Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Art Vibration - 58

                      '' ART CAN FARMING OF NATURE ''

This is  my  natural painting on 825 X 825 Fits Canvas  ( Land Earth  2012 )                            

Friends i have farming  of green color on a big canvas . That is a natural canvas  the Land Earth  , it was  my first big canvas of this art journey and it was  my first natural painting  on natural canvas The Land Earth ,
when i were started   my natural painting that time i were remembered   to  Great  Art Master  Piet  Mondrian , he was created new concept in visual art by his  own art logic , He said i will not paint  to tree leaf  in  shades of green color because i can indicate a tree by one green color and  one squire or triangle shape and he had done that and our  visual art philosophy was accepted his new and logical concept for contemporary art ,today we can visit his many simple logical painting in art history . I have share it because i have read to PIET MONDRIAN very well as a contemporary artist of world art family. ha

My Natural painting is a real dialogue to our contemporary art philosophy . In this natural painting i have done some work of farming  for growth of green natural leafs on 825 X 825 Fits canvas. I did used rain water and some natural corn of  foods . Step by step my natural painting work was getting growth and i were painting  to Earth land by logic of natural art. It was  my one new  logic for a big natural canvas .I did farming of green color  and filled complete green color by natural way of art  on a big canvas. In this natural  painting i have not used nay brush and color but i did followed the rule of natural farming and i did show  my patience  then i can fill the green a natural green color on a big canvas  by natural leafs its a short art dialogue  to  art master PIET MONDRIAN , he was not painted leafs  for tree  on canvas  and i were paint green to natural green leafs without paint of brush..ha It was a  interesting art dialogue for me  and  for world art  design..i hope  you will notice it..ha

This natural Painting is also  a  dialogue to Sweden Art Group  " TELL US " that Art group was organized  a art workshop in Sweden 2009.  There a one artist was painted to a nude  lady and he was putted a logic about his  painting  in that art camp . He said ,She is not lady, she is a Land Earth . He was painted  green and sky blue to that nude lady and that nude lady was moving in mid of that art workshop and there lots of kids and women's and senior's artist and art visitor's was visiting that art workshop.The artist was giving message for green earth by painted lady ..haha.. That was very funny joke with art and creativity and a very ugly joke with women's and a very bad  joke with human culture or with our social  human rights. I were criticism about that art concept and art activity but they were not accepted  mistake of artist that time i were shared some example of The land Earth with green color or with green dress's . to TELL US...!

So my natural painting is a real answer to our Tell Us art group by art logic or art concept .How to a artist can farming  for green land earth and what is a natural art work  for natural land earth . I have done it ,can you do it  for our LAND EARTH....?....TELL ME ..!

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Bikaner, INDIA