Sunday, September 15, 2013

Art Vibration - 208


Last month World monuments fund society was organized a photography contest . in that contest they were invited monuments building structures visuals and some more critical monuments visuals of our world . In last post on this  blog I have shared about participation in photo contest of WMF  story through  my visuals . I were posted  my two historical building structures visuals and WMF was selected that for photo contest . that contest judgment was voting based judgment so photo contest was a open contest .

yesterday WMF was posted me a mail with a right information of final result of WMF photo contest . they were informed me , we have selected five winner of this contest . by luck my work was not selected in list of final winner .  because I were not exercise about vote demand for my true art work . but I am happy by this contest I have done my contribution as a member of WMF Society . by this contest WMF was shared 100 critical and historical world monuments parts with our world art family. It is a victory of WMF or that’s participants . I can say by this contest we have shared historical sound with world in form of contest of photos . Important part of this contest was viewers because contest  concept was on voting so viewers role was important in this photo contest . it was a live communication about tens matter of world monuments .so its cordite goes to WMF Society and that’s team and .5 % to my participation .ha

here I am sharing that final result mail letter copy for  your reading .

Dear yogendra, 
Thanks to all who participated, World Monuments Fund's first photo contest was a hit! 
We received hundreds of photo submissions and thousands of votes for theEveryday Preservationist Photo Contest this summer, and we are delighted to share the results. 

The vision, talent, and enthusiasm of everyone who participated were extraordinary, so take a moment to celebrate the top submissions. 
Special congratulations to the winners, who participated from far and wide. Selected by Mark Robbins, executive director of the International Center for Photography, the winning entries came to us from Manuela Core in Vietnam, Adonai Rocha in Brazil, Lidija Stankovikj in India, Qais Tweissi in Jordan, and Christy MacLear in the United States. Check out their prize-winning photos on Flickr. 

We also congratulate ten additional finalists, chosen by public voting, and invite you to admire their varied and wonderful images on Flickr. 
Congratulations again to the winners and finalists, and our thanks to all who participated. Your visions inspire us! 

Ashley Tierney
Senior Manager, Development 
P.S. Be sure to check out the winning and finalist photos that were submitted to WMF's Everyday Preservationist Photo Contest, and share your favorites from there via Twitter or Facebook! )

In this letter WMF team  have shared some link of final winner works, or some more page link of participants works . so by this  link you can  visit final result of WMF photo contest .  

In this contest my two photo was selected  one was from RAMPURIYA HAVELI street ,Bikaner .  I were edited a picture for past look by digital editing work . and second was Badal Mahal of Junaghar Fort, Bikaner  . that was wall painting  presentation with environment creation of rain environment about cool feeling . so this result is giving me some cool feeling in summer environment ..thanks to my world art voters. Ha ha ..( I am just kidding ) .

Here once again I am sharing my photo images for  your visit it was selected by WMF photo contest.
As a member of WMF  I were connected to a young photographer of my nation Mr. vaibhav Singh Gaharwar,( )  he was very happy after participation in photo contest of WMF. Because he was first time participated in a international photo contest for voting judgment . over all I were represented to historical sound of our INDIAN heritage by this photo contest of WMF so many many thanks to Director of World Monuments and that’s Team .
I sure WMF will create some more educational project about world monuments of our world then our world will get more activeness for care  to our historical symbol or identity  in form of world monuments. Its my final hope to world monuments fund after know to final result of WMF..

 Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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