Sunday, December 30, 2012

Art Vibration - 63


Artist Cum Art promoter Froso Vizovitou City Thessaloniki
Greece was framed  my art and display it in her art gallery.
True art is doing real journey in this world its very fact . i can say it because i have lived it by  my art journey . Actually before two month  my artist friend Froso Vizovitou Thessaloniki , Greece , was demanded to me  my art work visual for display in her own art gallery she said  to me .

So i were planed a easy way  for art work post , i told her i am not rich artist so i will follow a cheap way for  my art work  and i will post to  you that  art work or may be you will receive in right condition like a art work in  your hand , because i will post to  you a Indian  post card  as a greeting and i will draw  my drawing  on that post card for  your art collection of  myself  art Journey. 

On date 10th Oct. 2012  i were buy a  Indian post card  and then i were started drawing on that , when i did completed  my drawing on that post card i were posted  to Froso on her own address with a short note about  my drawing work. 

After one week Artist Froso was received  my posted INDIAN POST CARD with myself drawing image in right condition as a art work. ( here i am thankful  for  My INDIAN POST SERVICE they were cared my art work very well ) And Yesterday Artist Froso was posted me a link of  my post card art work , i was very shocked when i saw  my art work in a good artistic art frame . it was a true art respect  to  my art work by a true artist Cum art Promoter of Our World art family  .

I did buy That Post Card in 50 pesaa its very cheap cost and a very easy and old  medium of communication by words i did used it for communication of art line or language and in Greece by Activity of Artist Froso its got a  art frame for  art history . here me and Artist Froso or Indian Post Service and thats Post Card was created a new art  history by  old communication medium that is INDIAN POST CARD .

Here i think  The Art Culture of Greece  was invited  my art concept  in herd copy as a art work 
( Visual )  , i were accepted the invitation of  Greece then i were buy a INDIAN post card and draw some line of my inner sound journey on post card , After draw the drawing i did created a hard copy of  my art concept  ( visual ) and Posted  to Greece . In Greece A True Art Promoter cum Artist Froso was gave a right frame to my art work and displayed  in her own art gallery , in this talk  you can visualize two journey , one is  INDIAN POST card journey India  to Greece and second is invisible  journey of my art concept it was completed by true Art Communication between two artist of our world Art family one is myself and second is Greece Artist Froso Vizovitou .

Artist Cum Art Promoter Froso Vizovitou busy in art visit

Kind  Your Information Artist Cum Art Promoter Froso  Vizovitou is a very close  to our INDIAN  culture , she know Hindi language and about INDIAN art and Culture because she was visited  INDIA Many time she Love  to INDIA and INDIAN Art ..Actually She Know about Philosophy of Indian Art and Culture . she told me when i connected  to her  on online  communication network Facebook .

Over all i am thankful  for  Artist Cum Art Promoter Froso Vizovitou  she was registered  myself art journey In Art  Historical  Country Greece .I will not forget her art promotional work  in  my art journey .


Tripti said...

very nice Yongendra JI Keep it going....

Anonymous said...

Well done

Ps need someone to proofread your work? See Athens News FB page for ad...