Thursday, October 06, 2016

Art Vibration - 439

P.D.A.F. it is a short form of Prafulla Dahanukar art Foundation of Mumbai . In year  2015 I were connected  to this  art foundation on online network . There to the P.D.A.F. Director or that’s team were started notice to my art journey . 

In year 2016 the P.D.A.F. was gave me city artist award on my collage art work . They were posted me a ID card and certificate plus price money . The team of prafulla dahanukar art foundation is know how to pull a creative person in mid of light and how to high light to a real creative person . This kind nature I have also in myself , so when P.D.A.F. was gave me award in same time I were shared P.D.A.F. logo /page link on my blog art vibration about promotion of  right art promoter. You can say it was team work about true art environment.  we did work for each other .

But the Director of Prafulla Dahanukar art Foundation is very senior to me and Live In Mumbai . the Director of P.D.A.F. know how to give energy to junior  artist from their P.D.A.F. UNIT. 

They know I have been leaved to participation in painting competition after 2005 , Because I know art for peace of mind not for competition . This is not only my view about art, yesterday we did  lost to our great Indian Painter ( Artist ) Sir Yusuf Arakal , He was said art is not for  competition or etc, Art just connect to human for make to human .( R.I.P for  Late Sir Yusuf Arakal ) …

But senior is senior , They know how to handle to junior . so last month P.D.A.F. team was posted me once again a E mail about KALANANAD award 2017 . for respect of Director of P.D.A.F. I were submitted  my art information and art work No. 2000 for their Kalananad Award 2017 format , I were  posted  my mail to P.D.A.F. There they have been registered  my name in their list . 

Or yesterday P.D.A.F. team was posted me a one more E mail in that mail they were invited  my art work image or some art work detail for update on  P.D.A.F. online art gallery . when Iwere  submitted  my work image or some detail of my art work then they were updated my work on online gallery with sigh of City Artist Award  for myself . 

Are  you noticing here , the P.D.A.F. is noticing to my art journey day by day and they are designing professional canvas for myself . They know where is art and how to that come out , they know how to pull or expose to true creative sound of a struggling artist/ youth artist of INDIA . Prafulla Dahanukar art foundation is committed for promotion of art and artist journey by way of P.D.A.F. or that’s artistic style/ activity . I can’t bound to definition of P.D.A.F. in words . 

P.D.A.F. is catching the web of artists by online webs . it is not a easy job but a mature senior is  doing it very easily . I can say it, because Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation or that’s director is  pulling , catching to my hard , bounded or committed nature of  my professional  art life . 
Recent Art Work Of Myself No. 2035

How Much I will success on my professional  canvas I don’t know  but today P.D.A.F. is success for design a professional canvas about  my art journey from their true art format . I accept it .

So here I said about P.D.A.F ,  The P.D.A.F. is designing professional canvas for myself …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA