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Art Vibration..38


A boy is playing but actually time is playing with this boy ,Mumbai.

In 2000, I were went to Mumbai for admission with my three friends that was my first friend group tour for a metro city of INDIA with a big project of next art journey. we were passed B.F.A. Painting From Rajasthan School of Art ,that time in Rajasthan education system had not started the masters for Painting. so we were selected the collage for masters, that collage name was Sir J.J. School of Art. we had reserved our train ticket Jaipur to Mumbai. in that group Artist Sanjay verma, artist shohan singh Jakhar , artist Ayub kuresi and Myself.we had collected some information about J.J.School of Art . before Mumbai tour. we had fixed we will stay at J.J. School of Art hostel that is in Bandra and Sir J.J. School of art is in CST thats old name was VT. when train was stop at station of Bandra that time we could not got the full confidence so we were leaved the train on last station Charch gate ,Mumbai.when we came out from station with our art work packing and bags then we sited in a Mumbai ya texi , yellow and black color. I were saw that in cinema but that day we were sited in a real taxi. he did charge on us 12 rupees for one K.M. i think we had pay to that taxi driver 240 something for Hostel of Sir J.J. School of Art Bandra ,Mumbai.when we were enter in the gate of J.J. Hostel , i were meet to potter of J.J. hostel. he did asked to us where to you and why you are here ?. then we were clear our mission with full report then he told me ok, but wait for office time our office time is 9 am . I did asked to him can we use your bathroom. he told us ok. then we were got bath and then we were update for office meeting to rector of J.J. hostel. when Rector of j.j. hostel came in his office .He asked to us, had you posted any application for stay at here ? we had no answer .then i told sorry we didn't know about this rule so we could not posted any application to your office sir..he told me ok . but you can't stay here with out permission of DEAN of Sir. J.J. School of art . we all friends were puzzle because we were fixed the stay program at J.J. hostel because thats charge was very low and after J.J. hostel we had not capable for stay in hotel with big charge for par day so we got upset in a first step of our Mumbai tour. I thought without stay how to we will care the admission project. I were requested to Rector of J.J. hostel he was artist with strict nature but my request was work on his soft heart..ha

He told me you can stay in my protection only for 3 days, may be he did thought the J.J. will final the date of interview for masters in this days. we were smile and told thanks thanks thanks sir..over all we did got a room in J.J. hostel with 12 inches hight bad.very simple and that was ok for us.there we were saw a simple mess in J.J. hostel. they were giving food to guest in cost 15 to 20 rupees that was very simple and good food like a home food...ha

first day we were went to Sir J.J. School of Art by Local train bandra to CST.we were learn how to take ticket and how to catch to train in mid of crowd .that was very tuf and we were very new in that system of Metro city. i saw a very color full station first time in my life.that was very interesting moment for us . we were happy . when i were came out from CST station i saw a very big building in yellow stone with big sclupture of lions and dogs..ha.

finally we went on gate of J.J. School of Art and i were saw a very big and historical building of British time with a sign board , that was for Sir of art . first day we were visited all part of J.J. hostel and then we were meet to some students of J.J. they were very nice guys , i can say they were artist. when we were talked with them , they were informed to us about masters interview date. we got a right information from students without result of B.F.A. J.J will not take the interview of Masters and at present B.F.A. result is not clear . that right information was making more puzzle condition for us . but we were ready for 15th days with money and with ourpatience power . we were went in office of J.J. school of art and collected the admission application form. we were pay the fees and then we were came back at j.j hostel and we were started the thinking for stay program . because after 3 days we could not stay in J.J. hostel that was order of Rector of J.J. hostel. in night time we did filled the form with full information of us one by one that form was in English and our English was very poor that time but we had filled application form and next day same exercise from Bandra to CST by local train way.we were submitted our application form in office of J.J. school of art and again visited the class room of J.J. school of art one by one and we were visiting the work standard of J.J. and we were compare our work standard with j.j. school of art. that time i were thought my concept is working for conceptual art work and J.J. school of art is teaching only study work because i were saw lots of visuals as a art work that was study work on life study or nature study..ha
that was one more puzzle condition for my next art journey but i were silent and busy with friends group. my friends want to stay in Mumbai with Admission of J.J. and i want to make more bold by study of art so i were on J.J...ha

next day our last day of stay in J.J. Hostel . in morning time the Rector was invited us in his office and told to us today is last day for your stay at here i can't give you more permission for stay because you have not any permission from DEAN of J.J. school of art. that time i were told to him sir we had submitted our Application form for admission in office of J.J. so we are in record of J.J. office you can help us because the interview date is not fix in that case where we go..? he got some angry on us and told what i do. then he came in art mood and guide us you can stay here after permission of Dean of J.J. so meet to J.J. Dean today . in that case he did gave me one more day as a senior artist.i can say he did care us ..ha

that day my friends was very upset i were care to all as a big brother and i told we will meet to Sir J.J. Dean,with .i were wrote a application in hindi and we went to J.J. by same track Bandra to CST by Local Train. finally we were in front of Office room of J.J. Dean . my two friends were went in room of Dean and he did read our application and wrote a confuse matter on our application paper.he told to us just submit it to J.J.hostel office .when i were read that matter i feel its complete order to get out.then i were created a idea that time my friend was very upset and they were angry on me and they told me what a great idea yogendra haat and etc. but they were listing me in puzzle condition , i were putted my next idea with friends . we will not show this application note in office of J.J. hostel .and my one friend told me i will go back home his patience was leaved his confidence . then i told to him wait we are here boy.we have money and Mumbai have hotels so control on yourself . Over all we came at J.J. hostel that day we were not face to Rector and we were stay silently there. in next morning The Potter knock our room gate and told to us came in office our sir want to talk to you that time i were went in office of rector . He did asked to me when you were leave hostel then i were share all condition of our tour . i told we have 15days reservation so at present we can't go back at home with out interview. yesterday we went to office of Dean of J.J . but he was busy so today we will meet and submit our application for Stay at here he told me ok after see my face expression. I were came back in hostel room my friend asked to me what he said i told to friends today we will meet to DEAN of J.J. with Application of our stay at J.J. hostel. all were laugh and told me thanks. by Bad luck that day the Dean of J.J. school of art got a heart attack and he went in hospital ..! i told to my friend god is listening our real sound because we are true for a true art project.same day in evening time the Rector was sited on chair in his office when we came atJ.J. hostel he saw us and called to me hay boy come here i told to my friend come with me we all were went in office room of J.J. hostel and then Rector asked to me are you meet to Dean? i told to him sorry sir . today we were went in J.J collage then one student told us The Dean of J.J had a heart Attack and he was in hospital so we could't meet to him with our Application of Stay at J.J. hostel.he told oh boy ok wait for two days he will come back then you will meet . i were reply to him yes sir. next day was sunday so we are in hostel that time Mumbai was wet to rain lots of rain. we had passed our 6 day in J.J. hostel . At sunday night some boys of J.J. hostel was enjoying the birthday in his room in that case some one came in angry mood and they were started fight in room big fight when the fight sound we were listen. then i were inform to potter and potter of J.J. hostel Inform to Rector . The rector did came in that case a young boy came in angry mood on Rector we were listening that sound from our room and our room door was locked from inside.ha.

after that night we were not seen to Rector for a one week in J.J.hostel..that was wrong for system but for us that was a god gift about stay at j.j. hostel...ha

And in of art was not clear the result of B.F.A. so we were getting more puzzle condition but we are handicapped by time . in free time we were try to come out from puzzle condition of mind so we were visiting art gallery of Mumbai . In 15 days we had visited 50th art gallery of Mumbai by walk by bus and by local train one by one. In that visit i got lots of pain in leg and some sore in fit . But art visit was continue in brake time we were taken WADAPAW and tea And one day we had visited the cave art of Elephanta .that was a cool day of our art journey we had visited live art work of Elephanta after the art book.

Point of Elephenta Journey at Mumbai.

myself in front of TAJ Hotel,Mumbai

Jahangir art gallery Mumbai..

Nariman Point view in night from front side of oberai hotel ,Mumbai..

After that we had visited the live to JAHANGIR ART GALLERY.that time In Rajasthan we were listing the name of that art gallery from all senior artist and that day we were in Jahangir art gallery .that was nice feeling for us. One day we were on visit of Nariman Point and for gallery of OBERAI Hotel art gallery .when we were enter in the gate. i were asked to Gate Keeper we can visit the gallery of your hotel he saw our standard of life we were young art student in simple dress look but he told us ok you can go by left side . we went in hotel but our confidence was still out side of hotel.. haha after 5 minite we were find a gallery of that hotel in that case all were watching us may be they were thought were to came this joker type guys.ha. we want to talk to gallery owner but his office was on other place in hotel. some one guide us and then we went for lift side but after a one minute we came out from hotel because that was tuf feeling for us we were feeling very compressed by inner sound in that hotel we were in hesitation 100%..ha. when we came out to hotel we were laugh on ourself and i were asked to my friends how to we make ourselves as artist we can't enter in a gallery with full confidence..? ha ha

with time we had passed 13th day in Mumbai but our admission matter was still on a same point in that case my two friends sanjay and sohan received interview call latter from Baroda.but i have not received any interview call letter from Baroda for me. i were feel some upset.but time was time. on day 14th of Mumbai ,the Rector was came in Hostel and saw me by luck in that morning i were busy in sketching of nature . he did came near to myself and asked to me . are you not leaved hostel.? after that question he told me you are very smart guy , i were not presented at here so you had taken benefit. then i were reply to him sorry sir.. we are going tomorrow back to home . then he did asked to me are you get admission at J.J.? i were reply no sir J.J. school of art had not clear the B.F.A.Result so interview will start next month and tomorrow is our last day for wait of Admission at J. J. school of Art.after listen my answer he did feel some upset and told me ..oh boy..

last day of Mumbai my first metro city visit was end . i were came with upset mood on station of BANDRA with my art work packing and bag . My friends were see off to me for Bikaner from Bandra Station that time i were feel i am going back and my friend is going forward to me my eyes was wet and i were committed to myself i will come back to Mumbai ..i were feel i can't get the masters from Sir.J.J. school of art in my life. that was very painful time condition for me. I were feel handicapped in front of time. After 34 hour train journey i came back at my home town Bikaner and at 11:30 i were in home . i were sharing the Mumbai tour and time condition story with my family in that case at 3 pm a postman came at home and called to me .when i were went to received post then he did submitted in my hand a interview call letter that was a telegram post from DEAN of Sir J.J. School of Art.Mumbai...ha

here i want to share that interview call letter copy for your knowledge.

call letter copy of my Interview date of Sir of art , Mumbai.

kind your information in that telegram the interview date was 24th july 2000 and and interview time was 11:00 am. when i were received that telegram in my had that day the date was 22th July 2000. my family member told me you should try again . that time i could not attend the interview of admission of masters in Sir J.J. School of Art because the rain was raining very much that time so all way was blocked and train was late 48 hour in that case i could not arrival Mumbai for my Interview of Masters at Sir J.J.School of Art.2000.
when i were wait of time. that time, time did not came in my life and when i were leaved the wait of time, then time did called to my life but in that case my heart and soul had leaved the motion of that wait of right time for life . i were not retry for admission of masters at J.J. school of art. I were told to my mother after received that interview call letter i am still here like a handicapped person and the time had played with me .....ha

yogendra kumar purohit
M.F.A.(R.S.A. Jaipur.2006)

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Dev said...

It was a great experience to learn from what you have faced and luck sometimes behave so mysteriously with us... It was a pleasure reading your blog .. However your end signature reveals you finally did complete your MFA ... appreciate your patience and dedication !