Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Art Vibration - 433

¬ vgZe~

 Om Arham , This word have unlimited meaning’s  in itself . The Jain Community is following to  this  kind word in their own life . Om Arham  word is not only a word it is a complete philosophy of Jain community . They are use it  in their life for clapping , thanks, respect, victory, success, beginning, Blessing, welcome and much more respective activity of Jain Community .

Title Song launching  for Campaign Hariyalo Rajasthan From ATSP ,Bikaner 2016
I was faced this kind word last month when I were join to one week festival on 20th  Death Anniversary of Acharya  Tulsi  at Acharya Tulsi Shanti Pratishthan Naitikta ka shakti Pith  Bikaner.
Before a couple of week I was invited by chair Person of Sharah Nathaniyan Gochar Bhumi Sangrakshan aevm vikas Samiti Bikaner, Sir Braj Narayan Kiradu . he was gave me duty of handle to campaign of Hariyalo Rajasthan from Sharah nathaniyan Gochar Bhumi as a master of Art. 

I was accepted that creative duty and worked on that , first I were wrote some captions   for that campaign and updated on online network about promotion or inspire to people of Bikaner /INDIA too. Actually online update is a live information to all about a big natural campaign for care to nature by plantation of 11000 tree plants. It will plantation on date 22/23/24 July 2016 . 

Logo Design I created for S.N.G.B.S.V.S..Bikaner
For a real Identity of Sharah nathaniyan Gochar Bhumi , I were created a logo Design very first and share that  with all of  you by online network . For Hariyalo Rajasthan  campaign title song,  I was  wrote a song ( information of Campaign  in poetic language ) . Then I were selected a music composer , He is  my school friend master Upendra Narayan Vyas .Master Upmedra was created two musical track for  my lyrics and then he was invited a lady singer for sing to that song on his  music track. Singer Ms. Chandni Acharya was sang very finely to song on both musical track . The recording studio was recorded that . In that case master Upendra Narayan Vyas and Singer Ms. Chandni Acharya  was not taken any charge for their musical job ,just like  me .  It was real work of them for our Bikaner nature care Campaign. So I want  to say OM ARHAM for both of them .  

Singer Ms. Chandni Acharya  and Music Composer Master Upendra Narayan Vyas
That Title song was passed by Brajnaryan Kiradu or Journalist of Rajasthan Patrika ( Handler of Hariyalo Rajasthan Campaign )  then we did recorded that for campaign title song . But there payment matter was created trouble for Recording men . I was not pressurized to recording men . But payment was not in  my hand .it was critical and funny too . ha ha 

In that critical condition I thought about help from Acharya Tulsi Shanti Pratishthan Naitikta ka shakti Pith . I did called to Secretary of ATSP  sir Lunkaran Chhajer, He  was noticed to  my condition and then he said to me ok for payment to recording men from ATSP. 

Over all the title song was came in our hand for campaign promotion . So I thought this song can launch from ATSP in presence of All team member of ATSP . Once again I called to Sir Lunkaran Chhajer for launch to title song of Campaign Hariyalo Rajasthan from ATSP . He was said to me ,  yes it will possible . So me and  my friend Upendra Narayan Vyas went to ATSP  on Sunday Moring at 10 am . There At SAMADHI STHAL of Acharya Tulsi we did  launched to  title song of campaign Hariyalo Rajasthan In presence of MUNI SHREE VINIT KUMAR JI, sir Lunkaran Chhajer, Sir Jatan Dugar , Chair person T. C. Tater and a special guest of ATSP ( trusty ) . In visual  you can see where and how we were  launched to that title song with MANGAL PATH at Samadhi sthal of Acharya Tusli .

Dr. Amitabh Bachchan Was liked to this title Song On His blog , i shared with him the Lyrics of this title Song .

Here by this post  you can hear to that title song of Campaign Hariyalo Rajasthan through two link of youtube .com .Because after launch to that title song I have updated that on  for air communication about big campaign Hariyalo Rajasthan of  Bikaner.   

On launching  Time , There we invited to other member’s  of this campaign but they could not presented so that was painful for me . Because I were started that campaign work on their talk or discuss but they were not there . I was honest, this thing was clear in front side of ATSP or Soul of ACHARYA TUSLI at ATSP , Bikaner. 

There when we were  busy in activity of launching  to title song , I were noticing  how the Team of ATSP , they are  committed for concept of Acharya Tulsi . They are living to concept of Tulsi so they were welcome to us and supported to us very much like a family member . There I were  noticed their  kind nature can care to real nature of earth for better life of human family on this earth  , They have complete blessing of Acharya Tulsi so they are ready for  help and support to everyone in any condition or for anyhow  .. this kind of nature and thing is inspiring to me about say to great word for them  .. Om Arham ..

So here  I said very first Om Arham  

Yogendra  kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 


Friday, July 01, 2016

Art Vibration - 432

One More Nobel Step of City

it is a logo image of Sharah nathaniyan Gochar Bhumi , Bikaner
Friend when  human know to right duty then nature is bless naturally on human . it is universal truth . I am observing it in this days on my city Bikaner . Here Two committed societies of Bikaner are  working continue for care to nature or develop to nature of Bikaner , I can say they are  want to give fresh environment to my City Bikaner, from their hard work.  By good Luck I am connect to that both committed societis of Bikaner . so I am also part of that two societies . 

They know what I am and I know what they need to me for their natural  project about  care to nature and wild life too.  As a master of Visual art I am supporting  to their campaign from  my art design . so I can say I am completing  my duty as a person of Bikaner for development of environment of my city . it is very must for me or  my Bikaner . 

Few month ago The Shrah Nathaniyan Gochar Bhumi Sanrakshan Aenv Vikas Samiti and Amrtam Jalam campaign team of News paper Rajasthan Patrika were  created a water pool for save to rain water about use of wild life in GOCHAR Bhumi Bikaner. Yesterday  in that pool we saw rain water is stor in 30 miters area . so I can say that project is successful . Because Rain water is save there for wild life . It was Nobel level work of city Bikaner . So I want to say congratulation to all team members of campaign plus committed societies and my Bikaneri peoples.They all were done that mega project for care to nature or wild life of Bikaner. 

Rain water is save now at water pool of  Sharah nathaniyan Gochar Bhumi , Bikaner .it is create in 2016- photo by Suraj Prakash Rao ,
This month  on date 22/23or 24 July 2016 , The Shrah Nathaniyan Gochar Bhumi Sanrakshan Aenv Vikas Samiti and Hariyalo Rajasthan  campaign team of  News paper Rajasthan Patrika Bikaner will start a new Nobel work about care to nature . They both are inviting to Bikaneri people for planting of 11000 plants of trees. It is a very big step of both committed societies of Bikaner . They are very active and aver for nature care format . They want to give a fresh environment to Bikaneri people by real nature . This project will live education for all and it will teach to all , how to care and create to nature from our hand  by support of natural elements like air , water, clay and good plant of tree . This project will teach to all about duty of human in our nature for better future . so I am compare it to work of Nobel level . 

We know a tree is giving to us shadow , fruits , oxygen and rain condition in our nature. So it is very must we create free space for green planting on our earth . it can give to us life and fresh future for long time on our earth . 

As a part of this Nobel  step work .I am giving  my 100% as a visual art master . here I have started a campaign on online , there I am sharing  every day a caption about education or promotion for care to nature . in caption I am writing inspiring word for planting to plant of tree . I am writing in Hindi and every day I am sharing on  online with a logo image of society The Shrah Nathaniyan Gochar Bhumi Sanrakshan Aenv Vikas Samiti , Bikaner. ( the Logo Design is creation of Mine ) 

In this campaign I have wrote a title song that is also in Hindi , in that song I am inviting to Bikaneri peoples for make success to this Nobel step of Bikaner. My School  friend Upendra Vyas Music master is working on that song and singer Harpreet singh Delhi also busy in composing to this campaign song , sure in next two or three days I will get to that song for campaign  use . Some more ideas are  running  in  my mind so I will express to that in next few days when we will  start to campaign, properly in the field . 
 The caption  and campaign song  copy for your reading and  notice ..


अगर पर्यावरण बचाना है , 
तो पेड़ हमें आज लगाना है ! 
जब जब लगेंगे पेड़ धरा पर , प्रकृति हरी होगी तब यहाँ पर ! 
जिसने जब जब पेड़ लगाया , फल छाँव जीवन भर पाया ! 
पानी अगर पाना है , 
तो पेड़ हमें लगाना ! 
पेड़ों से हमें क्या क्या नहीं मिलता ? फल, छांव और लकड़ी , अगर ना लगाया पेड़ तो कहाँ से ये सब पाओगे ? बिन पेड़ बिन फल और छाँव धुप से जल मर जाओगे ! अब तो सोचो भाई मेरे क्या तुम पेड़ आज लगाओगे ? 
एक पेड़ सो सुखों की जड़ है एक पेड़ प्रकृति की जड़ है पेड़ नहीं तो जड़ भी नहीं है जड़ नहीं तो सब उजाड़ है ! 
हर व्यक्ति का ये धर्म हो ! 
पेड़ लगाना उसका कर्म हो ! 
प्रकृति प्रेम का प्रमाण दो ! पेड़ लगाने में आप श्रमदान दो ! 
जिसने पेड़ लगाया है ! 
प्रकृति ने उसे खिलाया है ! 
पौधा पेड़ बनजाएगा , 
जब मन से सींचा जाएगा ! 
एक पेड़ जीवन है देता कितने जिव जंतु को !
 क्या हम जीवन नहीं दे सकते एक भी पेड़ को ? 
आओ हम सब पेड़ लगाए , धरती पर जीवन को बचाये ! 
बून्द बून्द से घड़ा भरता है ! 
पेड़ पेड़ से जंगल बनता है !! 
आओ फिर से पेड़ लगाए ! धरती पर हरे जंगल बनाएँ !! 
हजारों परिंदो का आशियाँ बनाओ ! 
अरे भाई एक पेड़ तुम भी लगाओ !!
पर्यावरण दूषित कार्बन मुक्त कब होगा ?
जब हर व्यक्ति पेड़ लगाने को प्रतिबद्ध होगा !
 ताज़ी हवा तभी मिलेगी , जब चारो और हरियाली होगी !
 क्या तुमने पेड़ लगाया है ? धरती का ऋण चुकाया है ?
पग पग पर जब पेड़ होगा ! तभी जीवन खुशहाल होगा !!
 पेड़ लगाकर हम प्रकृति को बचाएंगे ! 
ये प्रकृति बची तो हम भी बच पायेंगे ! 
आओ साथियों हम सब मिलकर पेड़ लगाएं ! 
आने वाले कल के जीवन को स्वस्थ बनाएं !! 
आओ सब मिलकर प्रण ये करे हम ! 
 पेड़ लगाने का संस्कार ग्रहण करे हम !!
 जहाँ पेड़ लगाने का संस्कार हो , 
वहाँ प्रदुषण की न हा हा कार हो ! 
आओ हम सब आज ये एक संकल्प लें ! 
नथनिया गोचर को हरियाली से भर दें ! 
जिस जिस ने पेड़ लगाया है ! 
प्रकृति प्रेम उसी ने पाया है !! 
कल अगर फल खाना है ! तो पेड़ आज लगाना है !! 
मानव जीवन का रक्षक कौन ! 
हरा भरा वृक्ष जो रहता मौन !!
 इन मंदिर मस्जिद गरुद्वारे गिर्जा से क्या तुम पाओगे ! एक वृक्ष लगाया जो तुमने तो स्वांस,छांव फल और लकड़ी जीवन भर पाओगे !!
Title Song of campaign .. 
आओ आओ हम सब पेड़ लगाएं ,
एक नहीं -दो नहीं  हजारों पेड़ लगायें !
सरेह नथाणीयां   गोचर को हरा भरा  बनाए !
हरियालो राजस्थान कम्पिन को सफल बनाये !
आओ आओ हम सब पेड़ लगाएं ,
एक नहीं -दो नहीं  हजारों पेड़ लगायें !
वन विभाग के लक्ष्य को पूरा  कर दिखलायें !
पेड़ लगाकर हम पर्यावरण
को स्वच्छ बनायें !
आओ आओ हम सब पेड़ लगाएं ,
एक नहीं -दो नहीं  हजारों पेड़ लगायें !
२२,२३,२४ जुलाई को न भूलाये
गोचर में आकर हम सब
हजारों पेड़ लगाएं !
आओ आओ हम सब पेड़ लगाएं ,
एक नहीं -दो नहीं  हजारों पेड़ लगायें !   )
Sir Brijnaryan Kiradu Chair Person of  S.N.G.B.S.V.S.Bikaner
I am taking interest in this project without any income or interest of Money. Because I think I am living on land of Bikaner so it is  my duty I care it, I create it fresh with fresh natural green environment .  so The  date 22/23/24 July 2016 is a good chance for me or for our all Bikaneri people.  They can prove we love to tree and nature by work of planting of tree plant  at place The Shrah Nathaniyan Gochar Bhumi Bikaner. 

The Shrah Nathaniyan Gochar Bhumi Sanrakshan Aenv Vikas Samiti Bikaner  and Campaign Hariyalo Rajasthan of News paper  Rajasthan patrika have design this good chance for all.  So we can contribute our time energy and interest in this real big nature care step of Bikaner .

Here now  I am seeing to it , it is a one more Nobel step of my city Bikaner …


Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA