was a very interesting moment for myself i were came in my Air wing N.C.C. sound and i were feel i have join the war..ha.but i can't shoot any visuals of that moment because air hostess were stop to me for camera use in first when i did asked to her for photography.I were saw top of the Himalaya hills. because there side visibility was available for me. i saw myself were upon cloud and after one an half hour the aircraft went in a gray fog then i were feel the visibility sense .that time i were watching out side of our aircraft only gray fog i couldn't see the earth visual.that was risky sound. i were saw the different color of Nature in sky. when our air craft was going to landing then i were listen a announcement , we were landing our aircraft on air port of BANARAS because Allahabad Air port is not in our visibility thank you. i were sited still over all the aircraft were land on BANARAS air port. then i were asked to a officer of BANARAS Air Port how to we go Allahbad then he told me by ROAD ..ha . one more turn in war.they gave me a texi no. i were searched that and sited in that taxi i saw some passenger of our aircraft was sited in that texi.our texi were started for the Road journey at 6 pm from BANARAS to Allahabad and we were taken some rest in mid way that time a good business man were offer to me the tea as a big brother after that he share with me the local bhel mixture for eat. that time i told to him, you are senior with me in this art journey as a big brother then i am safe. he did care to myself Delhi domestic air port to Allahabad. He did noticed my silent nature and talking way . at 9 pm we were arrival at Allahbad. i were touched his lag as a younger brother and submitted my visiting card in his hand then he asked to me are you artist? i were reply to him yes sir. at 9 pm i were still at home town of Dr. Amitabh Bachchan. i were remember to him at on bus stand . because befor
my ChitrkootDham journey i were share some text matter about art call on his blog at i were make a sound big b i am at your home town...ha
At 9 :15 , I were went in Road ways bus stand and I did inquiry about ChitraKoot Dham bas then i were got a right information, he told at present we have no any bus for Chitrakoot Dham but you can pick up our bus in morning time at 7 or 8 am tomorrow .i were thought one more war for stay at here in night.that night was 8th Jan.2009 but i were Near of Chitrakoot Dham . that time i were called to my friend and informed to him . I am in Allahabad and tomorrow i will join you. he was happy and told me good yogendra. After that call i were pick up a Rikshow for hotel search . that time i told very clear to Rikshow man i want to stay in a hotel so help me he was a good man he told me ok. i were sited on his rikshow . after few minute he did stop his rikshow in front of a hotel. that was veg. hotel . i were stay in a small room . the manger of that hotel asked to me are you want TV room or not. i told to him i don't watching TV. so give me your simple room i want to stay for night .at 10 :30 i were eaten food that was very good food. after taken food i were sleep that night in Allahbad city hotel. At 6 am i were got update after bath and then came back at roadways bus stand of Allahbad. that time by luck i got a super fast bus for Karvi bus station. After 4 hore bus journey, I were came at Karvi bus station. at 11 am i were presented in Chitrakoot Dham by tempo local service . kind your information that national camp was organized by west zone art and culture society of Allahabad and RAMABHADRACHARYA Asharam at Rambhadracharya handicapped university, Chitrakootdham. at 12 :30 am , i were join to that art camp and i were feel i have achieve a win of war after a long fight by myself art journey. all were happy after saw me at there. when i were share how to i had join you then all were making the sound yogendra came at here by Air craft and in a short time. when i were join that camp i saw some artist were busy in work then i were collected my canvas and started my work with out time pass activity. and in 5 day i had created two art work for that national art camp. i were meet in that camp our national artist Mr. Mohanti sir (BHU), Ma'm Kamal shohal ,ma'm shadhana singh,Rajesh patil , senior Artist Mr. Govindi ji,sajan methu, Dr. Devenrda tripathi, Dig nag, artist praveen,Dr.vidhya sagar, lady artist Asvini ,sadhana sigh,soniya singh,priya singh and some more art students of RAMBHADRACHARYA handicapped university,Chitrakoot. In that 5 days i were enjoy the AYURVEDIK veg. food, i were visited the Chitrakootdham and place of GOD RAMA and his life partner SHITA kitchen , many more place of God RAMA time . i were taken round by walk of RAMA Hill.there i were listen The God RAMA had land the Air craft "PUSHPAK VIMANA" on RAMA hill at Chitrakoot Dhaamwhen. he came back INDIA from Shri lanka..!

here i want to share some visuals of Chitrakoot Dham visit by myself vision , i had shoot that moment by camera.

On last day of that National art camp we were submitted our journey ticket to organizer of that art camp . that time i were submitted my air ticket in hand of officer and in exhibition hall we were exhibit our art work for visitor . that time media person came and taken our interview one by one. they asked to me on my number what to created and what message in your art work. i were reply i were created my art journey by myself art sense its not complete but at present i am thinking like this and sharing with you by visual language. after listen my answer he asked to me again a question what is your target in your art journey then i were reply to him the peace and patience ,i have all tool of social life with myself so i will use it for peace by visual languageand its continue with me. after exhibition of our art work in that hall the Director of RAMBHADRACHARYA Handicapped University came for visit and after visit he did gifted GANPATI of wood sclupture and certificate to all artist of that national camp.

myself is collecting the certificate by Director of RAMBHADRACHARYA handicapped univercity Chitrakoot Dham.2009.

today i have connected to lots of students of RAMBHADRACHARYA handicapped university .they were talking to me about art and art study . i am sharing my art view with them time to time when they want help and guide line to me as a senior art master.

that time i were show the sound of myself , i can come on art call but when then i will receive a real art call for promotion of art sound in world....ha

Yogendra kumar purohit

Monday, October 18, 2010

Art Vibration..39


In 2004. My collage was going to study tour. That time collage students were ready for Art tour but i had not went in that tour because i want to save my pocket money for next art work of masters. before two day of collage tour, i were busy with art work in my class room. that time i were received a letter for me . That letter was a call letter for a art camp from Lalit kala academy New Delhi. I were invited there as a student. That art camp date was on same date of my art collage tour .ha

I were represented to Art collage study level in that camp and that camp was on subject of "NEW MEDIA" I were informed to my art teacher Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhya and then i were went to Delhi by ROADWAYS BUS of GOVT. That camp was in meeting hall of Lalit kala academy.Ravindra Bhawan Delhi. kind your information the Lalit kala academy had fixed my two day tour and my stay in a simple hotel . After update of myself i came at Ravindra Bhawan from Hotel Delhi.I did saw lots of students was presented there for that art workshop. Girl and boys were making sound and i were still silent in a one side. At 9 am i think the staf of lalit kala academy and tutor of that camp or workshop came there and invited us in meeting hall. When i were enter in that hall i saw that meeting hall was converted in a computer lab lots of computer.That time i thought my art collage have only one computer and here we all use this computer for art exercise..nice..ha

After few minute our tutor Mr. Nikhil Bhardwaj Artist Cum Designer and his supporter a lady she was from other country were informed us about workshop project. Our Sir Mr. Nikhil had told to us you will do exercise with our new media exercise track . It will in three stage and in this three stage we will work with block printing and after that we will transfer that block print image on form of stencil out cut and then we will create same image on computer. It will in three step and we will work for three time with this exercise .first we start to block printing and then second time we will start from stencil and third time we will start from computer all exercise will live with three stage. I were read he want to teach the transformation of image with different tool and form of art . Kind your information in my 12th standard art education. I had lots of exercise of transformation of image with different form but that time i had not used the computer tool.But when i were join that art workshop of new media . i had computer knowledge very well for art work .So i were ready for that new and old exercise of my art journey...ha

Our tutor Mr. Nikhil sir gave us a roll of paper we were open that roll on ground of meeting hall
after that we collect some block and ink for our first exercise . i were started the block printing. in my 12th class standard i were created block on potato for block printing so that was same feeling for me. i were created a big block printing on that paper roll. here i want to share that block printing image for your visit.,

myself busy in block printing work for New Media one day art workshop, at Lalit Kala academy,Ravindra Bhawan ,New Delhi 2004

you can visit in this image my exercise of block printing i were share my 30 minute in this art work . The Durdharshan camera man had shoot my block printing art work continue for UGC program..ha

when we had complete our one stage of exercise our tutor Mr. Nikhil sir told us you all come on second stage with me and in this exercise you will paste the stencil cut out in form of design . kind your information that stencil out cut design was same like block design. then we were started the pasting on paper that out cut paper with design form . After that stage our tutor invited us on computer table for design creation. That time i saw all students were sited on computer chair for work but some one were not know how to use the coral program on computer but i were not try to catch the chair of computer. I were still there silent and i were watching who want help for computer. that time a young boy was sited on computer but he did not working on computer . Then i told to him may i help you , he was smiling and told me ok sir..Then i were created a small team with name "YOGENDRA TEAM 007" we had saved our created design file on computer with this group name and after that three girls students join us our all after 10 minute i were created a good art worker team with 8 members. In that computer exercise we had two exercise for transformation of image. First we created the block printing image and then we got a print out and submitted to team of workshop tutor and after that we were started the new exercise from computer to block printing in that exercise we were created our self block for printing by computer tool.That was a new exercise for me and i were enjoy that very much..In second exercise i were sited on computer chair and all 7 student were my back when i were created a very complicated design on coral for block that time my team member was not happy to me .They told me it will take more time and when we cut it then its not live in a same look.I were told to all members of my team its a real challenge for us.We will work on tuf design then we can learn more . kind your information in that stencil design creation we got a rule from tutor Mr. Nikhil sir. He told us you all will create a stencil design and thats size you will start to 25% , 50% , 75%,100% four time with different size . We got the print out of our created design in rule of tutor and then i were pasted that print on hard paper with all team member. When we a were working in a group that time i saw all students were busy in design the group for fast work that was a nice feeling for me all were noticed to me. When we were pasted our print of hard paper that time a one girl of team member told me sorry we cant cut this tuf design by paper cutter. Its very tuf sir.Then i told to her you can take rest we will do it for best presentation of our team ok. There we got small paper cutter so i were feel some problem in cutting of stencil .Then i told to a boy of our team . you open my camera bag and give me big paper cutter . He did asked to me did you know about this exercise before this workshop. I told no never. But a army man live always with Gun on border for security of nation, thats same feeling is very must for a artist about his art its our art tool .that time all member of our group were listening to me . because i were teaching the sense of art. After cutting of stencil design of ourself we were came back on ground of meeting hall. we were ready for block printing first. That time a media person she was asked to me what sense of this art activity then i told to her some one want to create sense in nonsense person by this art activity..ha

In that case our tutor Mr.Nikhil had submitted one big paper sheet in size 30X20 inches. I were created our stencil block on A4 paper so that was not possible if we had printed all block image 25% to 100% with design form on paper 20X 30 inches size . I were feel our design want some big space so two sheet is must for our block and stencil printing. I told to a girl of our team go and demand one more sheet. she did reply me he will not give second sheet .Then i told to her you go and demand then he will give you one more sheet when he tell you no then you can told him yogendra want one more sheet ,because our design is in big size ok. she did went and tell to Our Tutor then Mr. Nikhil came near myself and visit our team work result and told me ok i will give you one more sheet . All team member was surprising to my art action in workshop. Over all we were pasted two sheet and then we were created the size 30 X40 inches for our block printing. Our Tutor told to all for launch brake . when we were taking launch that time my tutor Mr. Nikhil Came near myself and asked to me are you student of Rajasthan school of art ? i were reply to him yes sir, then he told me i can't believe it.are you sure you are student ? I were reply to him yes sir yes i am..haha. In side i were thinking i am just giving you support as a helper of this art workshop...ha

After launch I were taken a one cup tea and my all team member were waiting of myself for our stencil and block printing work. I were join again our team work and i started the printing . In that case one boy was leaved his patience he was feeling boring because he was not interested in printing work after launch..haha , I told to him you can take rest we will finish it . After 20 to 30 minute we had finished our last stage of that new media workshop work. After finished that art work i told to all team member thanks for team work.Then they told to me thanks to you sir..
here i want to share that stencil printing image for your knowledge .

our stencil printing image 25% to 100% with form of design on two paper sheet ,in new media workshop ,Lalit kala academy, Ravindra Bhawan , New delhi. 2004.

when i were submitted our art work in hand of our tutor Mr. Nikhil Sir. he did told to all team member you had done a good exercise with team work.This is our aim for this art workshop. I told thanks to Tutor Mr. Nikhil.
After that art activity a media person he was from RASTRIYA SAHARA news paper . He did taken my interview about art exercise that time i were told to him .in hidni "KARYASHALA BADHATI HAI BACHONO MAI KALA KE PRATI LAGAW " THE ART WORKSHOP IS MAKING INTEREST IN KIDS" he did published my word in headline of that art workshop news in his news paper RASTRIYA SAHARA. Here i want to share that media news cutting image for your knowledge.

after that workshop day i were stay in Hotel and next day at 6 pm i were fixed my return ticket Delhi to Jaipur.
next day the same workshop for art teacher of art collages of INDIA. my one art teacher Mr. Narendra Dave sir was presented there. I were meet to him at 11 am that time he asked to me about my art work. when we went to visit all work he saw our printed and painted paper work and he asked to me this is your work yogendra .He did asked to me about our big paper sheet work. I told to him yes sir. We had created it by team work in this art workshop that time Our Tutor Mr. Nikhil Came near of us and he did asked to Mr. Dave Sir. sir please tell me is yogendra student of your art collage or a faculty of Rajasthan school of art . then he did smile and reply to him he is student of our Rajasthan school of art .He is not a faculty of Rajasthan School of art. After that answer my art teacher asked to Tutor Mr. Nikhil why you ask this question about yogendra ? that time he told to my sir his working style and art sense not like a student so i am asking to you..Mr. Dave Sir told to Mr. Nikhil ,He is student ..ha

Yogendra Kumar Purohit

Friday, October 15, 2010

Art Vibration..38


A boy is playing but actually time is playing with this boy ,Mumbai.

In 2000, I were went to Mumbai for admission with my three friends that was my first friend group tour for a metro city of INDIA with a big project of next art journey. we were passed B.F.A. Painting From Rajasthan School of Art ,that time in Rajasthan education system had not started the masters for Painting. so we were selected the collage for masters, that collage name was Sir J.J. School of Art. we had reserved our train ticket Jaipur to Mumbai. in that group Artist Sanjay verma, artist shohan singh Jakhar , artist Ayub kuresi and Myself.we had collected some information about J.J.School of Art . before Mumbai tour. we had fixed we will stay at J.J. School of Art hostel that is in Bandra and Sir J.J. School of art is in CST thats old name was VT. when train was stop at station of Bandra that time we could not got the full confidence so we were leaved the train on last station Charch gate ,Mumbai.when we came out from station with our art work packing and bags then we sited in a Mumbai ya texi , yellow and black color. I were saw that in cinema but that day we were sited in a real taxi. he did charge on us 12 rupees for one K.M. i think we had pay to that taxi driver 240 something for Hostel of Sir J.J. School of Art Bandra ,Mumbai.when we were enter in the gate of J.J. Hostel , i were meet to potter of J.J. hostel. he did asked to us where to you and why you are here ?. then we were clear our mission with full report then he told me ok, but wait for office time our office time is 9 am . I did asked to him can we use your bathroom. he told us ok. then we were got bath and then we were update for office meeting to rector of J.J. hostel. when Rector of j.j. hostel came in his office .He asked to us, had you posted any application for stay at here ? we had no answer .then i told sorry we didn't know about this rule so we could not posted any application to your office sir..he told me ok . but you can't stay here with out permission of DEAN of Sir. J.J. School of art . we all friends were puzzle because we were fixed the stay program at J.J. hostel because thats charge was very low and after J.J. hostel we had not capable for stay in hotel with big charge for par day so we got upset in a first step of our Mumbai tour. I thought without stay how to we will care the admission project. I were requested to Rector of J.J. hostel he was artist with strict nature but my request was work on his soft heart..ha

He told me you can stay in my protection only for 3 days, may be he did thought the J.J. will final the date of interview for masters in this days. we were smile and told thanks thanks thanks sir..over all we did got a room in J.J. hostel with 12 inches hight bad.very simple and that was ok for us.there we were saw a simple mess in J.J. hostel. they were giving food to guest in cost 15 to 20 rupees that was very simple and good food like a home food...ha

first day we were went to Sir J.J. School of Art by Local train bandra to CST.we were learn how to take ticket and how to catch to train in mid of crowd .that was very tuf and we were very new in that system of Metro city. i saw a very color full station first time in my life.that was very interesting moment for us . we were happy . when i were came out from CST station i saw a very big building in yellow stone with big sclupture of lions and dogs..ha.

finally we went on gate of J.J. School of Art and i were saw a very big and historical building of British time with a sign board , that was for Sir of art . first day we were visited all part of J.J. hostel and then we were meet to some students of J.J. they were very nice guys , i can say they were artist. when we were talked with them , they were informed to us about masters interview date. we got a right information from students without result of B.F.A. J.J will not take the interview of Masters and at present B.F.A. result is not clear . that right information was making more puzzle condition for us . but we were ready for 15th days with money and with ourpatience power . we were went in office of J.J. school of art and collected the admission application form. we were pay the fees and then we were came back at j.j hostel and we were started the thinking for stay program . because after 3 days we could not stay in J.J. hostel that was order of Rector of J.J. hostel. in night time we did filled the form with full information of us one by one that form was in English and our English was very poor that time but we had filled application form and next day same exercise from Bandra to CST by local train way.we were submitted our application form in office of J.J. school of art and again visited the class room of J.J. school of art one by one and we were visiting the work standard of J.J. and we were compare our work standard with j.j. school of art. that time i were thought my concept is working for conceptual art work and J.J. school of art is teaching only study work because i were saw lots of visuals as a art work that was study work on life study or nature study..ha
that was one more puzzle condition for my next art journey but i were silent and busy with friends group. my friends want to stay in Mumbai with Admission of J.J. and i want to make more bold by study of art so i were on J.J...ha

next day our last day of stay in J.J. Hostel . in morning time the Rector was invited us in his office and told to us today is last day for your stay at here i can't give you more permission for stay because you have not any permission from DEAN of J.J. school of art. that time i were told to him sir we had submitted our Application form for admission in office of J.J. so we are in record of J.J. office you can help us because the interview date is not fix in that case where we go..? he got some angry on us and told what i do. then he came in art mood and guide us you can stay here after permission of Dean of J.J. so meet to J.J. Dean today . in that case he did gave me one more day as a senior artist.i can say he did care us ..ha

that day my friends was very upset i were care to all as a big brother and i told we will meet to Sir J.J. Dean,with .i were wrote a application in hindi and we went to J.J. by same track Bandra to CST by Local Train. finally we were in front of Office room of J.J. Dean . my two friends were went in room of Dean and he did read our application and wrote a confuse matter on our application paper.he told to us just submit it to J.J.hostel office .when i were read that matter i feel its complete order to get out.then i were created a idea that time my friend was very upset and they were angry on me and they told me what a great idea yogendra haat and etc. but they were listing me in puzzle condition , i were putted my next idea with friends . we will not show this application note in office of J.J. hostel .and my one friend told me i will go back home his patience was leaved his confidence . then i told to him wait we are here boy.we have money and Mumbai have hotels so control on yourself . Over all we came at J.J. hostel that day we were not face to Rector and we were stay silently there. in next morning The Potter knock our room gate and told to us came in office our sir want to talk to you that time i were went in office of rector . He did asked to me when you were leave hostel then i were share all condition of our tour . i told we have 15days reservation so at present we can't go back at home with out interview. yesterday we went to office of Dean of J.J . but he was busy so today we will meet and submit our application for Stay at here he told me ok after see my face expression. I were came back in hostel room my friend asked to me what he said i told to friends today we will meet to DEAN of J.J. with Application of our stay at J.J. hostel. all were laugh and told me thanks. by Bad luck that day the Dean of J.J. school of art got a heart attack and he went in hospital ..! i told to my friend god is listening our real sound because we are true for a true art project.same day in evening time the Rector was sited on chair in his office when we came atJ.J. hostel he saw us and called to me hay boy come here i told to my friend come with me we all were went in office room of J.J. hostel and then Rector asked to me are you meet to Dean? i told to him sorry sir . today we were went in J.J collage then one student told us The Dean of J.J had a heart Attack and he was in hospital so we could't meet to him with our Application of Stay at J.J. hostel.he told oh boy ok wait for two days he will come back then you will meet . i were reply to him yes sir. next day was sunday so we are in hostel that time Mumbai was wet to rain lots of rain. we had passed our 6 day in J.J. hostel . At sunday night some boys of J.J. hostel was enjoying the birthday in his room in that case some one came in angry mood and they were started fight in room big fight when the fight sound we were listen. then i were inform to potter and potter of J.J. hostel Inform to Rector . The rector did came in that case a young boy came in angry mood on Rector we were listening that sound from our room and our room door was locked from inside.ha.

after that night we were not seen to Rector for a one week in J.J.hostel..that was wrong for system but for us that was a god gift about stay at j.j. hostel...ha

And in of art was not clear the result of B.F.A. so we were getting more puzzle condition but we are handicapped by time . in free time we were try to come out from puzzle condition of mind so we were visiting art gallery of Mumbai . In 15 days we had visited 50th art gallery of Mumbai by walk by bus and by local train one by one. In that visit i got lots of pain in leg and some sore in fit . But art visit was continue in brake time we were taken WADAPAW and tea And one day we had visited the cave art of Elephanta .that was a cool day of our art journey we had visited live art work of Elephanta after the art book.

Point of Elephenta Journey at Mumbai.

myself in front of TAJ Hotel,Mumbai

Jahangir art gallery Mumbai..

Nariman Point view in night from front side of oberai hotel ,Mumbai..

After that we had visited the live to JAHANGIR ART GALLERY.that time In Rajasthan we were listing the name of that art gallery from all senior artist and that day we were in Jahangir art gallery .that was nice feeling for us. One day we were on visit of Nariman Point and for gallery of OBERAI Hotel art gallery .when we were enter in the gate. i were asked to Gate Keeper we can visit the gallery of your hotel he saw our standard of life we were young art student in simple dress look but he told us ok you can go by left side . we went in hotel but our confidence was still out side of hotel.. haha after 5 minite we were find a gallery of that hotel in that case all were watching us may be they were thought were to came this joker type guys.ha. we want to talk to gallery owner but his office was on other place in hotel. some one guide us and then we went for lift side but after a one minute we came out from hotel because that was tuf feeling for us we were feeling very compressed by inner sound in that hotel we were in hesitation 100%..ha. when we came out to hotel we were laugh on ourself and i were asked to my friends how to we make ourselves as artist we can't enter in a gallery with full confidence..? ha ha

with time we had passed 13th day in Mumbai but our admission matter was still on a same point in that case my two friends sanjay and sohan received interview call latter from Baroda.but i have not received any interview call letter from Baroda for me. i were feel some upset.but time was time. on day 14th of Mumbai ,the Rector was came in Hostel and saw me by luck in that morning i were busy in sketching of nature . he did came near to myself and asked to me . are you not leaved hostel.? after that question he told me you are very smart guy , i were not presented at here so you had taken benefit. then i were reply to him sorry sir.. we are going tomorrow back to home . then he did asked to me are you get admission at J.J.? i were reply no sir J.J. school of art had not clear the B.F.A.Result so interview will start next month and tomorrow is our last day for wait of Admission at J. J. school of Art.after listen my answer he did feel some upset and told me ..oh boy..

last day of Mumbai my first metro city visit was end . i were came with upset mood on station of BANDRA with my art work packing and bag . My friends were see off to me for Bikaner from Bandra Station that time i were feel i am going back and my friend is going forward to me my eyes was wet and i were committed to myself i will come back to Mumbai ..i were feel i can't get the masters from Sir.J.J. school of art in my life. that was very painful time condition for me. I were feel handicapped in front of time. After 34 hour train journey i came back at my home town Bikaner and at 11:30 i were in home . i were sharing the Mumbai tour and time condition story with my family in that case at 3 pm a postman came at home and called to me .when i were went to received post then he did submitted in my hand a interview call letter that was a telegram post from DEAN of Sir J.J. School of Art.Mumbai...ha

here i want to share that interview call letter copy for your knowledge.

call letter copy of my Interview date of Sir of art , Mumbai.

kind your information in that telegram the interview date was 24th july 2000 and and interview time was 11:00 am. when i were received that telegram in my had that day the date was 22th July 2000. my family member told me you should try again . that time i could not attend the interview of admission of masters in Sir J.J. School of Art because the rain was raining very much that time so all way was blocked and train was late 48 hour in that case i could not arrival Mumbai for my Interview of Masters at Sir J.J.School of Art.2000.
when i were wait of time. that time, time did not came in my life and when i were leaved the wait of time, then time did called to my life but in that case my heart and soul had leaved the motion of that wait of right time for life . i were not retry for admission of masters at J.J. school of art. I were told to my mother after received that interview call letter i am still here like a handicapped person and the time had played with me .....ha

yogendra kumar purohit
M.F.A.(R.S.A. Jaipur.2006)