Friday, June 26, 2020

Art Vibration - 565

A Art Project of HDFC BANK

Bank is a  community of money management or business . Bank work on format  of give and take . bank have policy of investment ( investment of Money ) . at present world market  condition is very down . all kind of businesses speed are  very slow or I think they are stop in lock down condition of our world . Covid -19 is effecting to business of BANKS our world bank is accepted  it very early or they announced about it in very advance.  because this covid -19 is   taking time  for normal life or life business  too. 

So in this critical time  HDFC bank created a creative or I can say a very smart idea for future business of HDFC BANK After Covid -19 . Bank HDFC designed a art project or by that art project HDFC bank touched to Art Community or art family . 

HDFC BANK  was designed a art project with concept, painting competition . but that competition was voting based on online in lock down condition . it was smartness of HDFC BANK .they were followed to their give and take  business format and applied on art family .in this art project of HDFC BANK the bank were not charged on any entry or on voters.  so I can say ,they all participants and voters were lucky . 

For that Art Project of HDFC BANK , bank announced first award of 50,000 Rupees ( but in voucher not in cash format , it was smartness of HDFC BANK ) I think it was first time in art competition on online , for artist it was a joke in real lock down condition . the condition of  voucher was . the winner can get travel trip and some more in this covid 19 .. ha ha nice joke with art family by HDFC BANK or that’s Art Project .

Second condition of HDFC BANK  was  too funny , a artist could participation  by registration on web page of  Art Project of HDFC BANK . after registration  Artist shared his  art page link with his /her contact persons , then contact persons were  registered his / her contact number for vote to artist friend but that vote could not submitted  to direct , that vote verification needed otp . so it was a complicated task for voters or by vote,  contact persons gave their own contact number to HDFC BANK for collection of  Contacts data of  BNAK . it was smartness of Art project of HDFC BANK . voter were thought they voted to his / her artist friend but in reality they provided contact data to HDFC BANK . 

Now HDFC Bank has started to use to collected  DATA for Publicity of HDFC BANK , the Digital Team of HDFC bank is sending mail and messages to all of that art project participants and voters too. So what we say to it , its art promotional  project by HDFC BANK or a smart game through the art project activity in this very critical time of artists life ?

We artists are living on trust or in this covid -19 a bank the idle of money business format can’t support to artist  directly or they play with emotions of Artists . it is not a positive step of a reputed  HDFC BANK .   what I say after it ?  

 My many friends are complaint to me about HDFC BANK.  because they are receiving messages from HDFC BANK after vote to me , I also receiving mail and messages on my mail and mobile number too. Why this is from HDFC BANK ? it is not a part of art project of HDFC BANK . 

By art project HDFC BANK provided me a certificate , it was for all participants . award goes to high rank voting Artists . it mean they artists were provided lots of contacts for HDFC BANK . 

Really it was a great Art Project of HDFC BANK . they did direct joke on simple artist family . or we art family have faced it because we are in real critical condition. Our business is only art , art and art . I am feeling pain in my heart so I expressing this real truth of a art project of HDFC BANK .

 Or here I said about it A art Project of HDFC BANK ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Art Vibration - 564

We Stand  Against  Covid -19

Image of Invitation from Association 7 Ess Tunisa 2020 .
Friend we world family is facing to covid -19 . The  time is very critical for our world by mistake of some care less people’s . Today the condition is out of control and the fear of death is everywhere on our earth . because this covid -19  virus has  been mixed up in our earth environment .

The world is in lockdown or its doing moral down of each one person of our world family . but we are not sit or still. we are trying to come out to this critical task of life and death by support of medical and social distance . Medicine of this covid -19 is taking time for recovery  but social distance is braking chain of this covid-19 very fast . so it is very must we stay at home and care to our own family to this covid -19 , we create social distance  too. 

Indian Classical  Singer  Shobha  Mudgal posted  congratulations on my instagram page 
We should come out very soon to this covid -19 condition or it is our own duty we fight to this complicated life and death task .

Kind  your information we artists are also busy for support to society by our art practice , we know medical is working on covid-19 , our art is also work on heart and vision of patients of covid -19, when we create some positive art form for a positive patient  of covid -19 . 

Our art work distract to mind of patients when covid-19 attack on a person of our world family . we are also working like a campaign against covid-19 or it will continue till end of covid -19 . This post can example for  you . I am in my studio here I have only one fan in room , my city temperature is near 45 degree very hot and I am writing this post for our art and world family . because they all are fighting to covid -19 in their own city and national . 

Nation Tunisia or that’s ministry of art and culture plus association 7 ess team started a fight through the art to covid-19 . They invited to artists from our world family or organized virtual art exhibition on online for educate to people about covid -19 / for inspiration of fight against covid -19 . it is not a small talk . when world family is packed  in home in that time Nation Tunisia or that’s association of art designed a very creative or healthy concept for our world family. that is virtual art activity or by art activity they started again live connectivity with our world family . it is surprising or great  too. 

Art work of myself  in virtual  exhibition of 7 Ess of Tunisia 2020
By luck the president of Association 7 Ess  Tunisia  ,  Art Master Lamia Ben sent  me a mail along with invitation  for second virtual international art exhibition against covid -19 ,  so I shared  my some art works with  her . the team of Association 7 Ess wanted  to add me in this virtual art activity for joint to our world family . or here I am working as a family member for them,  in 45 degree temperature . because it is must for their true work recognize . they are doing very important work in our world family . 

By this art exhibition I am looking we artists of our world family are standing against this very critical covid -19 . or it will change to vision of our world family for next steps of our world family in future . 

We are not working for money because at this time money is no matter,  the matter is how to world family live for future and how to we come out to this critical condition ? . the Nation Tunisia or that’s ministry of art and culture plus  association 7 Ess team are start  this real art exercise for re-joint to our world family . they are giving a way to life , we can live with art in our world . it is a big think. so I am giving big thanks to them and a army salute from my deep heart. 

Artists name list of 7 Ess Tunisia , then wrote my name in English font .

In myself I am feeling I am doing fight to covid -19 as a soldier with Artists team of Association 7 Ess Tunisia or the ministry of art and culture of Tunisia also notice to my contribution in this real fight against Covid -19 . 
The world family is in live challenge . we artists are too.

So here I said about this we stand against  covid-19 …

 Note ;- This is a link of international virtual art Exhibition of 7 Ess Tunisia 2020 


 by this link  you can  visit  to full art exhibition on facebook network .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Arts
Bikaner, INDIA 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Art Vibration - 563

Covid-19 Mayhem saga 2020,

A Visual Artists Perspective,

#50 Artists works ..

Friends its our critical time , we are in puzzle condition or confuse also at home , we are living at present like a blind person , we can feel by touch but we can’t visualize  to covid -19 . we know by touch we will get direct death so we are in safe mode that is our home . from home to we are trying to live busy in mind.  so we are doing many exercises at home  like online  communication ,chat,and some more activity in our self bounded condition that is lock down ,
Last 80 days to we ( Indian )  are in home . or I know our world also living in home at present because out side is covid -19 .a live death for all of us .

But in our human culture we have created some creative forms for live busy in critical time of human life . we are calling to that art and literature . Art is very active format because its create more busy to mind when we create art by our hands ( crafting ) .
Some artist friends are know it very well . so they are giving task to other artists friends from his her mind . they create task for artist friends in critical time . I am happy I have some good artist friends in my art journey  . they are touch to me in any condition of my life or at present  they are pushing me for more work more communication . it is good for me in this covid-19 .
Last Month Artist friend ( facebook Friend )  Neerajaiyer Chandra called me and invited  my two art work on subject covid-19 . I said I am working in covid-19 so my work is automatically in subject covid -19 . first I shared some critical art works with her.  but she needed to my original art sound ( art work of Myself ) . 

So I shared  my two works,  when she received my painting images.  she told me I will give  you surprise in next two or three week. 

Yesterday evening I saw a post link on Facebook Page of Artist Friend Neerajaiyer Chandra ( painter cum singer ) . that was a presentation of international artists  works  with title  covid-19 mayhem saga 2020 , a visual artists perspective . I watched that and I visualize my two art works in that presentation . 

Really it was big surprise for me from a artist friend . she gave me a international  art exhibition on online from her extra efforts in this covid -19 . she has not taken any charge , because she want to know to charge to our society and world family too by the way of art in this time of killer virus that’s is covid -19 .

Artist Neerajaiyer Chandra  Mumbai ( INDIA )
Artist Neerajaiyer Chandra is doing her true art duty in our world art family . she know the real role of art and artist . she know how to create art space for positivity in our society . I can say she has  achieved her goal  and she gave lots of to our world in this critical  time by her artistic vision ..

I am very much thankful for her  because she was selected to me in her 50 Artists project  list . I am thankful for her because she has really surprised  to me from her art action that was came in front side of myself  in form of international online art exhibition  2020. 

This post i dedicate to Artist Friend/facebook friend  Neerajaiyer  Chandra,  so I used title of her international art exhibition for this post .

Or I started it to title .Covid-19 mayhem saga 2020, A visual artists perspective …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of fine art
Bikaner  ,INDIA