Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Art Vibration - 563

Covid-19 Mayhem saga 2020,

A Visual Artists Perspective,

#50 Artists works ..

Friends its our critical time , we are in puzzle condition or confuse also at home , we are living at present like a blind person , we can feel by touch but we can’t visualize  to covid -19 . we know by touch we will get direct death so we are in safe mode that is our home . from home to we are trying to live busy in mind.  so we are doing many exercises at home  like online  communication ,chat,and some more activity in our self bounded condition that is lock down ,
Last 80 days to we ( Indian )  are in home . or I know our world also living in home at present because out side is covid -19 .a live death for all of us .

But in our human culture we have created some creative forms for live busy in critical time of human life . we are calling to that art and literature . Art is very active format because its create more busy to mind when we create art by our hands ( crafting ) .
Some artist friends are know it very well . so they are giving task to other artists friends from his her mind . they create task for artist friends in critical time . I am happy I have some good artist friends in my art journey  . they are touch to me in any condition of my life or at present  they are pushing me for more work more communication . it is good for me in this covid-19 .
Last Month Artist friend ( facebook Friend )  Neerajaiyer Chandra called me and invited  my two art work on subject covid-19 . I said I am working in covid-19 so my work is automatically in subject covid -19 . first I shared some critical art works with her.  but she needed to my original art sound ( art work of Myself ) . 

So I shared  my two works,  when she received my painting images.  she told me I will give  you surprise in next two or three week. 

Yesterday evening I saw a post link on Facebook Page of Artist Friend Neerajaiyer Chandra ( painter cum singer ) . that was a presentation of international artists  works  with title  covid-19 mayhem saga 2020 , a visual artists perspective . I watched that and I visualize my two art works in that presentation . 

Really it was big surprise for me from a artist friend . she gave me a international  art exhibition on online from her extra efforts in this covid -19 . she has not taken any charge , because she want to know to charge to our society and world family too by the way of art in this time of killer virus that’s is covid -19 .

Artist Neerajaiyer Chandra  Mumbai ( INDIA )
Artist Neerajaiyer Chandra is doing her true art duty in our world art family . she know the real role of art and artist . she know how to create art space for positivity in our society . I can say she has  achieved her goal  and she gave lots of to our world in this critical  time by her artistic vision ..

I am very much thankful for her  because she was selected to me in her 50 Artists project  list . I am thankful for her because she has really surprised  to me from her art action that was came in front side of myself  in form of international online art exhibition  2020. 

This post i dedicate to Artist Friend/facebook friend  Neerajaiyer  Chandra,  so I used title of her international art exhibition for this post .

Or I started it to title .Covid-19 mayhem saga 2020, A visual artists perspective …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of fine art
Bikaner  ,INDIA

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Unknown said...

@Yogendra Kumar Purohit ji Thankyou very much for the lovely write up and sharing..Visual Artist are the "CHANGE MAKER'S..KUDOS to Visual Artists of India and International arena..