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Art Vibration..34


Here i am talking about our President of INDIA Smt.Pratibha DeviSingh Patil . i were saw first time to our President of INDIA in my home town Bikaner . that time she was Governor of Rajasthan and in a event of LAKSHAY CHANDI MAHAYAGYA she was came for prayer to god with her life partener. that time i were shoot some visuals of our President of INDIA by my camera i were still there silent and shooting the visuals by my camera one by one. i had shoot lots of visuals of our president of INDIA on that day. that was very special day for me. i were still near our State Governor as a artist.. here i want to share two visual of that day for your visit.

President of INDIA with her life partner in DHARNIDHAR MAHADEV TEMPLE for SHIV ABHISHEK .


that day i were first time give my respect by CAMERA ( PRANAM ) then i got a silent blessing from Presidnet Of INDIA. when president of INDIA Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil was selected for post of INDIAN President. i were post my first wish to President oF INDIA by E-mail to President House of INDIA with some visuals of Dharnidhar mahadev temple or Lakshaya chgandi mahayagya. my mail was accepted by INDIAN President house.

in 2007 i were got a exhibition from Pradarshak Art gallery , khar , Mumbai. that time i were posted my first invitation to our President of INDIA by Indian post service and by E-mail. when my art exhibition was running in Pradarshak art gallery ,khar, Mumbai that time i were received a phone call from my home phone on my mobile . on phone call my mother told me today we did received a mail from President House for you by post man . then i told to my mother just open that mail and see what is this . my mother were read that latter and share with me the text matter of that letter. here i want to share that invitation and latter copy of President of INDIA for myself.

Invitation card i had posted to President of INDIA by INDIAN POST service.

This is the Reply with good wish for my art journey by President of INDIA.

kind your information the Pradarshak Art gallerty Khar Exhibition was my first Solo show in Mumbai , Pradarshak art gallery is not a big art gallery but thats image in Mumbai view is very big . they know how to express to new artist of our nation by Pradarsdhak art gallery . in that day i were exhibitted my art work in a small art gallery but thats result i got a very big good wish for my art journey by President of INDIA Smt. Pratibh Devishing Patil.that was my real achievement of art journey .ha..
after that on Raksha Bandhan I were posted a good wish to President of INDIA by me then i were recieved again a reply with full bless of live long life , here i want to share that mail copy for your reading ..

( Dear Shri Purohit,

I am in receipt of your mail dated August 5, 2009, greeting the Hon'ble President of India on the occasion of 'Raksha Bandhan'.

The President of India conveys her thanks to you and wishes you a happy and long life.

With regards,

(Archana Datta)

OSD (PR) to the President

Rashtrapati Bhavan.)

when i were Received this reply i were got cool mind for my life because My President of INDIA had bless to me for a long life . i were came in confidence naturally ..ha

after that i were posted many art information of myself art activity time to time by online mail. as a nation person or as a artist of INDIA.

In 2008 , i were invited for a art exhibition, that was a group art exhibition at Akrati art gallery Baroda , when i were went there for my art exhibition that time i were posted a invitation to president of INDIA by E- MAIL when i were in Baroda on a morning time i were checking my mail box then i saw a reply by President of INDIA in my mail box . i were got a print out of that invitation mail reply. i were share that print out of good wish of President of INDIA with director of that art exhibition, he told me its great achievement for us so thanks to you yogendra you have been share our exhibition news with President of INDIA i want to share that reply of President of INDIA for your knowledge.

( Dear Shri Yogendra Kumar Purohit,
Kindly refer to your e-mail dated 8 June 2008 inviting the President of India to visit Akruti Art Gallery, Abhivyakti Sanskraticsthal, Baroda to see your paintings starting from 12th June 2008.
While thanking you for the kind invitation, the President regrets her inability to accept the request owing to her other commitments already finalized for that period. The Preident, however, conveys her best wishes for the success of the painting exhibition.
With regards,
G.K. Das
Private Secretary to the President )

after this reply of President of INDIA for my art activity i were thought the First Person of My nation the President of INDIA had read my art sound and art nature , it was complete for my art journey . i am happy if the President of INDIA is knowing about my art activity in contemporary Indian art and the president of INDIA is Confident about my art vision and The president of INDIA is know today i am representing to concept of Contemporary INDIAN art by myself with sound of INDIA and its can't possible without blessing of President of INDIA. so i am very regarded for the President of INDIA Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil...Jai Hind....!

Yogendra kumar Purohit


desert_photographer said...

wah bhai Yogendra Kumar Purohit
i am deeply appreciat your art your vision and your great style and functioning, i also saw the her highness of President of India and their appreciation letter,
my all best wishes and all felicitations ,congratulations to you and your esteemed work,may god grace you a soon vibrant and gorgeous success in you entire goal and mission.thanks a lot
your suggestions will always be solicited
Rakesh Sharma
M. Sc . Zoology

Dhiraj Singh said...

Dear Mr Purohit,I have seen a few recent paintings,sketches & art work made by you for the past few days.They are tremendous & full of inspirational thoughts which reflects your energy & vigour.I can see that in near future a great artist & a successful celebrity in you...My best wishes & prayers to you...
Business Analyst & Entrepreneur

सुनील गज्जाणी said...

hello yogi ,
aap ne vishay ka sahi upyog kiya hai aur sahi istmaal photos ka bhi , sunder