Sunday, December 30, 2012

Art Vibration - 63


Artist Cum Art promoter Froso Vizovitou City Thessaloniki
Greece was framed  my art and display it in her art gallery.
True art is doing real journey in this world its very fact . i can say it because i have lived it by  my art journey . Actually before two month  my artist friend Froso Vizovitou Thessaloniki , Greece , was demanded to me  my art work visual for display in her own art gallery she said  to me .

So i were planed a easy way  for art work post , i told her i am not rich artist so i will follow a cheap way for  my art work  and i will post to  you that  art work or may be you will receive in right condition like a art work in  your hand , because i will post to  you a Indian  post card  as a greeting and i will draw  my drawing  on that post card for  your art collection of  myself  art Journey. 

On date 10th Oct. 2012  i were buy a  Indian post card  and then i were started drawing on that , when i did completed  my drawing on that post card i were posted  to Froso on her own address with a short note about  my drawing work. 

After one week Artist Froso was received  my posted INDIAN POST CARD with myself drawing image in right condition as a art work. ( here i am thankful  for  My INDIAN POST SERVICE they were cared my art work very well ) And Yesterday Artist Froso was posted me a link of  my post card art work , i was very shocked when i saw  my art work in a good artistic art frame . it was a true art respect  to  my art work by a true artist Cum art Promoter of Our World art family  .

I did buy That Post Card in 50 pesaa its very cheap cost and a very easy and old  medium of communication by words i did used it for communication of art line or language and in Greece by Activity of Artist Froso its got a  art frame for  art history . here me and Artist Froso or Indian Post Service and thats Post Card was created a new art  history by  old communication medium that is INDIAN POST CARD .

Here i think  The Art Culture of Greece  was invited  my art concept  in herd copy as a art work 
( Visual )  , i were accepted the invitation of  Greece then i were buy a INDIAN post card and draw some line of my inner sound journey on post card , After draw the drawing i did created a hard copy of  my art concept  ( visual ) and Posted  to Greece . In Greece A True Art Promoter cum Artist Froso was gave a right frame to my art work and displayed  in her own art gallery , in this talk  you can visualize two journey , one is  INDIAN POST card journey India  to Greece and second is invisible  journey of my art concept it was completed by true Art Communication between two artist of our world Art family one is myself and second is Greece Artist Froso Vizovitou .

Artist Cum Art Promoter Froso Vizovitou busy in art visit

Kind  Your Information Artist Cum Art Promoter Froso  Vizovitou is a very close  to our INDIAN  culture , she know Hindi language and about INDIAN art and Culture because she was visited  INDIA Many time she Love  to INDIA and INDIAN Art ..Actually She Know about Philosophy of Indian Art and Culture . she told me when i connected  to her  on online  communication network Facebook .

Over all i am thankful  for  Artist Cum Art Promoter Froso Vizovitou  she was registered  myself art journey In Art  Historical  Country Greece .I will not forget her art promotional work  in  my art journey .

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Art Vibration - 62


PadmShri Awarded  Photographer  Raghu Rai with his Daughter
Avani Rai  and  Italian Photo Journalist  writer  Ronedo Voltric .
Friends !  Last week i were listen to Padmshri Awarded our national Photographer Raghu Rai .

He came Bikaner and here he was shared his photography Journey with us , he came Bikaner with his Daughter Avani Rai  and his Italian Writer friend Ronedo voltric  ( photo Journalist writer Italy ) , i asked to him a question as a creative person , about a creative life . what he feel when creativity want to him more after photography ? because camera is a machine a limited tool and creativity is up to all machines its free like air ?. then Raghu Rai said me yes my boy , creativity is up to Machine and in next life i will not select to photography for my creative life journey. ha ha..

Padmshri Awarded Photographer Raghu Rai is sharing his
Photography journey with  Photographers of  Bikaner 2012
 This seminar was organized in DHARM SAJJAN TRUST Hall Bikaner and i saw there all press and artistic photographers were came and talked to Sir Raghu Rai and he was sharing his art and life sound with us . I were met to Sir Raghu Rai last week  after five year , in 2007 i were exhibited my Installation art Struggle work in Ravindra Bhawan Delhi that day he came in gallery for visit my art work  Presentation , he was said  to me first words after visit red light impression of gallery . Who created my dark room in this gallery , he was listen my complete concept of struggle Installation and then said  to me keep it up we all are doing struggle in our life you are right mr. Purohit.

I saw him That day he was in same energy mood and very friendly with all photographers of Bikaner like a family member. so special thanks to Sir Raghu Rai , he was shared his busy time with  me  in our city . i wish for his long art journey ...God is great ..

Friday, December 21, 2012

Art Vibration - 61


Last few days  to i am continue watching to add of nano car  in our INDIA by Many mediums . This is very new concept of car business in our INDIA,  when i were went first time  Mumbai  for admission In J. J. School of Art  in year 2000 . That time  i  were met to a artist  cum Advertising Master  Mr. Prashant Shah , He have his AIM advertising company in Mumbai , He was visited  my work of art and after some art talk he was asked  to me, any one can paint to car ? i were laughing  in myself and thought about that new concept of painting , car painting ? i thought here  i am sharing  painting canvas  of myself  for next art journey and he is asking to me for car painting what is this ? but i did not said  to him any thing ,  I told to him  i don't know painting of car sorry. 

But today that concept is running on the road of  INDIA . TATA Motor and that Director Mr. Ratan N.Tata was taken a new step  for new concept of his smart car that  name is " nano " car , this car is very cheap cost car of this world and its also a new concept in car business in our world , Hon'ble President of America Barack Obama was visited  this small and very cheap cost smart car in Hotel TAJ Mumbai  when he was visited to INDIA. 

I want to share with  you ,  why i attract to This Small Car ? because in this days nano car designer 's is launching very artistic cars in market , I notice TATA director Mr. Ratan N. Tata and his team know the  visual aesthetic sense . They want to attract to common men by colour full smart car ,That Is Nano car. Mr. Ratan N.Tata was taken a risk for car look and he was done a exercise with concept of  painting on nano car. 

As a Painter  when i saw first time  a painted nano car. I were remembered to Artist Prashant Shah  and his car painting  concept and  on facebook  some artist and nano car team was published  some visual of painted nano by artist . Then  i were  surprised by nano look , I saw a live presentation of car painting concept . It was true and it was possible by Nano car designers or thats team and its credit goes to Director of TATA  Motors  Mr. Ratan N. Tata.

When i were imagine to nano car in  my view then i thought my art work visuals images on body of  nano car . yesterday when i were again watched some visual of Nano car on  my facebook page . i were started  some exercise of car painting  by digital tool . I were open  my photoshop graphic program on PC then i selected two image of Nano car on and then started editing work with  my art work image or nano car image . After three hours i were got two new visual of nano by  my art work or by  my digital  exercise . That exercise was gave me chance for creative visual of nano car That was possible by  my art work , my two painting was on nano car image, after editing work , i saw in myself  some possibility in car painting concept  . 

For  your visit i have shared  two visual of nano with new look after editing through my painting image .

After design to nano car by my art work i were shared that digital images  on online  for serve about my exercise of nano car  painting . I  were received many comment by viewers . I did shared  this digital exercise with TATA director Mr. Ratan N. Tata and then Nano car designer team . kind  your information Nano car team was liked  my exercise on facebook page  here i want to share that Nano car facebook page link  for  your visit .

And here  i want to Inform  you i will share this blog post  to Artist cum Advertising master  Mr. Prashant Shah , because today i have completed a exercise on his concept Car painting , He was thought on it before 12 years In INDIA  and i did completed it yesterday  after 12 years, when i imagine to TATA "nano" Car .

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Art Vibration - 60


In this video you can see Art Critic Franc and Artist Vincenzo Montella talking on exhibit art work

This is a end of year 2012 , and its a very good  for  my art  Journey . Because my Artist friend  cum Senior Artist of  ITALY Mr. Vincenzo Montella was gifted me a one more art exhibition  from his art society Ramo D Oro ,  its in City Napoli Italy.

I were connected to this art society  in 2007 by  my mail system , that time i were talked to Artist Vincenzo Montella by text mail , here on  my blog i have shared  some short story of our communication in last post of Italian Art i will not retype that same story  at here.

Today 2012 and Vincenzo Montella was fixed a title of our Art Exhibition 2013,our Exhibition was started  on 8th December 2012 , as a news  my two work was displayed  in that art gallery and today  my six  art work is  in collection of Ramo D Oro  and that is displayed in Ramo D Oro Museum , here  you can visit   my two art work  in this updated video link Vincenzo telling about  my art work to Visitors ( its from INDIA ) in this video.

When i were reading to History of ITALIAN art In  my Collage time ( B.F.A. or Masters ) that was very interesting  for me , I did read lots of about city Napals or thats Mosaic painting or wall painting and etc.  That Time i were not  Thought  if i will exhibit my work In City Napals of  ITALY . 2010 to 2012  I got four art exhibitions of  my art work from Italy. Its a big achievement of  my art journey . That  exhibitions  gave me a level of International Artist by International  art exhibitions of  RAMO D ORO  Art Society  ITALY .I am Happy  some true artist is working in our world art for true art promotion, in that list i see first  to Artist  Vincenzo Montella .  he was noticed my art work language and my art nature and activeness or dedication  for  my art Journey . he was selected  me  for his International art exhibition Asian Over view  in 2010 and after that he gave me three more art exhibition one by one in three year. 

 I can say ITALAIN  art sense gave me a big canvas  for express  my art work in this world , Italy represent to INDIAN  youth Artist thats me. I am  living  in very simple city  Bikaner , INDIA . I have very limited way  for  my art journey  at present  but Vincenzo Montella was noticed  my art sound and he was created a new way  for  my art Journey by art sense of  Art Society RAMO D ORO .

Today I am very thankful  for Artist  Vincenzo Montella because he is giving me his true love thats example is , he is saying to me YOG .and i am working for him as a world art team member from my nation INDIA .
we are working as a unit of art in this Global art  world and its continue by us.

Over all i can say,  I Find To ITALY  In Mid Of  My Art Journey At This Global Art Time .....
Thank  you Italian Art Master Vincenzo Montalla  and   His Art Society  Ramo D Oro , ITALY .

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Art Vibration - 59



 Last Week at late night i saw a advertise on facebook network that was  my sing out time but i saw that add and opened that link then i saw a video story of facebook that was real story  and i were impressed  to that  story .On that page i read a invitation of story with this word "ADD YOUR STORY"

 I were thought what kind of story i can share  and add on it but in next movement i thought i can share  myself art journey story of Facebook . i were started writing  the story and within one hour i did wrote some true word about facebook from  my true art journey movement . when i wrote then  i shared that story on Http:// . 

Here that story  for  your reading  because some one think this is only time pass networking  noting here after loss of time but its as a art tool  for me and  for  my art expression ok you read  my story..i wrote it..

My Story was started to 2008 , i were registered myself on FACEBOOK , when my senior Artist cum Officer Msr.Kiran Soni Gupta was said to me for join to facebook . i were noticed her advice and joined to my first online network for art communication . before this network i were working on my mail system . But when i were connected to this easy and use full network i were shared my time on it, after my art work time . today is 2012 and i have connected today by this network to all over world art family , unlimited gallery's and artist s are knowing my art work and to myself by this network , here i am using it as a my art exhibition and i am saying to my friends . my work is exhibit 24 hour's on online and thats link is facebook , by this network i can express my real art character in front of world art family so i am thankful for Mark the master designer of facebook. Here every day i share my art and myself view or my poetry and writing matter of my art life and many artist friend s and art lover's  is noticing my update's as a family member . 

Last four years to i am continue busy in my drawing work and facebook was not only gave me space it was created some special album format and display page for my drawing , i saw many change for betterment of art presentation by facebook team so i can say Facebook team is very rich by art vision and its supporting to true art promotion with aesthetic display and presentation , facebook is a base of online users because time want this type strong communication tool for better world and better world is possible by communication and thats easy way so facebook is better for it i can say it with my full confidence .

This is my profile link of facebook 

and this is my art work album link of facebook 

I sure after visit this album you can know how to facebook is a supporting tool of art communication.  Every day my art work is visiting by many country 's artist.  they are visiting and then reply by his or her comment . In my life it was not possible  in this time but Facebook could possible for me . i am not a rich i belong to a simple family of INDIA , but facebook was gave me richness of mind it was  made  me easy and advance by thinking , it have changed my work style , in 2007 when i were leaved my work place JAIPUR city and came back at home Bikaner that time i were thought i will not create work and if i create then i can't express with art society.  i were very upset and blocked but when i did joined and learn to use of facebook and i were understood what is the aim of Facebook . that day to till today i am with facebook and facebook is with me for my better art life , kind your information today i have posted a invitation of My Italian art exhibition to Mark Designer of Facebook ..

This is a link of that art exhibition Invitation its also updated on facebook and by facebook i have posted today to 5,000 artist's  of world art family . I hope you will notice my true art story with facebook sound .. I am thankful for time because this strong and fast communication network was designed in my art journey time..

Thanking for facebook 

yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Art Vibration - 58

                      '' ART CAN FARMING OF NATURE ''

This is  my  natural painting on 825 X 825 Fits Canvas  ( Land Earth  2012 )                            

Friends i have farming  of green color on a big canvas . That is a natural canvas  the Land Earth  , it was  my first big canvas of this art journey and it was  my first natural painting  on natural canvas The Land Earth ,
when i were started   my natural painting that time i were remembered   to  Great  Art Master  Piet  Mondrian , he was created new concept in visual art by his  own art logic , He said i will not paint  to tree leaf  in  shades of green color because i can indicate a tree by one green color and  one squire or triangle shape and he had done that and our  visual art philosophy was accepted his new and logical concept for contemporary art ,today we can visit his many simple logical painting in art history . I have share it because i have read to PIET MONDRIAN very well as a contemporary artist of world art family. ha

My Natural painting is a real dialogue to our contemporary art philosophy . In this natural painting i have done some work of farming  for growth of green natural leafs on 825 X 825 Fits canvas. I did used rain water and some natural corn of  foods . Step by step my natural painting work was getting growth and i were painting  to Earth land by logic of natural art. It was  my one new  logic for a big natural canvas .I did farming of green color  and filled complete green color by natural way of art  on a big canvas. In this natural  painting i have not used nay brush and color but i did followed the rule of natural farming and i did show  my patience  then i can fill the green a natural green color on a big canvas  by natural leafs its a short art dialogue  to  art master PIET MONDRIAN , he was not painted leafs  for tree  on canvas  and i were paint green to natural green leafs without paint of brush..ha It was a  interesting art dialogue for me  and  for world art  design..i hope  you will notice it..ha

This natural Painting is also  a  dialogue to Sweden Art Group  " TELL US " that Art group was organized  a art workshop in Sweden 2009.  There a one artist was painted to a nude  lady and he was putted a logic about his  painting  in that art camp . He said ,She is not lady, she is a Land Earth . He was painted  green and sky blue to that nude lady and that nude lady was moving in mid of that art workshop and there lots of kids and women's and senior's artist and art visitor's was visiting that art workshop.The artist was giving message for green earth by painted lady ..haha.. That was very funny joke with art and creativity and a very ugly joke with women's and a very bad  joke with human culture or with our social  human rights. I were criticism about that art concept and art activity but they were not accepted  mistake of artist that time i were shared some example of The land Earth with green color or with green dress's . to TELL US...!

So my natural painting is a real answer to our Tell Us art group by art logic or art concept .How to a artist can farming  for green land earth and what is a natural art work  for natural land earth . I have done it ,can you do it  for our LAND EARTH....?....TELL ME ..!

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Bikaner, INDIA

Friday, June 15, 2012

Art Vibration - 57


Its a true Stroy of  my art journey , 9th year went in a wait of art exhibition at our national art gallery, after follow all rule and regulation of Jehangir Art gallery , its a very historical and very advance  art gallery of  our nation and every artist of our nation want to show there his or her art work with his or her art vision , its  real fact of our national artist art journey.

In 2000 i were thought for exhibit  my art work at Jehangir because that time i were first time visited live  to Jehangir  in Mumbai  after read the name  in our art books and in 2003 i were filled   my form for art exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery.that time waiting for four year about Exhibition of artist work  , so i were started wait with lots of hope , that time i were submitted  my art work visual that was oil painting , after waiting of four year i were  received a letter from Jehangir Art gallery in 2006 ,  that time i were in Jaipur and i have done my master's in fine art and i were busy in work at Jawahar kala Kendra Jaipur As a freelancer Artist with true struggle sound  , I were needed a art exhibition at Mumbai  or other metro city for my art journey , in that letter Jehangir was demanded my recent work and kind  your information in four year i have changed  my work i were painted  my work by water color on paper , time is giving change to us every day and in every second so that change was  natural and must  for a creative  Artist . i were posted  my recent art work Transparency ( TP ).  for work TP i were went to Delhi and then i did got my work TP to MATTA house Delhi . Matta House is a one and only TP creator near Jaipur after collected  my work TP i were went to Mumbai for submit my recent work TP at Jehangir Art Gallery office . but after few month Jehangir posted me a one more letter . in that letter i read  this kind of word " sorry  yogendra this year we have lots of Application so try next year " i were felt very sad  but artist have no way after sorry of  art gallery so  in 2007 i were posted  again  my application for art exhibition at Jehangir art gallery and i did started again wait  just like past  year , it was funny for me but i did for art exhibition at Jehangir with full patience of myself .

In 2011 Jehangir art gallery posted me reply with same demand of recent art work but this time they were demanding Compact Disk  with work image data. i were posted  to Jehangir Art Gallery and i were very sure for  my art exhibition because in this four year i have done many international art activity  in our world art field . But in 2012 Jehangir  posted me one more letter with message  sorry we could  not booked gallery  for you , in letter i read about art work  aesthetic matter and etc. then i did  understood the joke of committee of Jehangir with my art journey, they were killed  my 9th year after gave unwanted wait .ha

I did understood there are no art lover and promoter there only art killer and i saw in  my view Jehangir is converting  in form Of Orangzeb ( Orangzeb was a very bad king for our national art and artist , he was killed lots of artist and he was broken lots of art work of our nation . Indian history saying it and i did faced live in  my life by Jehangir Art Gallery. i were got very big disturbance after received  final letter of jehangir with negative reply for  my art exhibition and then i were convert  my self art sound  like a comic artist  and i were created 50 comic art work  continue on Jehangir Matter and i did share that true art sound  with world art family and i said its a one part of  my art reply to Jehangir and its continue ..ha
 here i am going to share  that comic art work  presentation  for your visit  i sure  you will notice it and enjoy it because its true art sound from a true artist ..ha

this art work also on  thats link is here  for your visit..
hope  you will put your view after read this story and i hope  in future our Jehangir Art Gallery will change way of art promotion because today they are just killing to true Indian  youth art energy by committee selection system . our INDIAN ART HISTORY  have one DEFINITION for AESTHETIC of ART. that is " SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDRAM "
May be Jehangir art gallery, committee will read this aesthetic base of our INDIAN ART and CULTURE ..Jai Hind

Yogendra Kumar Purohit  
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Monday, May 28, 2012

Art Vibration - 56


Last week I received  a message  from  my one online artist friend "Frosso Vizovitou" she is from Greece her city is Thessaloniki, she is a good artist and she told me  i have learn art and dance to INDIA, kind  your information she know Hindi very well , her interest in INDIA and INDIAN art , on  facebook network she always visiting  my drawing work , i have not meet to her face to face but we are taking on art  at facebook ,this network is a very strong medium for world art communication so i am trying to connect to our world art Family on it  and i am connecting to Artist Frosso Vizovitou by this way  , Its a recent example of  my talk .  i have lots of artist friend's  on online network's .

Last week Artist Frosso Vizovitou told me, our one art society  is going  for celebrate the world sketching day  on date 27-5-2012 and we are inviting  to all world artist for participation  in our art event so  yogendra  you post  your some sketches  to our Art Society mail , this message was very artistic gift  for me from  my online artist friend.  so i were posted  my five sketches  on mail id of "Sketbe -Eketbe"art Society of Greece , this society have a good art gallery  in Thessaloniki city of Greece . when i  were posted  my sketches of Bikaner heritage or historical building of Bikaner  then that society Director  George Politis was very happy after visited   my sketches , and he was updated  my five sketches  on his art society blog ,his art society blog link is .."

and Art Director George Politis was updated  my one work on his Facebook  group with some comment by hisself about  my art work .his group link is here  for your visit..
when i saw  my art work promotion about world sketching day by Greece then i were created a new thought for my art way, i did final a project  for world sketching day  , i thought i will draw full day sketch on date 27-5-2012 ,in same time i were created a event page on online network of Facebook and i were invited  to my all artist friend's  for world sketching day celebration .this is a link  of  my event invitation of world sketching day ( ) .
On date 27-5-2012  at 10:30 am i were in Street of Rampuriya haveli ( historical Building 's of Bikaner ) there i were alone but  i were started sketching after remember a poet  lines ..

" i were walked alone  on unknown target ,
 but the people came with me and we walked like a crowd rally 
..In Hindi ..

मै अकेला ही चला था जाने बे मंजिल मगर !

लोग साथ आते गए और कारवा बनता गया !!

There i  were busy  in sketching work and after some time  a artist Mr. Narayan Das Aseri  were joined me and he was started sketching work  , after two hour  Artist Dharma were joined us and he was created one sketch with our company , There after two our we were three and in mid of tea brake  Artist Manish Pareek was came there and draw a sketch with us , over all in three hour we  four artist was celebrated to world sketching day on one place , In that time many kids and art lovers and common man  was visited our art activity . they  were enjoying our line and visual we got word magic  for our sketching  , that was our real art income in common life by social art activity  . that time i were  saying thanks to Greece Artist Frosso and  to George they were clicked me for social art activity  in  my city and we were doing that  on world sketching day, after Rampuriya Haveli Street we were went to Vag. market of Kotgate ,Bikaner and then Junaghar Fort ,Bikaner , over all we were busy 6 hour continue  in sketching  work , in very hot environment here temperature is still on 45 Degree c. but we were stilled for art for world sketching day by our soul power. finally we were celebrated world sketching day in our home town . and we were created 20 sketches by our art energy  and here i am going to share  with you a video presentation of  our sketching day photo images  ..,its also updated on 

After updated this world sketching day  art work on online. i were shared that link to  first  to Artist Friend Frosso  Vizovitou and to George Politis   of Greece , and after  i were shared  it  with all world Media and our  Hon'ble President of INDIA,  Hon'ble Prime Minister of  INDIA , Dr, Amitabh Bachan and with  my art teacher Dr. Vidhya Sagar Upadhyay  or Some Art critics of world art Family ..ha
Sketch by yogendra - Rampuriya Haveli Street  Bikaner  27-5-2012 
This is a recent Sketch of world Sketching day  i were created it in short time by me . 
In last i want to say many many thanks  to Art Promoter of our world Art family and Special thanks  to Artist Friend Frosso Vizovitou  and Art Director George Politis they both are created a very strong Sound in me for world sketching day actually they were puss me for a real and a social art activity  in mid  of common  society , so i want to give them a Army Salute from INDIA..

Yogendra  Kumar  Purohit
Master of  Fine Art 
Bikaner , INDIA