Sunday, September 29, 2013

Art Vibration - 220


Egypt  Culturre - Photo by Google image.
Life have some natural rule for live to life .we can’t change that rule of life . in words we are saying to that basic requirement of body . water, food, sleep , air, are basic requirement of human body or animal on earth . life can’t live without it. It is natural fact of life .

On earth cave culture life was felt this and after that Egypt culture was worked on basic requirement of life .they were started Egypt culture new rivers . After Egypt culture in history many king or kingdom were designed some good concept or idea  for basic requirement with development of creative culture . our history and that’s historical structure is perfect example of this talk.

Gang Nahar - photo by Google Image 
A very strong Example is my City Bikaner, it is in  desert,   here no any natural  river and water well , because here water level is very down in earth . Our Great late King Maharaja Ganga Shingh Ji was Designed to our City , for water he was planed a big concept for water requirement or that’s completeness  . so he was designed a canal  concept , State Punjab to Bikaner. He was provided water to city life by his own idea or efforts in form of a new calan  . Today our city life is living by that canal water support. We are saying to that canal GANG NAHAR .

Photo by yogendra kumar purohit from Tripoliya  Bazar  Jaipur 
But here after this short basic requirement talk I want to share  with  you two live observation of myself on this basic requirement matter . I saw two different idea by two different cities of our nation. By luck that  time I were there with my camera so I have shoot that live exercise of collection of basic requirement for  life.

One day I were walking on the road of Jaipur city ,that was my morning walk for my basic requirement of air . I was walking with my camera and shooting some morning  time environment for my art study . there beside a road I saw a very creative idea for collection of water from water stand . That water was collecting  by a food shop keeper  ( kachori wala ) .there condition was very critical but artistic and creative, so I were shoot that. In visual  you can see how to water come out by water pipe and then by a big metal plate or finally in a bucket . it was live creative idea of Jaipur City .

After some time I were in City Haridwar , there I were still with my family for wait  of tourist bus . on bus stop I saw a water stand of  drinking luck that was camera with me , there I saw a boy was collecting water from that water stand .there water collection condition was very critical . I saw that boy was collecting  water by a creative idea .that boy was used a plastic bottle for water collection .

A boy is collecting water in
Haridwar city , photo by
yogendra kumar purohit 
He was fixed a plastic bottle in pipe of water and second side on bucket side . water was coming  in bucket by a critical idea or by a creative idea . here in visual you will see how to basic requirement is giving idea to life for that completeness .

Here in INDIAN Philosophy we are saying in HINDI AAWSYAKTA AAWISHKAR KI JANNI HAI ..A demand is a base of experiment . there in two cities I were observed and noticed  this INDIAN philosophy . with very live and practical presentation by a creative idea . how to in negative condition or without right tool people were collected basic requirement medium water for life. For me that was a live education by a practical performance about life requirement . so I were shoot that and here I am sharing with  you for  your visit and notice. Because life is giving idea …

water is collecting by a boy through a creative idea in Haridwar by yogendra  kumar purohit
Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Art Vibration - 219


My application in  short wordswith sign image of Sir Shashi Kapoor ..
Friends we know Kapoor family is a great art promoter of our nation. Yes I am saying about Prathvi Raj kapoor Family. That family was build to our Indian Cinema or theater art in our nation. Today Indian cinema is celebrating to success of 100 years journey.

After cinema visit , I were saw live place of  late great art master  sir Prathvi raj kapoor Family  home. It was year 2000 I were in Mumbai for try my admission at J.J. School of Art . in that waiting  time , that was 15th days wait about a admission or that’s interview by luck I could not got admission at J.J.schjool of art .but in that time of waiting I were visited Prathvi theater very first. There I were met to a very senior person Mr. Tilak Raj ji . he was visited  my art work and said me do some more work and come back at prithvi.

Sir Shashi Kapoor Actor of  INDIAN Cinema ..
In 2004 , I was in master education at Rajasthan School of art . there one day  I were going to temple of Goving Dev Ji After my collage time . in mid way on Kishanpol Bazar Road, I saw a car was still on road .i saw a face  in that car , that was looking  like sir Shahi kappor , I were thought he is or not ? finally I went near to his car and I asked directly to him , sir Are  you Shashi Kapoor ? he was gave me a natural smile and Said yes I am Shashi . then he asked me who are you ? I said I am yogendra  a art student and I am busy in master education in Rajasthan School of Art .  in next movement  I said sir give me  your sign , he said ok but where ? I were putted a visiting card in front side of him, he was looked that  , and  I side to him ,  you can give me your sign back side of this card . he was looked me and said in HINDI words “ Mai visiting card par sign nahi deta !”  ( I am not giving sign on visiting card) that time I were remembering his film seen of DEEWAR and I sure he was also remembering that true art work of his self  . that was a puzzle condition for me but in next movement I said  to him , you stop here I am coming back now. He said  ok come soon  , there to I were went very fast on a art medium shop and I were buy a pen or sketchbook ,and came back near to car of sir Shashi kapoor , he was there. I were give my new sketchbook in his hand  for his sigh . he was game  me sign with blessing  word. He was putted his hand on my head and said god bless  you  yogendra .

Prithvi Theater of Mumbai . 
In 2007, I were in Mumbai for a art exhibition  of Pradarshak Art gallery in same time I were went to Prithvi for display of  my art exhibition poster . that was displayed on display board on the spot. I saw that live display of my poster live by  eyes at prithvi. That was live and true respect to art from Prithvi.
After poster display I were went in office of Prithvi theater but there I saw prithvi art gallery was off for future exhibition . I were felt pain because time was fixed for me no exhibition of  yogendra at prithvi .

But there I were submitted a letter cum application  with sign image of sir Shashi kapoor . There  I saw On sit of Sir Tilak Raj a other person was sited  , I asked to him about tilak raj ji then he said  to me a sad news about Tilk Raj ji  , he told me he was passed away . I felt another sad feeling .  in that case I said to that person I am going but  you will submit this application  in hand of Sir Shashi kapoor . he said ok I will submit it very soon  to him .

Over all I were at prithvi with blessing of Sir Shashi kapoor or with more work in visuals art so I said here I was at prithvi theater with blessing of Sir Shashi Kapoor..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner INDIA

Friday, September 27, 2013

Art Vibration - 218


Bromide paper , Are  you know  what is this ? I want to tell  you about it . its photo print paper , in art language I can say it is a canvas of camera  result , it is a canvas of Photographer , it is a basic element of photography result . without bromide paper in past photography was not possible it was fact of past photography .

I were touched to bromide paper very first as a photographer in my art collage in B.F.A. education. I were buy bromide paper and then I were taken some print by myself in darkroom of my art collage . there I were printed manual photo printing by academic process of Darkroom . there in red light  I were taken in my hand a bromide paper and putted that in shadow of Negative , I were on to light for some time and then off to projector light .then I were taken that bromide  paper in my hand again or putted  in developer box . I saw in red light step by step a image was coming  on paper by developer . after two minute I got a fine image on that plan bromide paper . that was magic of light and comical in darkroom on bromide paper  .

There I were knew the process of academic photography  printing by art education. But after that photo print study  I were not went in any darkroom of photo print , it is a another true . but I were not leaved photography .i were lived busy in art photography work or in documentation work of my art journey by photography work.  My photography subject was  also running with me step by step , still roll camera to digital camera .

I were faced lots of problem in photo result after my photography when that’s print came in my hand in form of  bromide paper print. But there was not any option so I were lived that .

But when I were started photography by Digital camera  I were leaved printing way for  my art documentation work  . in that time  from my studio every day I were giving printed bromide paper to people .that was my job work of  photography  for income of money .

In 2007 I were went  Mumbai , there I were on Juhu beach , I were moving there alone  in water of sea and there I were shooting to landscape of juhu beach and some seascape by my digital camera .
 In that Movement  I saw many photographers were busy there for side seen photography of  tourist they all were on freelancing job for income  . they were giving photo print on a one click by bromide camera . I saw that camera was not wanted any developer or comical + darkroom , that camera was giving direct print on bromide paper after some sun light effect .

There in walk or near sea I saw a bromide paper , that was moving by  water here and there ,I saw that bromide paper was white and sea dust was on that bromide  paper , that visual was stop to me for shoot to that  , because that visual was very philosophical or critical , sea dust on white bromide  paper  in sea water that was near my feet .

What was I felt I can’t explain to  you in words but that visuals will say to you a complete inner motion of myself . I was sad , in tens, in deep feeling of life, I thought about last  result of life when I saw that critical visuals of bromide paper in sea water. So I said sea dust  on bromide paper…

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Art Vibration - 217


Some time art come from consciousness and some time its come from unconsciousness . yes it is true . because I have saw a live example of this talk in real . I was in Mumbai year 2007 . there my exhibition was at Pradarshak Art Gallery , Khar.Mumbai.  when I were going to art gallery in mid way I were saw a temple . that was a temple of  God HANUMANA . but that’s temple name was very creative and critical . yes that’s name was GHANTESHWAR HANUMAN temple. Ghanteshwar name came from GHANTI ( it is a bell of temple ) .

When I saw first time that temple I were surprised by that temple visuals or that’s live condition. That temple was on a road side that was not a big temple but that’s visuals were very big or meaning full for art vision. For me that temple was a complete art work in a installation form .

 I saw, there lots of bells of metal  was fixed on wall and temple pillar . there religion people were submitted metal bells to temple for wish or that’s completeness . it is a different matter for life and hope by trust on god or wish. People have demand to god  in that demand  feeling they gift to god some sweets ,cloths , prayer mediums and temple bells . it is religion culture of HINDU sanskrity .


I were noticed on that temple people are wishing and there they were gifted  to god a single metal bell . and that temple trusty hang to that gifted bells on temple walls or on pillars . for common man that was a live activity of prayer or wish for better future by blessing of god. But in my view they all well wishers were created a very strong installation art work by unconsciousness on the road in form of temple with creative name GHANTESHWAR HANUMAN temple is very contemporary name of God Hanuman by that well wishers .

In art history I have read our all temple and other prayer place is also a fine installation art work of our society. So that temple was also a installation but with very contemporary art action.
I were shoot to that temple visuals like a art master and here you will visit to that unconsciously creation of prayer persons in visuals .

A religion give this kind of  freedom to people for express to his or her self in front side of god . I saw Mumbai is a metro city a very advance or practical city of our INDIA but there that temple was showing a very different type feeling in that art form or by  that  creative name of temple Ghanteshwar Hanuman.

I were observed there unlimited metal bells was hanged . I were thought how many people were demanded to god HANUMANA and after completeness of wish or before wish they have gifted  this metal bells to this temple of GHANTESHWAR HANUMAN . there was no free space for hang to a new bell but people were hanging bell on bell with lots of feeling or prayer + wish .
There feeling full people were gave a complete installation to Mumbai in Khar area by his or her unconsciousness . as a art master I were observed and felt surprising  visuals in form of  that live installation art .

So I said  that GHANTESHAWAR  HANUMAN temple  was a complete installation..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Art Vibration - 216


A senior Stone Craft man busy in stone crafting work  for Arthuna Temple s
Friends I am sharing a very different or a historical visit of my art journey with  you today by this post  . I was in master education in that time I were received a invitation of a national art camp from Vagad art society . That society member Yatin Upadhyay and Artist Chintan upadhyay was invited me as a artist for participation  . that camp was organized  in village bory city Baswada Rajasthan .  in mid of that art workshop . one day I were visited to Village Arthuna . I were went there with my still camera .

A pillar of Arthuna Temples .
Artist Yatin Upadhyay and Artist Chintan Upadhyay told me , yogendra  you must visit to Arthuna Village .  so I were went there for visit.  In Arthuna village , There I were saw  lots of dooms but that was not natural , that was created by humans.  Artist Yatin Upadhyay was told me about Arthuna and that’s visit matter , he was said  yogendra you can see lots of hidden temple in village Arthuna when  you visit .

 In village Arthuna I saw many damaged temple was there . and I saw a very senior craft man was working there on a stone for conservation of that temples . I saw many crafted and historical  art work in form of temple was really hidden in dooms .

There I were talked to that senior craft man . he was crafting to stone , I asked to him how many years to  you are working here for conservation work of this temple’s  , he was answered me I am working here to last 40 years . and in next question I asked to him, when  you will re conserve to this all hidden temples , then he was reply me in my life I think it will not complete because in 40 years we  have conserved only 4 temple and that’s in not complete today . because its very tuf work . first we are open to doom and then collect to part of temple  and then we are fix to it step by step its taking lots of time . in that movement he was told me about temple of Arthuna and that’s architectural  design . there all temples was  in folding design .so after attack on temples here people were opened to our temples  and hidden in dooms shape . that was a very artistic and interesting art news for me about historical art structure of temple of Arthuna village .

Some More visuals of Arthuna Temple Location.
After talk to that stone craft man I were shoot some pictures of that live historical place . or  that’s artistic structures in  critical condition. When I were in work of Photography  in that movement I were forgot to my art workshop and that’s work presser . I were completely busy in documentation work on Arthuna Village or that’s historical hidden temples . As a photographer I were captured some motion of that temples in form of photo story  . because by that live visit I were collecting and lived  historical story of stone craft . there I were noticed many stone craft work was on ground  here and there . but that area was in under of our GOVT of INDIA or that’s Archaeology of INDIA. So I were felt that crafted art work was safe .

Some More visuals of Arthuna Temple Location.

There I were shoot to temple of Shiva , and some mural sculptures of temple walls , some historical pillar of temple structures . there I saw  black and red stone craft work .i were noticed some small temple was fixed there after conservation work and some were in under construction . I were observed very first time a live conservation work in big form with real historical hidden art work .

A Piller - Symbol  of  Village  Arthuna or that's  history. 
 I were surprised after imagine how to craft man and designer was created that big temple structure   and after attack they had been opened to that temple like a machine parts  and hidden in doom shape for safety .  today once again designer and craft man is busy in re fixing to all part of that  historical temple after search to right part of temple for that right design. Really  that was a great challenge a live challenge  with lots of puzzle condition of re fixing to temples of  Arthuna on that’s right place  . In that movement I were felt I am still in a magical place of hidden art .. so I said Arthuna was hidden to art ….

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art

Bikaner, INDIA

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Art Vibration - 215


An artist member of the Amitabh Bachchan family sends me a surprise drawing of......... Guess who:):)

Update word is giving a sense of activeness . a active person live always update  like a army man . update word is working in all sector of our society . every field want always update for better result for   society. And by that update society get itself update for next step of social path .

Today our world is working on online communication .this communication system need in every movement a strong update then world live update  for progress . it is facet of our contemporary time . today update word is very important  for real success.

Last five years  to I am continue trying to live update for  my visuals art journey . and this blog post and its daily updates is proving to my activeness sound by new updates . it is blessing of god and  my seniors  so thanks to them.

 In art updates I were updated lots of shades of art  in form of painting, Drawing , poetry, writing, photography, portrait , experimental art work , installation , conceptual art visuals and some more creative work visuals. That  all update was in form of virtual image , I were shared  with our world art family  and our world art family was noticed my updated art sound everyday or that’s  liking process is continue  on online updates .

 On online after update to art work our world art family can like and then share with other member of world art family by a online page link . it is a online update process . by this process many new artist and art lover can connect to updater or artist by online communication. It is a true promotion of art by online updates system .

Last week I were created a portrait sketch of a online Artist friend . she is a lady , she is  belong to INDIA and in present she is living in London . as a artist friend  I am visiting her many art activity by her live update on online network . I felt happy after know to cultural sound of My nation in other country from my nation person   . someone creating sound of INDIA in other countries by INDIAN art activity . I were knew to her by our E Family of Dr. Amitabh Bachchan sir . I saw her face look was inspired to me for a portrait drawing so I were created a simple portrait sketch of her good face look. By pencil on simple paper . After creation of that portrait work I were updated on online for visit of our world art family .

Kind  your information that portrait update was gave me lots of viewers after update to that. Because artist friend Reshmi Philip is a very popular art promoter in London . she is a very active art promoter and today many great cine artist is connect  to her or her art activity of  London . so on a one art work update I were got 200 something likes from  viewers and some special comments on my art exercise from  support of artist  friend Reshmi Philip .

 I know after update that portrait work , I were not live free on online because in every second I were receiving comment and like  message on online facebook  network. I were noticed  artist friend Reshmi Philip was promoted  my art exercise so she was updated  that portrait on her wall page with original picture of her and she was asked to all  artist friends  of her about that art work. She was wrote this word ( okay, for those  who asked , the before and after , what do you feel about yogendra  kumar puorhit , portrait sketch ? )

My  art update was gave some busy condition to many art lover or viewers in a one day and many art promoter and art observer were liked and shared that art work to his /her friends or families like a online family member or like a world art family member.

Over all a art update were gave lots of update exercise to others . my activeness was done active to some more artists or art lovers of our world art family . you can say that update was a complete work for true art communication  in our contemporary time .  so I said art update is work …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Monday, September 23, 2013

Art Vibration - 214


Article with Statement of Artist
Surendra pal Joshi by NBT news paper 
Today we are living in our contemporary time . how to we have done this long time journey in form of human body on this earth . can  you tell me ? I know  you can’t because  you don’t know about first master creation of nature  and we can’t copy to nature because that was creation of master , we are saying to that , superstation, God, nature power or etc. but nature have gave a key of re creation , we are saying  to that copy . copy word was came from our Nature . a tree give us tree corn for next tree , a animal can create animal and a human can create human by nature rule but that is a also copy in our nature so copy is base on earth journey .

It is a fact of natural in philosophical view by me with sound of copy  word. I am saying this because last week I were read a article of artist Sir Surendra Pal Joshi . he was my art teacher in Rajasthan School of Art , Today he is a international artist and on online he is my artist friend . when i were read his article as a artist or as a critic then I were felt some critical view by that article title . that was in hindi .

In English – art is not only copy . so I were started  this post with natural philosophical point of our nature . word copy it is a base of our knowledge . a kid learn to others after copy to them ,. We learn language after copy to others we work as a perfect worker  after follow and copy to our guide or GURU.

Word copy have sound of knowledge for copy worker , by copy work learner can get some knowledge for future success. In art history our great art masters have done lots of copy in his or her art life. Great art master Leonardo da vinci was copy to dead bodies  and today his copy work is guiding to science and that’s physical doctors . that was only copy work from  great art master Leonardo da vinci. Today art student is reading his art life in art theory .

A copy  Drawing of Human Head from Great Art Master Leonardo Da vinci  

After Leonardo da vinci great art master Pablo Picasso was copy to human figures  and then great art master sezan then he was gave us cubism art , without copy to sezan great art master Picasso could not  gave to world art for read to cubism style in painting art.

We know after nature creation on our earth pre historical  cultural    peoples were created very first visual art creation on wall of caves . after that all painter is coping to them for painting , so this talk is prove to copy and that’s importance in creation of art.

In second think a canvas always give  you freedom for self expression . canvas not ask  to creator about his or her expression. A canvas not draw any boundary for creator . canvas definition is freedom there no space for fresh or copy word . a canvas need complete expressions  or full dedication of a creator. Because creation  time is giving completeness to a creator . there no matter for copy or own creation there matter is self satisfaction of a creator .

Self satisfaction is a very different point . its have different type level in different type people . someone getting self satisfaction by vision and someone by physical . in art someone get self satisfaction by own though transformation but kind  your information our own thought is a master concept but that is live in virtual form , when we transfer to that concept on canvas in that process we are doing copy to our own concept it is also natural fact about copy work. Art critic Plato and Arstu also said on this thought  of copy concept  in very early in world  art history .

And someone getting self satisfaction by copy to natural element of this earth . they are trying to transfer to natural look on canvas in 2D form by observation or that’s transformation skills through color and brush .  In my master education I were created a wall painting with very critical concept on advertising . in that concept I were painted two cold drink bottle on wall in big size with natural look . you can say that was copy work by me for my art concept . I were gave very realistic look to that two bottle of cold drink . one day I saw a bird was trying to sit on mouth of that painted bottle but bird could not sit on that bottle , that was not a bottle that was a painting of bottle . but that live movement was gave me full self satisfaction because by observation and that’s transformation I were created confusion for natural bird , by art exercise I were played to bird eye view and I were created some confusion for bird vision . That was a live  self satisfaction for me when a bird was trying many time for sit on that painted bottle . that was copy work by me for a critical concept  . I were used copy work style in my own thoughtful conceptual work over all my copy work was impressed to birds after humans . ha ha..

A bird was trying to sit on my painted bottle of DEW in my master education time at  Rajasthan School of Art, Jaipur

I know , all side to a creator is doing copy on free space for self satisfaction  so I said it after  read to   statement of Artist  Surendra Pal Joshi ,he said  art is not only copy I wrote it is only copy...

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Art Vibration - 213

[k  to d 
d it is a text of Hindi language . I were noticed a art and culture society was fixed this title with text d ! I were gave a comment in visitor book of this d art and culture society . after visit and participate in art activity of d society . I were wrote very simple comment in Hindi . my word was d dks esjk [k !

Before that comment I were visited to activity of art and culture society of d .This society is a promoter of  youth artist of our nation . they have no boundary for any art activity.  this society is publishing a art and cultural magazine with same title d .

We know in INDIA Sir Ravindra nath Thakur was a great promoter of our nation . in his life he was created many social work with cultural sound for our nation or that’s art promotion . Shantiniketan is a live example of his art promotion work.

I have read to Sir Ravindra Nath Thankur but I were not saw  to him live . but when I were saw to Editor of d magazine or director of d art and culture society Mr. Vijay Shankar . I were felt some sound of Sir Ravindra nath Thakur in his live activity for art promotion.

 It was year 2008, I were busy in art work at JKK , Jaipur . he was came there with his team . in JKK. He was exhibited a art exhibition of  youth artist of our INDIA . he was invited  to youth Artists  of Maharastra , Uttarpradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan and some other states . that was a very fresh art work exhibition . in that movement he was met to me in Studio of JKK and he was observed to my working condition like a senior . he was noticed  my live art  condition and said to me you are living like KABIRA ( Poet of INDIA) .he was offered me for join to his  d  society as a artist .i were said to him we are talking ,its mean we are in a one society we have join to each other it is very must  for art and culture . I think its very must we meet and talk for art time to time. He was liked  my reply about joining of his d  society .

There his d society were lived one week busy at JKK in art exhibition or after that art communication by art talk and desk meeting .that was a literature part of d.

As a observer or listener I were attended all meeting and art talk of  d  society as a artist . mr. Vijay Kumar was invited in art and literature talk to Dr. Nand bhardwaj ( writer of Hindi Literature ) Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay ( Contemporary Painter ) Dr. Dilip Singh Chohan ( senior painter ) Dr. Virbala Bhawsar ( painter and folk art master ) and some more faculty of art and literature .

I were listened to all as a art student and in same time I were captured that live promotional art activity of d by my camera .  

 Over all in seven days of that art activity was gave me many art sound and view for know to right art view . there I were observed  art is a chain and d  society is caring and reviewing to that chain by art promotional work in banner of d.

Because there I saw literature , poetry , painting, sculpture , folk art and talk on theater of on music by a one organizer . I were noticed  a true person Mr. Vijay Shankar was knowing to right definition of art and he was recreating and trying to connect with society by art activity . he said I want to start communication or talk on art by activity of art and culture . I saw he was not thinking for loss and profit but he was busy in his right aim of art communication with society by art activity through his d society .

In seven days he was organized five art talk in gallery or in meeting hall of JKK. In gallery he was communicated with senior artists by open talk of art. And in meeting hall he was organized seminar on art and literature . there in seven days I were observed a very simple man was  working for true art of INDIA like Sir Ravindra nath Thakur with a simple text of HINDI d  for Identity  .i were observed he was presented all complicated condition of art communication by a simple Hindi text  d .it was great for me so I were wrote a simple comment on his visitor book in HINDI after my lots of struggle and complicated art condition . I were wrote d dks esjk [k  . (ka ko mera kha ) so here I said [k to d

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA