Saturday, December 15, 2012

Art Vibration - 60


In this video you can see Art Critic Franc and Artist Vincenzo Montella talking on exhibit art work

This is a end of year 2012 , and its a very good  for  my art  Journey . Because my Artist friend  cum Senior Artist of  ITALY Mr. Vincenzo Montella was gifted me a one more art exhibition  from his art society Ramo D Oro ,  its in City Napoli Italy.

I were connected to this art society  in 2007 by  my mail system , that time i were talked to Artist Vincenzo Montella by text mail , here on  my blog i have shared  some short story of our communication in last post of Italian Art i will not retype that same story  at here.

Today 2012 and Vincenzo Montella was fixed a title of our Art Exhibition 2013,our Exhibition was started  on 8th December 2012 , as a news  my two work was displayed  in that art gallery and today  my six  art work is  in collection of Ramo D Oro  and that is displayed in Ramo D Oro Museum , here  you can visit   my two art work  in this updated video link Vincenzo telling about  my art work to Visitors ( its from INDIA ) in this video.

When i were reading to History of ITALIAN art In  my Collage time ( B.F.A. or Masters ) that was very interesting  for me , I did read lots of about city Napals or thats Mosaic painting or wall painting and etc.  That Time i were not  Thought  if i will exhibit my work In City Napals of  ITALY . 2010 to 2012  I got four art exhibitions of  my art work from Italy. Its a big achievement of  my art journey . That  exhibitions  gave me a level of International Artist by International  art exhibitions of  RAMO D ORO  Art Society  ITALY .I am Happy  some true artist is working in our world art for true art promotion, in that list i see first  to Artist  Vincenzo Montella .  he was noticed my art work language and my art nature and activeness or dedication  for  my art Journey . he was selected  me  for his International art exhibition Asian Over view  in 2010 and after that he gave me three more art exhibition one by one in three year. 

 I can say ITALAIN  art sense gave me a big canvas  for express  my art work in this world , Italy represent to INDIAN  youth Artist thats me. I am  living  in very simple city  Bikaner , INDIA . I have very limited way  for  my art journey  at present  but Vincenzo Montella was noticed  my art sound and he was created a new way  for  my art Journey by art sense of  Art Society RAMO D ORO .

Today I am very thankful  for Artist  Vincenzo Montella because he is giving me his true love thats example is , he is saying to me YOG .and i am working for him as a world art team member from my nation INDIA .
we are working as a unit of art in this Global art  world and its continue by us.

Over all i can say,  I Find To ITALY  In Mid Of  My Art Journey At This Global Art Time .....
Thank  you Italian Art Master Vincenzo Montalla  and   His Art Society  Ramo D Oro , ITALY .

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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