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Art Vibration..39


In 2004. My collage was going to study tour. That time collage students were ready for Art tour but i had not went in that tour because i want to save my pocket money for next art work of masters. before two day of collage tour, i were busy with art work in my class room. that time i were received a letter for me . That letter was a call letter for a art camp from Lalit kala academy New Delhi. I were invited there as a student. That art camp date was on same date of my art collage tour .ha

I were represented to Art collage study level in that camp and that camp was on subject of "NEW MEDIA" I were informed to my art teacher Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhya and then i were went to Delhi by ROADWAYS BUS of GOVT. That camp was in meeting hall of Lalit kala academy.Ravindra Bhawan Delhi. kind your information the Lalit kala academy had fixed my two day tour and my stay in a simple hotel . After update of myself i came at Ravindra Bhawan from Hotel Delhi.I did saw lots of students was presented there for that art workshop. Girl and boys were making sound and i were still silent in a one side. At 9 am i think the staf of lalit kala academy and tutor of that camp or workshop came there and invited us in meeting hall. When i were enter in that hall i saw that meeting hall was converted in a computer lab lots of computer.That time i thought my art collage have only one computer and here we all use this computer for art exercise..nice..ha

After few minute our tutor Mr. Nikhil Bhardwaj Artist Cum Designer and his supporter a lady she was from other country were informed us about workshop project. Our Sir Mr. Nikhil had told to us you will do exercise with our new media exercise track . It will in three stage and in this three stage we will work with block printing and after that we will transfer that block print image on form of stencil out cut and then we will create same image on computer. It will in three step and we will work for three time with this exercise .first we start to block printing and then second time we will start from stencil and third time we will start from computer all exercise will live with three stage. I were read he want to teach the transformation of image with different tool and form of art . Kind your information in my 12th standard art education. I had lots of exercise of transformation of image with different form but that time i had not used the computer tool.But when i were join that art workshop of new media . i had computer knowledge very well for art work .So i were ready for that new and old exercise of my art journey...ha

Our tutor Mr. Nikhil sir gave us a roll of paper we were open that roll on ground of meeting hall
after that we collect some block and ink for our first exercise . i were started the block printing. in my 12th class standard i were created block on potato for block printing so that was same feeling for me. i were created a big block printing on that paper roll. here i want to share that block printing image for your visit.,

myself busy in block printing work for New Media one day art workshop, at Lalit Kala academy,Ravindra Bhawan ,New Delhi 2004

you can visit in this image my exercise of block printing i were share my 30 minute in this art work . The Durdharshan camera man had shoot my block printing art work continue for UGC program..ha

when we had complete our one stage of exercise our tutor Mr. Nikhil sir told us you all come on second stage with me and in this exercise you will paste the stencil cut out in form of design . kind your information that stencil out cut design was same like block design. then we were started the pasting on paper that out cut paper with design form . After that stage our tutor invited us on computer table for design creation. That time i saw all students were sited on computer chair for work but some one were not know how to use the coral program on computer but i were not try to catch the chair of computer. I were still there silent and i were watching who want help for computer. that time a young boy was sited on computer but he did not working on computer . Then i told to him may i help you , he was smiling and told me ok sir..Then i were created a small team with name "YOGENDRA TEAM 007" we had saved our created design file on computer with this group name and after that three girls students join us our all after 10 minute i were created a good art worker team with 8 members. In that computer exercise we had two exercise for transformation of image. First we created the block printing image and then we got a print out and submitted to team of workshop tutor and after that we were started the new exercise from computer to block printing in that exercise we were created our self block for printing by computer tool.That was a new exercise for me and i were enjoy that very much..In second exercise i were sited on computer chair and all 7 student were my back when i were created a very complicated design on coral for block that time my team member was not happy to me .They told me it will take more time and when we cut it then its not live in a same look.I were told to all members of my team its a real challenge for us.We will work on tuf design then we can learn more . kind your information in that stencil design creation we got a rule from tutor Mr. Nikhil sir. He told us you all will create a stencil design and thats size you will start to 25% , 50% , 75%,100% four time with different size . We got the print out of our created design in rule of tutor and then i were pasted that print on hard paper with all team member. When we a were working in a group that time i saw all students were busy in design the group for fast work that was a nice feeling for me all were noticed to me. When we were pasted our print of hard paper that time a one girl of team member told me sorry we cant cut this tuf design by paper cutter. Its very tuf sir.Then i told to her you can take rest we will do it for best presentation of our team ok. There we got small paper cutter so i were feel some problem in cutting of stencil .Then i told to a boy of our team . you open my camera bag and give me big paper cutter . He did asked to me did you know about this exercise before this workshop. I told no never. But a army man live always with Gun on border for security of nation, thats same feeling is very must for a artist about his art its our art tool .that time all member of our group were listening to me . because i were teaching the sense of art. After cutting of stencil design of ourself we were came back on ground of meeting hall. we were ready for block printing first. That time a media person she was asked to me what sense of this art activity then i told to her some one want to create sense in nonsense person by this art activity..ha

In that case our tutor Mr.Nikhil had submitted one big paper sheet in size 30X20 inches. I were created our stencil block on A4 paper so that was not possible if we had printed all block image 25% to 100% with design form on paper 20X 30 inches size . I were feel our design want some big space so two sheet is must for our block and stencil printing. I told to a girl of our team go and demand one more sheet. she did reply me he will not give second sheet .Then i told to her you go and demand then he will give you one more sheet when he tell you no then you can told him yogendra want one more sheet ,because our design is in big size ok. she did went and tell to Our Tutor then Mr. Nikhil came near myself and visit our team work result and told me ok i will give you one more sheet . All team member was surprising to my art action in workshop. Over all we were pasted two sheet and then we were created the size 30 X40 inches for our block printing. Our Tutor told to all for launch brake . when we were taking launch that time my tutor Mr. Nikhil Came near myself and asked to me are you student of Rajasthan school of art ? i were reply to him yes sir, then he told me i can't believe it.are you sure you are student ? I were reply to him yes sir yes i am..haha. In side i were thinking i am just giving you support as a helper of this art workshop...ha

After launch I were taken a one cup tea and my all team member were waiting of myself for our stencil and block printing work. I were join again our team work and i started the printing . In that case one boy was leaved his patience he was feeling boring because he was not interested in printing work after launch..haha , I told to him you can take rest we will finish it . After 20 to 30 minute we had finished our last stage of that new media workshop work. After finished that art work i told to all team member thanks for team work.Then they told to me thanks to you sir..
here i want to share that stencil printing image for your knowledge .

our stencil printing image 25% to 100% with form of design on two paper sheet ,in new media workshop ,Lalit kala academy, Ravindra Bhawan , New delhi. 2004.

when i were submitted our art work in hand of our tutor Mr. Nikhil Sir. he did told to all team member you had done a good exercise with team work.This is our aim for this art workshop. I told thanks to Tutor Mr. Nikhil.
After that art activity a media person he was from RASTRIYA SAHARA news paper . He did taken my interview about art exercise that time i were told to him .in hidni "KARYASHALA BADHATI HAI BACHONO MAI KALA KE PRATI LAGAW " THE ART WORKSHOP IS MAKING INTEREST IN KIDS" he did published my word in headline of that art workshop news in his news paper RASTRIYA SAHARA. Here i want to share that media news cutting image for your knowledge.

after that workshop day i were stay in Hotel and next day at 6 pm i were fixed my return ticket Delhi to Jaipur.
next day the same workshop for art teacher of art collages of INDIA. my one art teacher Mr. Narendra Dave sir was presented there. I were meet to him at 11 am that time he asked to me about my art work. when we went to visit all work he saw our printed and painted paper work and he asked to me this is your work yogendra .He did asked to me about our big paper sheet work. I told to him yes sir. We had created it by team work in this art workshop that time Our Tutor Mr. Nikhil Came near of us and he did asked to Mr. Dave Sir. sir please tell me is yogendra student of your art collage or a faculty of Rajasthan school of art . then he did smile and reply to him he is student of our Rajasthan school of art .He is not a faculty of Rajasthan School of art. After that answer my art teacher asked to Tutor Mr. Nikhil why you ask this question about yogendra ? that time he told to my sir his working style and art sense not like a student so i am asking to you..Mr. Dave Sir told to Mr. Nikhil ,He is student ..ha

Yogendra Kumar Purohit

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