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Art Vibration..40


Myself with Artist Praveen and Artist Vidhyasagar on Mandakini River Chitrakoot Dham,2009

In 2009. One day in evening time i were received a phone call from my artist friend ( here i am not sharing his name and image because he don't like it). that call from CHITRAKOOT DHAM.
he did informed me you were invited for a national Painting camp. when i were asked to him the date then he did told to me the right date of that art camp. 8th Jan.2009. kind your information i were received his call on date 6 th Jan.2009 and that time was winter time and Indian railway was late 28 hour because fog was every where in environment . but that was a art call for me from National Art Camp. they were Invited to a Artist for art work. so i were went to tour booking office . and i were inquiry about Chitrakoot Dham he told me we have no any direct service for you and in short time by road you can't arrival at Chitrakoot dham on date 8th jan. then i were asked to him about Air Service and thats ticket charge.he did informed to me by air service you can arrival at Chitrakoot dham on date 8 th Jan. but thats ticket charge will 5000 rupees something. that time i were thinking about that art call and my art journey condition i were thinking what i do or what not..? when i were thinking that time the tour office member told me in hindi " JANG MAI SHAMIL TO HO JAAO HAR JEET BAAD KI BAAT HAI" "just join to war don't think for win or loss" his word click to myself confidence and then i were booked my first Air ticket for Chitrakoot dham from BIKANER. kind your information in my home town we have no any airport .so i did went to Delhi on 7th Jan. night by Bus. that night Fog was not very much in environment but that was...ha. Over all at 5 am i were arrival at Delhi and then i were went to rest house of Lalit Kala academy for some rest. because my air journey time was 12:30. in that time gap i were take some rest at rest house of Lalit Kala academy. At 10 am i were went to Airport of Delhi. i saw the domestic airport and then i were enter after show my air ticket to gate keeper. he did guide me for a waiting hall. i saw lots of people were going and coming on airport.that was very busy and i were watching the visuals of Domestic airport . after some time i were taken a one cup coffee thats cost was 75 rupees..ha.
At 12:30 i were listen a announcement for my air journey. I were listen the Allahbad flight will not going to fly at 12:30 because in sky we have no visibility so all passenger will wait for next announcement . After listen that announcement i were feel i have lost my time i can't arrival at 6 pm at Chitrakootdham .but i were join to war so i w
ere silent sited in domestic air port. After one hour once again i were listen same announcement for Allahbad flight. then i were talk to flight manager .Then he told me we are waiting for the visibility and with out visibility we cant pass to air craft for fly. that time we were 15 to 20 passenger of Allahabad.But my heart was cool some one come out from his or her patience. They were got angry on air service .that time i were told to air craft manager you can return our money if you can't pass your aircraft for air journey . Today i can't arrival to Chitrakoot Dham by your service so i am saying it to you . you know visibility is not your fault and not from my side that 's nature fault so we are handicapped in this condition. He did noticed my talk and reply me wait sir we will do something. then i did asked to him when sir when..time is going from my hand today is a real test of myself for art journey and here i am watching your air service is making handicapped to myself what i do just tell me..? then the officer told me wait i can understand your feeling we will do very soon for you something special . i told ok, i am waiting of your special service . After a long wait i were listen one more announcement that was for me. i were listen Allahbad passenger can go for Allahbad by our aircraft no****** so catch your flight in a short time . that time, time was showing 4:30 Pm. ha.finally i were sited in a air bus that in yallow color and after 20 minute the aircraft was in sky i were not close the window of air bus and i were saw the take of seen from that window that was a very interesting moment for myself i were came in my Air wing N.C.C. sound and i were feel i have join the war..ha.but i can't shoot any visuals of that moment because air hostess were stop to me for camera use in first when i did asked to her for photography.I were saw top of the Himalaya hills. because there side visibility was available for me. i saw myself were upon cloud and after one an half hour the aircraft went in a gray fog then i were feel the visibility sense .that time i were watching out side of our aircraft only gray fog i couldn't see the earth visual.that was risky sound. i were saw the different color of Nature in sky. when our air craft was going to landing then i were listen a announcement , we were landing our aircraft on air port of BANARAS because Allahabad Air port is not in our visibility thank you. i were sited still over all the aircraft were land on BANARAS air port. then i were asked to a officer of BANARAS Air Port how to we go Allahbad then he told me by ROAD ..ha . one more turn in war.they gave me a texi no. i were searched that and sited in that taxi i saw some passenger of our aircraft was sited in that texi.our texi were started for the Road journey at 6 pm from BANARAS to Allahabad and we were taken some rest in mid way that time a good business man were offer to me the tea as a big brother after that he share with me the local bhel mixture for eat. that time i told to him, you are senior with me in this art journey as a big brother then i am safe. he did care to myself Delhi domestic air port to Allahabad. He did noticed my silent nature and talking way . at 9 pm we were arrival at Allahbad. i were touched his lag as a younger brother and submitted my visiting card in his hand then he asked to me are you artist? i were reply to him yes sir. at 9 pm i were still at home town of Dr. Amitabh Bachchan. i were remember to him at on bus stand . because befor
my ChitrkootDham journey i were share some text matter about art call on his blog at i were make a sound big b i am at your home town...ha
At 9 :15 , I were went in Road ways bus stand and I did inquiry about ChitraKoot Dham bas then i were got a right information, he told at present we have no any bus for Chitrakoot Dham but you can pick up our bus in morning time at 7 or 8 am tomorrow .i were thought one more war for stay at here in night.that night was 8th Jan.2009 but i were Near of Chitrakoot Dham . that time i were called to my friend and informed to him . I am in Allahabad and tomorrow i will join you. he was happy and told me good yogendra. After that call i were pick up a Rikshow for hotel search . that time i told very clear to Rikshow man i want to stay in a hotel so help me he was a good man he told me ok. i were sited on his rikshow . after few minute he did stop his rikshow in front of a hotel. that was veg. hotel . i were stay in a small room . the manger of that hotel asked to me are you want TV room or not. i told to him i don't watching TV. so give me your simple room i want to stay for night .at 10 :30 i were eaten food that was very good food. after taken food i were sleep that night in Allahbad city hotel. At 6 am i were got update after bath and then came back at roadways bus stand of Allahbad. that time by luck i got a super fast bus for Karvi bus station. After 4 hore bus journey, I were came at Karvi bus station. at 11 am i were presented in Chitrakoot Dham by tempo local service . kind your information that national camp was organized by west zone art and culture society of Allahabad and RAMABHADRACHARYA Asharam at Rambhadracharya handicapped university, Chitrakootdham. at 12 :30 am , i were join to that art camp and i were feel i have achieve a win of war after a long fight by myself art journey. all were happy after saw me at there. when i were share how to i had join you then all were making the sound yogendra came at here by Air craft and in a short time. when i were join that camp i saw some artist were busy in work then i were collected my canvas and started my work with out time pass activity. and in 5 day i had created two art work for that national art camp. i were meet in that camp our national artist Mr. Mohanti sir (BHU), Ma'm Kamal shohal ,ma'm shadhana singh,Rajesh patil , senior Artist Mr. Govindi ji,sajan methu, Dr. Devenrda tripathi, Dig nag, artist praveen,Dr.vidhya sagar, lady artist Asvini ,sadhana sigh,soniya singh,priya singh and some more art students of RAMBHADRACHARYA handicapped university,Chitrakoot. In that 5 days i were enjoy the AYURVEDIK veg. food, i were visited the Chitrakootdham and place of GOD RAMA and his life partner SHITA kitchen , many more place of God RAMA time . i were taken round by walk of RAMA Hill.there i were listen The God RAMA had land the Air craft "PUSHPAK VIMANA" on RAMA hill at Chitrakoot Dhaamwhen. he came back INDIA from Shri lanka..!

here i want to share some visuals of Chitrakoot Dham visit by myself vision , i had shoot that moment by camera.

On last day of that National art camp we were submitted our journey ticket to organizer of that art camp . that time i were submitted my air ticket in hand of officer and in exhibition hall we were exhibit our art work for visitor . that time media person came and taken our interview one by one. they asked to me on my number what to created and what message in your art work. i were reply i were created my art journey by myself art sense its not complete but at present i am thinking like this and sharing with you by visual language. after listen my answer he asked to me again a question what is your target in your art journey then i were reply to him the peace and patience ,i have all tool of social life with myself so i will use it for peace by visual languageand its continue with me. after exhibition of our art work in that hall the Director of RAMBHADRACHARYA Handicapped University came for visit and after visit he did gifted GANPATI of wood sclupture and certificate to all artist of that national camp.

myself is collecting the certificate by Director of RAMBHADRACHARYA handicapped univercity Chitrakoot Dham.2009.

today i have connected to lots of students of RAMBHADRACHARYA handicapped university .they were talking to me about art and art study . i am sharing my art view with them time to time when they want help and guide line to me as a senior art master.

that time i were show the sound of myself , i can come on art call but when then i will receive a real art call for promotion of art sound in world....ha

Yogendra kumar purohit

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