Monday, October 23, 2017

Art Vibration 475

Folk Culture Is Revive  To Life

Folk  word have itself full freedom , because it is sound of soul or it is form of soul  sound . its started with first  human  on our earth or it will still till end of human on our earth . Folk is designing to culture , religions , art, business, education,  actually folk is live institute of our life. It have no any school or collage or any  campus but it is teaching to all every second of minute of time in our universe .


When I see /think to folk then I imagine to folk like a camlin color box , folk is a box of like camlin colors  or many color shades are like different form of  folk but in a one box we are calling to that folk ..

 All academic education format get underpass by this folk . without folk nothing is complete because folk is completing  to all incomplete subjects of our life . 

 I am seeing to this folk as a culture . so I am calling to it folk culture . here I am telling about it because this Month  I surprised very much at  my home when our new family member ( the wife of My Younger Brother ) followed to this folk culture in form of art . by education she is Dr. In English Literature  but when I saw her Alpana ( Rangoli – Dry color  painting cum design on ground ) . I noticed a folk artist in herself . she created that Alpana from her memory , that design was saved in her memory because she has followed to this folk culture in past at her father home  on festival time . you know this month we celebrated our Deepawali festival, the festival of Light .

So our BAHURANI has created two fine colorful rangoli  and decorated to our home by small light lamp ( traditional clay light lamp ) we are calling to that DEEPAK . 

She demanded to me some color full DEEPAK according her Alpana , so I managed  some very designed DEEPAK for her folk art and at home I painted that  in colors . Actually I helped to her to home decoration  work about our DEEPAWALI celebration . 

In visuals   you will see how to she created very mature Alpana / Rangoli or  light decoration  by format of folk culture . 
She has  very much confident in her drawing  line or she has very much controled on her Alpana creation . I know dry color or that’s use is very much tuff , it is need more practice and patience . I saw full patience in her when she was creating to her ALPANA at Our home . 

She used to form of folk  style flowers , leafs ,stars, geometrical shapes in her Alpana . in very short  elements of folk art , she has decorated to home by her rangoli / Alpana .  so I was surprised very much . 

Before her Alpana I saw at my home the decoration in folk culture . my Mother and late great grand Mother created Mandna (  folk art  very close to Alpana or Rangoli ) that Mandna was created by white or red clay that’s  space was very limited . only for Pujan place ( prayer place ) . 

that was symbolic decoration or a following format of tradition or folk culture . that was not wrong  but this month a new member was surprised  to us by her folk art . I felt proud on her because she is folk culture follower just like My Late great Grand Mother Msr. Kamala purohit or My great Mother Msr . Rajkumari Purohit . her name is Dr. Anandita Purohit . 

Her fresh folk art performance was revived to our home and our festival celebration mood. It was surprising for us . so I noticed  it about our folk culture its revive to our life . I sure   you agree to me ? am I right ? reply me by  your kind words in form of blog comment . 
So here I said  Folk culture is revive  to our life.. 

Yogendra kumar purohit                                              
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Art Vibration - 474

National Painting Camp In My Home Town Bikaner 2017

Friends you know I am painter , I have masters in painting or after master I am continue busy in painting work as a freelancer at my home town Bikaner, 

Someone are art promoter in art business community. they are art promoter but reality is something critical but it is ,so it is  running on and on and on in our art field . no one can change to it because they have designed this kind of nature or culture in field of art for self benefit .

Many new comer artists and some senior artists are  accepting to this culture for their art journey because they want to move and they want to meet to other artists of our nation on a one place time to time so they are following to this art culture of art businessman /women . 

In month October date 1 to 3 - 2017  a art promoter cum  businessman called to me for join his art cam so I saved some time for him. because it was  my first art workshop plan with him in my home town Bikaner , I joined to him as a helper because he was invited near 50 artists of my nation INDIA . he wanted to create a national camp of painting In Bikaner . so I joined to him or his art camp as a artist or art adviser .

Before art camp I shared some idea’s  with him and he was followed that then in Bikaner  his art camp made some sound by media or by social media . 

In press conference he showed his view about art and artist in front of media or myself . I felt wrong but what I could because I want to care the image of  my Historical City Bikaner . he said I will invite to artists , I provide to them good food and residence plus art medium for painting  but I will not give money or remuneration to any artist of  my camp . it was critical  condition for guest artists. 

 They  soft heart artists were came Bikaner city ,  they created painting from his /her art energy for organizer or in return they could not found any remuneration , they nice artists were created painting only on food . I noticed the organizer was not created a very fine art environment for them or he was not gave the full art respect to them ,  but they silent nature artists were created art work and donated to that art businessman , I also donate to him my one painting . I am saying donation because his thinking process is very poor about art and artist . he said many time I love art and artist but that camp was very opposite to his words , all artists were talking to me and shared with me his /her problems . Actually that businessman had hurt to all artists heart . he said some bad words to me ,so I felt very upset in myself , I was helping to him but he was not in thanks motion , I did not charged on him I gave  my help to him in free of cost but his  nature was not polite for me . so I judge to his nature and his vision , he is making sound of art but in back side of  art sound  he is killing to art nature , sound, art environment . I felt bad because he was  damaging to image of Cultural  city Bikaner . he is making a wrong image of Bikaner mostly in vision of artists of my nation INDIA . by art camp  format he is cheating with artists . it is wrong very wrong or shame full  

I felt very bad when he leaved to two Kolkata Artists on next date of camp . they both were waiting of his train tickets . so I gave company to them , one artist was stayed one night in Bikaner at a Donation place ( Mohta dharmshala ) , that was very critical or disrespect to artist by art cam organizer of Bikaner desert art festival 2017 . 

Kind  your information he was collected money collection from sponsor’s , it mean he has collected a good collection in that collection he could gave remuneration or train tickets charge to each one artists of that national camp but he did not done that . so I think its duty of sponsor’s they all ask to Bikaner desert art festival organizer , where he use their money or donation ?

This kind of art camp will damage the image of Bikaner city , kind  your information in 2003 all India art and craft society New Delhi was organized a national camp , that camp was wrote a history  in national camp of INDIA with name of Bikaner city . they all artists of that camp are remembering to KALA KUMBH national art camp today when he talk to me on phone or online networks . but this art camp gave a very bad experience to all artists of this camp they are telling to me when I am talking to them . they all are very critical and angry on organizer. 

Over all I felt disrespect about art and artists so I sharing it here for  your notice , I hope you will stop to this kind of art camp culture in your city or near  your cultural environment , I commit to myself in future I will not join to his any art activity or camps , because in first time I knew he is not art promoter he is art killer . its  my deep feeling about him . before that camp I was giving full respect to him but after that camp I have not respect for him in my heart , I have removed to him from my mind, heart, mobile, facebook or whatsapp too.
In end of that camp  he was gave me a certificate and trophy for show to respect but actually , I did displayed to all art works , I did created a art gallery by all fine art works of that camp artists in very short time.  so he did done that for show a thanks to me , because that display was made his art promoter image . it was wrong think of him . or I did as a critical artist but in my heart I felt full respect about guest artists of that camp so I did displayed by my best for exhibition display . 

I noticed all artists have done good art work in that three days , they faced critical condition or they knew  organizer will not pay to them their remuneration for this art energy . but they did best to best . it was great art spirit of all artists in that camp. so I am saluting to all artists of that camp I proud on them because they are committed for art in any condition like a army man  . I have also  this kind of nature in myself , so here I am writing this post for them or their art spirit , I sure the sponsor ‘s of that camp will notice to this post for future sponsorship . 

This critical post is come out by me from that  national painting  camp of  my city Bikaner . 

I am not mentioning organizer name,  because name is not important . art and art respect is important , when some one not give respect to art , then art not give to him or her any  name , fame or etc , they live for very short time in field of art,  its real ART  NATURE OR CULTURE .Art  Kick  to them in very short time ..
So this post is dedicated to  critics of art filed , because I want to them , they know about national painting camp of my town Bikaner  2017   

Note :- in visuals you will see and notice to dedication of all artists of that camp , or they found zero in result after fine art  works is critical  too critical . 

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA