Friday, December 21, 2012

Art Vibration - 61


Last few days  to i am continue watching to add of nano car  in our INDIA by Many mediums . This is very new concept of car business in our INDIA,  when i were went first time  Mumbai  for admission In J. J. School of Art  in year 2000 . That time  i  were met to a artist  cum Advertising Master  Mr. Prashant Shah , He have his AIM advertising company in Mumbai , He was visited  my work of art and after some art talk he was asked  to me, any one can paint to car ? i were laughing  in myself and thought about that new concept of painting , car painting ? i thought here  i am sharing  painting canvas  of myself  for next art journey and he is asking to me for car painting what is this ? but i did not said  to him any thing ,  I told to him  i don't know painting of car sorry. 

But today that concept is running on the road of  INDIA . TATA Motor and that Director Mr. Ratan N.Tata was taken a new step  for new concept of his smart car that  name is " nano " car , this car is very cheap cost car of this world and its also a new concept in car business in our world , Hon'ble President of America Barack Obama was visited  this small and very cheap cost smart car in Hotel TAJ Mumbai  when he was visited to INDIA. 

I want to share with  you ,  why i attract to This Small Car ? because in this days nano car designer 's is launching very artistic cars in market , I notice TATA director Mr. Ratan N. Tata and his team know the  visual aesthetic sense . They want to attract to common men by colour full smart car ,That Is Nano car. Mr. Ratan N.Tata was taken a risk for car look and he was done a exercise with concept of  painting on nano car. 

As a Painter  when i saw first time  a painted nano car. I were remembered to Artist Prashant Shah  and his car painting  concept and  on facebook  some artist and nano car team was published  some visual of painted nano by artist . Then  i were  surprised by nano look , I saw a live presentation of car painting concept . It was true and it was possible by Nano car designers or thats team and its credit goes to Director of TATA  Motors  Mr. Ratan N. Tata.

When i were imagine to nano car in  my view then i thought my art work visuals images on body of  nano car . yesterday when i were again watched some visual of Nano car on  my facebook page . i were started  some exercise of car painting  by digital tool . I were open  my photoshop graphic program on PC then i selected two image of Nano car on and then started editing work with  my art work image or nano car image . After three hours i were got two new visual of nano by  my art work or by  my digital  exercise . That exercise was gave me chance for creative visual of nano car That was possible by  my art work , my two painting was on nano car image, after editing work , i saw in myself  some possibility in car painting concept  . 

For  your visit i have shared  two visual of nano with new look after editing through my painting image .

After design to nano car by my art work i were shared that digital images  on online  for serve about my exercise of nano car  painting . I  were received many comment by viewers . I did shared  this digital exercise with TATA director Mr. Ratan N. Tata and then Nano car designer team . kind  your information Nano car team was liked  my exercise on facebook page  here i want to share that Nano car facebook page link  for  your visit .

And here  i want to Inform  you i will share this blog post  to Artist cum Advertising master  Mr. Prashant Shah , because today i have completed a exercise on his concept Car painting , He was thought on it before 12 years In INDIA  and i did completed it yesterday  after 12 years, when i imagine to TATA "nano" Car .

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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