Saturday, October 09, 2010

Art Vibration..35


2007, i were full time busy in a big art work with subject struggle . i were created 300 painting in 60 days without brake . i were wrote about it in my last post on this canvas...ha.
that time i were working at JKK ,Jaipur,after my master's. when i were created painting on Struggle that time i were got a new vision for presentation of struggle in form of Installation art. when i were complete 300 painting on struggle then i were design a new form for struggle in installation art language. i were design a concept for presentation of struggle. and i were wrote some text for that concept , here i want to share that concept for your vision.that time i were thinking for space or canvas then i did got a self concept for space or canvas , i wrote our imagination is working in our mind space and our mind space is our real canvas ,cloth ,paper and wall is not a real canvas. that is just a tool for our presentation of inner canvas or space .ha
after space or canvas concept i were thought on struggle subject then i were wrote , all human are doing struggle in his life morning to night ,day by day, every day for life .so why i paint to human on paper or on cloth.that is not must for my concept.
all human are living for a target everyday .so i were define that target by black squire and i were wrote about black squire ,when we are achieve the target in our life then we can find lots of color in this black squire and when we are miss the chance of achievement of target then its live black for us every time .ha
struggle is way of lots of steps in life , so i were selected ladder image for my concept of Struggle
and our struggle is working on our energy so i were used the red light effect for sound of Struggle.

after design a thought on struggle concept i were taken a small preview show at jkk art gallery for three days .and after that i were exhibitted same presentation in at Lalit kala Akademy art gallery ,Ravindra Bhawan.Delhi
i were used the light system of gallery . i were covered to all lights lamp by red transparent plastic paper ,and some ladder in small or big size and some black squire of hard paper sheet .
here i will not write how to i were present that installation of struggle by me but some visuals will say to you all story of that presentation of struggle .so just visit this update video presentation of this post.

in this video presentation i have update some visuals of struggle presentation activity start to finish. at Lalit kala Academy Art gallery Ravindra Bhavan ,Delhi.2007

in this Video i were shoot to all presentation of Installation of Struggle with fast movement of camera. at Lalit kala Academy Art gallery Ravindra Bhavan ,Delhi.2007

in this video i have play with camera for shoot and try to make sound of struggle in visual Lalit kala Academy Art gallery Ravindra Bhavan ,Delhi.2007

in this video a boy is enjoying the exhibition of struggle. at Lalit kala Academy Art gallery Ravindra Bhavan ,Delhi.2007

kind your information i were told canvas to gallery of Lalit kala Academy,and there side all visitors of my art work ,they were part of my canvas or art work.
in that case many artist of Delhi had visited my installation art presentation.i were started my art exhibition very simple because i were in struggle time. on opening day our national photographer Mr. Raghurai had visited my installation presentation and he told me you had created our dark room environment , i had lots of work in dark room in my struggle time then i were reply to him, sir, struggle is continue with you today .he was accepted my answer and told me good luck young man..!
next day i were meet to national artist Mr.Umesh verma he did visited my art work and then he did wrote a poem in my visitor book ,after visit of Umesh verma Art Critic Prayag shukla came in my art gallery for visit my art presentation. that time we were talked on struggle matter and i were told to Prayag ji. sir at present you are part of my art work then he did asked to me how to ? i were reply to him in your life, you are doing fight with your pen and knowledge of art for life so i can see your struggle by my vision . he was accepted and then wrote a word for me in my visitor book in hindi shubh kamanayene( best wishes ) after visit of prayag shukla the secretary of Lalit kala academy came for visit my art presentation with computer engineer of President house of INIDA. i were submitted my concept printed paper in hand of Secretary of lalit kala academy and to computer engineer of president house. they were visit my art work and told me good work yogendra.
next day of art exhibition art critic Mr. Vinod Bhardwaj were came in my art gallery and told me your concept and work presentation is on a one track its a good start for your art journey. then i were demand to him a comment in my visitor book , he told me i am not write in visitor book for just work at present, i will write. On same day the Director of gallery Krishana chandan came in my gallery for visit. then she asked to me what is cost of your art work i were reply to her ma'm its not a art work its just a concept and you can say this concept cost is 10 lakh rupees . that time she was watching my face and told me good confidence, but boy any one can copy your concept, then i were reply to her yes ma'm you are right any one can copy my concept but he can't create any concept of art because they can tress they can't create art concept.its artist work, she was smile and told me keep it up boy..
i were feeling happy when my art collage teacher Mr. Surendra Pal Joshi came in my art gallery for visit my installation presentation . he asked to me the cost of my art work then i told to him 10 lakh rupees . he told me i will talk about your art concept with a art collector to night that time he did try to pull me in more confidence as a art teacher. i know that, because he was my art teacher..haha..
on last day i got a very special visitor for my installation art presentation at Ravindra bhawan.
that visitor was a gard of lalit kala academy Rest house ,Delhi, i were stay alone in rest house of lalit kala academy , for my art exhibition and every night he asked to me about my achievement, he asked to me what you sale today how many rupees you will achieve from this art exhibition like that question every night he asked to me. before last day of exhibition i were submitted my concept printed paper in hand of that gard he was read that and he did asked to me your art work is not a painting so what is that i want to visit that then i were invited to him for visit my art work. on last day at 3 pm he came in my art gallery and visited all presentation of myself art concept and told me you had pay gallery rent for this art work great and after some time he told me in hindi BANDE MAI DAM HAI ( this guy have some thing special power of vision) i got this type comment from a common struggler person of society so i can say that was my real achievement of presentation of Struggle Installation art work at lalit kala akademy Ravindra bhawan Delhi 2007.
but struggle is not stop... its continue with me today for life..ha.....

yogendra kumar purohit


manish joshi said...

struggle never ends. it is way to reach top of mountain. so go ahead and achieve the top.

सुनील गज्जाणी said...

dear yogi
aap 60 dino me 300 hi nahi aisa kirti maan sthapit kare jise kala jagat bhula nahi sake , aap bulandiyon ko hume .