Sunday, June 30, 2013

Art Vibration - 135


Director of RAMA hotel , Jaipur  Mr. Babu Lal ji  Modi is in rest mood  and  his committed worker  in red shirt,  he is
listening his work order in   Bikaneri style ,  . for me he is like  Big brother of  My father  , its  true  .

Yes , it  is a real truth  of  my art journey. When  I were went to Jaipur  for  my  master of art education . in that time I were lived in a rental room of  my artist friend or my master class mate . there I were planed  I will not waist my art education time in cooking . I will live busy in art study  with full dedication without any other activity . in that movement  in my vision art education was very must  food was not .you can say to me I was crazy about  my art master. But my friend art master Sohan Singh Jakhar  was very cool in his life because he was busy in art job as a faculty in a institute and master education was a degree collection work  for him.  So after one or two month he said me very clear yogendra I can’t live with  you in this room.  so you search other place  for  your stay . that was very hard word from a very close friend  but I were too much hard for  my art . I said  to him ok I will leave  your room.  In a one or two week .

There I were used  my mind like a army man and I were taken a fast action and I did final,  I will live in hotel  and then I will search a room a rental room near my art collage .

In Jaipur our Bikaneri person Mr. Babul al ji Modi have a own rest house for people . he is giving place  to stay in his rest house . his rest house name is RAMA HOTEL , here in My city His Father Mr. RAM JI MODI was selling  pure cow milk and some sweet of Cow milk  like RABDI , MALAI, MAVA BARFI and etc.  he was very famous person of our city because he was 100 % pure character of my city . today his son’s Hari ram , Prabhu Dayal Makhecha is  maintaining his milk shop and our 50 % city people’s are buying  milk from RAM JI KI DUKAAN . we are also buy his shop milk for our home use. RAM JI family was knowing to  my Late Grandfather  Munim Bulaki Das Ji Purohit  so Mr. Babu Lal ji was gave me space in his RAMA HOTEL in Jaipur .

There I were got a real home  for some time with Bikaneri environment  .i were every day met to some bikaneri people at there some senior and some junior and some school friends so I were not feeling there alone after collage .

I were stay there three month  continue with very limited  life activity  . I were only  reading  my art books in night there I were leaved  to bad at 5 am and that hotel environment was created a good habit in myself  for morning walk in Jaipur . there I could not paint but there I were got lots of matter for painting or for my sketching . when I were creating sketch in RAMA Hotel in that movement many other people were visiting  my art exercise  and I were explaining  there about visual art  , that was  my live  art work  for visual art education . I were sharing   my art vision with people in RAMA HOTEL .

Mr. Babu Lal Ji Modi always noticed  me and  my activity of art and study , like a big member of my family . every day he asked  to me about  my food in Bikaneri language .he was  giving me family environment and he was observing  my craziness about art master education . he was caring  my lockup and cloth but he was always said  to me  you care  your all object we are not responsible for miss laps  of that . he was living very hard when he was following  his hotel rule  in that movement he was getting a right business man character in his self . he was not getting emotional in his business . that was also a big lesson for me about  my art education I were used  that in  my art master study .

There I were invested every day 80 rupees for art education , and in that case I were try to full use of  my time and money as a professional . I were learned  much more from that three month of RAMA HOTEL .
There to I were learn how to design patience , how to live silent , how to get right place in life, how to live alert , how to get activeness and some more it is a big list  of  my learning point from there .

After three Month I were got a rental room near my art collage so I were leaved  to RAMA hotel . when I were leaving to RAMA hotel That time Mr. Babu Lal ji got Some emotional . I saw first time emotional condition of him in that three month , he asked to me why  you are going to here  Purohit  ji Maharaj ?  I were reply to him I will not want to create more tens  for  you at here  so I am leaving this place  and I got a room on rent near  my art collage  so I will save  my art time for more art study . so I am leaving  your service and  your love  too. He was putted his hand on my head and then I were leaved  his family environmental  bikaneri hotel or rest house.  I can’t forget to that struggle time of my art master  education . there friend was went far to me ,  in that movement a Hotel director was cared  my motion of art education in Jaipur City . so I said a hotel was my home in time of my art education.

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Art Vibration - 134


Sculptor Vinod Ji Sudhesh Sharma is Busy in crafting to stone in kalavrat camp
Kalavrat  art society is working  for visual art in Rajasthan , it’s working  on national level . by bad  luck I were not participated in art activity of  this art society . because I were lived  always busy in  my art exercise in Jaipur.

Kalavrat Art Society  was organized  a sculpture workshop in form of art camp  .when that camp was running  in JKK that time I were there for a art exhibition . After exhibition I were visited and captured  to that sculpture camp as a critic . I saw  my senior and junior sculptors  were busy in that camp and they were cutting to black stone by electric cutter . I saw  my Art Collage Teacher Sculptor Vinod  ji was participated  in that sculpture art camp . Sculptor Mahendra Gour and Sudhesh Sharma also participated  in that camp . I were visited  two young sculptors were  came in that camp from Udaipur .

Sculptor Sudhesh Sharma is busy in his sculpture work
Kalavrat Art Society was gave Stone to sculptors in Jkk and they all were busy in crafting to a sculpture at  open space of JKK. Some  young sculptors were crafting stone by hammer and someone by grinder . There talk sound  was not working because there electric cutter and grinder was making lots  of sound or in that sound human talk voice is not get right space  for art communication . I were noticed and faced  it there by that sculpture camp .

In that camp all sculptors were busy in a human figure  sculpture . that was critical point  for me , I thought why they all are creating human  figure in stone because our world time is creating natural stone  to human  in this contemporary  world .in my view they all were  damaging to art medium of that sculpture camp. Ha

There I saw they all sculptors were working on full risk , they were crafting to hard stone without goggle on eyes . when I were saw  to my junior , he was busy in work of stone cutting I asked  to him where is  your goggle ? he said to me I am doing  work always in this condition , then I said  to him its risky for  your eyes  my junior artist . he was smile and restarted work and in next step a small stone was came on his eyes he was leaved work and got busy to care his eyes, I saw his eyes got red after that small accident .

A Junior Sculptor is creating sculpture  in Black stone in camp of  KALAVRAT at JKK. JAIPUR.

I saw a other case in that camp  a sculptor of Udaipur was moving his sculpture for other side crafting in that movement his sculpture was getting down and he was handling to that in that case he got some big scratches on his hand or on fingers , his blood was came out to body . in that movement I were noticed  there organizer were not updated  for medical backup .

There that  sculptor was busy in his pain condition care  and I were got busy to myself  for search a medical store . I were went out  to there  by walk and after one Kilo miter  walk I got a medical store,  there to I were buy a tube and bandage + cotton  and came back at JKK . I were gave that medical small kit to that sculptor of Udaipur , his friend and myself was  bounded bandage on his hand or on his  finger . his eyes was wet after  seen to my love and care action for him. I did touched  his chick and said hey young artist take care , our nation want to  you lots  of big sculpture so next time  you will work with activeness or alertness ok.

There I saw a very funny and critical work that was created or under creation  from  my batch mate ********** Hari Ram Kumawat **********, I asked  to him about his work . then he was explaining  to me I am working on balance , he was cut to stone in 6X 6 inches box and he was fixed to that boxes  one by one in vertical angle , I were laughed on him because he was not balanced in his real life how to he can create balance in this sculpture ..haha that was very funny part of that camp and critical too.  

As a artist I were performed there as a sculptor and I were crafted a very small sculpture in size five inch .i were cut to stone by grinder and gave a shape like a wining trophy . I were submitted there my art work as a guest artist without registration and in exhibition of that sculptures I were not visited  my small sculpture .ha ha ..

Sculptor Hariram Is Busy in balance
A sculpture in form of  Farmer 

Sculptor Shudhesh is giving final touch to his sculpture 
Sculptor  Dharmendra Gour is busy in his sculpture

On last day  of that sculpture camp  I were taken a one cup tea that was from Sculptor Dharmendra Gour , in that movement I were shared  my  critical view about that kalavrat camp and there all artists were listening  my critical words  after that I were not visited  any art camp of kalavrat art society  in my art life. So I said for that art camp . My critical visit on sculpture camp.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Friday, June 28, 2013

Art Vibration - 133


Morning  Peace  at  Coffee House of Jawahar kala kendra , Jaipur.
 It’s  First visual of this post is sharing a complete story of magnetic power of visual art . in this visual  you can observe a complete peace and silence  with magnetic sound. It’s a visual of coffee house of Jawahar kala kandra . I were captured it in morning time when I were working there as a artist member of Art Studio ,after  my master Education.

There I were created vibration of art by  my art exercise . there all artist friends and my seniors were confident about me or my work dedication because I were lived there full day in studio with  my art exercise .  you can say that was  my second home . when artists were came there then I were felt they were came in my home . actually a art studio is a real home of artist .because there he and she can express to his or her deep art sense for society.

Artist Friend Dheeraj is Busy in Self Drawing work , at JKK.
When artist friends came there then we were shared our art vision on table of coffee house with tea and coffee. Mostly there all artists were want to talk with me and junior artists  were came there for art talk so I were taking open art class of them  with open art discussion . I were lived every time busy there in art talk .
That was converted in open university of visual art , I were talked  to theater artists ,singers, sculptors and painters too.  

 In coffee house when I were sited with my junior or senior in that movement  my sketchbook was live in  my hand , I were planning and sketching to coffee house in mid of art talk . Some Artist  friends were noticed me and they were visited  my sketchbook , actually they can’t stop to his or her self  for visit  my art exercise.
You can say that was a magnetic power of visual art , I were created  it there by my art energy . here I want to share  with  you two live example of this magnetic power of visual art. It was live example, there were no any drama and possess .

Artisat Dheeraj is busy in sketch work  on my JKK , Jaipur 
One day I were sited  in coffee house , I were busy in sketching on   my sketchbook , , in that movement my batch mate Mr. Dheeraj came near myself and said me hello . I were met to him after many years , I saw him again after our collage time . he  was saw me and my art condition and said me sorry yogendra I have leaved  this art field .because I am busy in business . but my heart and art vision want this all time  to me just like  you.

Artist Dheeraj is   Enjoying his art line  on art paper at JKK , Jaipur.
When he said this words I were gave him  my sketchbook  in his hand  and I said  at this time  you can draw some line from  your art  vision , here you are free and not on  your business . he was gave me smile and then taken my sketchbook and started drawing  like a art master . I were saw to him  again , he was busy in work of art .  In collage  time he was working with our  art teacher for his big Mural art project. But after education he was went far to art. But in coffee house  movement he was busy in drawing like a very dedicated  artist . when he was created a drawing then gave me thanks and said I will draw every day one drawing just like  you yogendra , because after draw this lines I am feeling very light and confident . so thanks  to  you .I said to him say thanks to art because art have magnetic power and that is pulling to  you again in field of art. So come back in art here art is waiting of  yours Dheeraj.

Junior Theater  Artist Is also  enjoying  to his drawing sound on art paper
On other day I were sited In coffee house after  my art work there I were busy for planning of  art exhibition project .that was street art exhibition project . in that  movement  a junior theater artist was came near myself and asked  to me what are  you drawing today sir ji ? I said I am busy in planning of a street art exhibition  so I am drawing some layout of my art work display . he asked to me again a question how to you can draw easily ? I said  to him just like  your play how  to  you can act very easily ? he said I can do by practice . so I said same thing is in drawing because our art base is on  practice , then he asked  to me can I draw ? I said yes why not ? you can draw better  to me when  you will do hard practice . you can try on my sketchbook , I were gave him  my sketchbook and pencil  and he was started drawing on my sketchbook , I were shoot him by my camera  and noticed he was went in deep motion of drawing . after theater art his art sound wanted to him some more exercise with other medium’s for self expression ,  so he was pulled  in visual art side by magnetic power of visual art , he was enjoying to line and speed on white space . that was interesting live  magic of visual art . a theater artist was creating drawing like a painter . So I said visual art have magnetic power ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Art Vibration - 132


         Robonaut 2 Demonstration at Kennedy Space Center

It is Interesting because it is reality of today  In science . here newspaper have published a news about science , in that news I were read a talky Robot is ready  for space Journey . it is critical  , because today world is busy  in education of  communication and scientist is busy in talky robot creation . haha

You just Imagine Robot will in space  station and we human on earth , robot will give the right information by phone talk in mid robot battery will  off then whose to we will talk on  Space station ?

In past Science and Nasa were  presented a video presentation  on online for world , in that video I saw a demo of a ROBOT , that was designed   for space station . Nasa was declared we will launch this robot  to space station. In that video presentation a scientist or Designer of that Robot was explaining to that robot working way . I were listened,  he said its working like a human  , it can think and judge very fast  like a human mind , it can see like a human , and its body is very flexible like human  body . its have two hand like a human and this hand is working just like human hand . this robot can see 360 degree without move to its place  and some more special function detail was shared  by that video presentation .

Nasa Said this robot will take a place of human in our space station , we will launch it very soon. I think it was year 2012.  When I were read and observed to that scientist design in form  of human figure robot , I were laughed very critically . As a artist I saw to that ROBOT design and then I thought for that , this is a nice sculpture  by science . it’s a sensitive sculpture , it can see, it can work and it can think . so it was interesting for me , I saw first time a very sensitive sculpture in  my life  by NASA scientist . they were crafted that very well by advance technology . That Robot Design can surprise to anyone in first look because I was surprised after visited  that .

But  my creative  mind was not accepted that Robot and that’s responsible duty . Space Station  is fix for our space observation that is a machine of observation to our universe . Nasa Scientists were observing  any step of our Universe by that space station . there human  is working  for earth life.

So I were wrote a critical letter to NASA about that Electronic Robot.  I said , Human is working by natural energy  and robot is working  by Electronic energy . human have self charging system in this solar system .but Robot need a charge battery all time  for perfect work . without right battery that is fail . so please think on this matter , who is best  for a responsible job of space station . today we human observing our universe from our space station through human , but when we send Robot there  then first we will observe to this ROBOT and then ROBOT activity in that case we will take big risk for observation of our universe by space station.

In last I were wrote TOY for play not for a responsible job. Ha ha ha

I were send that mail copy to President of INDIA and To President of America after that to UN Director. It was  my art duty  for a right action about our Earth future. Ha

AS a Critic  I were noticed A scientist  was created a perfect sculpture ,by science method . I did asked  to NASA and to Science Why Science can’t think after human body . in space station or our space station want better tool and observation system not a copy of human body ,space station want better tool for repair, that is not want human shape Robot or talky robot . we have not 100 % confidence  on human life then how to we can trust on this battery based  toy in form of ROBOT ( science sculpted  Sculpture in form of copy of human body  ) ?

Talky Robot  Image  i share from Rajasthan Patrika News paper .
After read this short and critical note  you can say to me a artist is working like a scientist , and I will accept it because I know the real definition of science and our universe. Because when science journey is  get stop then , there to art journey is get start. ( A philosopher said it in INDIAN art History and its  fact )

This critical Art and science sound of myself   was observed  by NASA and by other responsible people of our earth and then they were stop to that ROBOT launching  project  for space station. It was a right step  for our space station or for our earth future.

But when today I were read again a news about talky robot is ready for space station journey  then i were  laughed and said it Scientist is busy in creation of Sculpture .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Art Vibration - 131


Artist Jakie Sleper is Explaining her art concept about Digital
Painting at Vyom Art Center , Jaipur. 
One day I were  on art call of  a international art talk  at a new art center of Jaipur. That’s name is Vyom art Center for contemporary art.  that’s director is Artist Vinay Sharma .  I were went there  with  my junior  Art Master Shrikant Rang .  I were entered  in hall of Vyom art center there light was off , because on projector a artist was presenting  her art work images  so there  light was off .

I were noticed  in that art work presentation , the artist of Holland  Jakie Sleper was explaining  her exercise  of digital work . she was said  to her art work digital painting . it was critical  but in contemporary  time many artist is following  it as a painting actually that is a digital art exercise result . in that art process a visual artist is thinking  like a painter and he or she create composition  on monitor screen like a painting by digital software and then they get a fine print of that art exercise of painting on monitor screen. In  my view  that was is digital print of  collage art exercise.  in technical word we can say to that digital collage . ha

Art Work Image of Artist Jekie Sleper  on Projector at Vyaom art Center 
Artist Jakie  Sleper was sharing her visual creation story , she was used advanced photo editing software and some visual of her city and home  for creation of her art work  in digital painting form. She was used mostly human figure and wild life animal images.  she said I love  to animal and in  my childhood age I were playing with my pet animal at home .

I saw she was used green nature impression in her art work and on screen of projector she was shared her 20th something art work visuals , she was used window of her home in many  digital paintings. She was used  photographs of her life part and some landscape visuals.  by that art work she was expressed  her past life  with her natural character . over all her art work was showing her true life.

Art Work Image of Artist Jakie Sleper at Vyom Art Center, Jaipur 
After Presentation of International Artist Jakie Sleper, she  was started art talk with viewers . in viewers I saw some big artists of Rajasthan were  sited there.  in that big artists List   I were saw  to Dr. Vidhyasagar upadhay,  Dr. R. B. Goutam ,  Artist Bhawani shaker Sharma , Artist Surendra pal Joshi , Artist Summi Ghidial ,Mr. Kaji , Sculptor Mahendra Gour , Artist  Ekeshwar hatwal , Dr. Anil Gupta and some more junior and senior art masters of Rajasthan .  In that art talk  someone asked  to Jakie about her art concept and someone asked  to her about  her art tool , And  Artist Jakie was explaining her work detail step by step with full patience to every one . some question was very critical  for her and some question was very supporting  for her art dedication.

Artists of Rajasthan is listing  to art workds of Artist Jakie Sleper at Vyom.
As a Artist I were thought why she was used digital collage way there mind is working and tool is working but our manual exercise roll was not active and without manual exercise we can’t say painting to her art work . may be her art work is in list of visual art because her visual is a visual after a art exercise but that is not a painting , that is digital collage . I were not said  it to her there because there many persons  were asking to her lots  of question so I were not asked  to her this critic level question . ha

As a art documentation  there I were shoot some picture s of that digital collage art work presentation or that’s international art talk . so here that’s visuals for  your visit or for  your right knowledge about  right definition of a digital collage work .because that was not a digital painting. That was impression of painting by digital  tool. But that art talk was very artistic and a true art talk for all of us , by that Art talk we could knew a art condition or art vision  of a international artist of Holland  by Artist Jakie Sleper .

I were enjoying her art talk because I were also using  to digital tool for some photo collage and photo editing  work . so I could understood her art vision and working condition on digital tool  but I were not accepted her  digital collage work was digital painting because I know what is painting and what is digital painting .ha.

A Digital Visual by Digital Camera , its a digital painting  concept me. ha 

We can play to words and by words to people vision but it is not a art it’s a real politics of words and in art no way for any kind of politics its fact of true art. So I said I were joined  to International art talk .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Art Vibration - 130


Great Sculptor Himmat Shah  is  Visiting Art Exhibition At Samanvai Art Gallery
It was rain time , I were busy in art work At Jawahar Kala Kendra Jaipur . Environment was very rainy so my painting was not getting dry in natural time , that was nature attacked on  my art sound . I were feeling puzzle  condition  in that rainy environment . my one painting was talking much more time of myself and in that case I were not completed  my painting in limited  time of  my daily art project , that was painful condition for me.

When I were leaved  to painting for dry , in that case I were went in Coffee house of JKK with  my sketchbook. There I were taken tea and coffee  and lived  busy in sketching work  . that  was  my art exercise time I were converted  to that time  for my sketching work because  my painting is not getting dry in right time . I were filling to time gape of my painting by sketching  work .

Artist Himmat  Shah is  Inaugurating Exhibition of My Juinior
Art Master  Suresh jangid
One day rain was started  and I were in Coffee house of JKK , that day there lots  of people were presented . there rain was continue so all people were fixed there .they could not move here and there and I were got very different type sketching matter in that movement by rain condition . I were saw people were caring his self to  rain water .so I got many creative and challenging sketching subjects , I were drawing to all motion of that crowds with full speed of sketching . many people were watching  my sketching lines and someone observing my art dedication in that complicated condition . in brake of sketching   I saw a very senior  artist was sited near me in that Coffee house , I did not knew when he was came near myself and sited there and watching  my sketching line continue .

His look like a rock , on head a heat a Kurta of Khadi  and Jeans or a goggle on eyes. He was great Sculptor Himmat Shah , he is from Gujarat and he is living in Jaipur Rajasthan . when I saw him I were offered  to him for draw a sketch for me on  my sketch book , I were try to submit  my sketchbook in his hand but he was not accepted  my request . he said NO,  you draw I am watching  to  you and enjoying  to  your line and speed of sketching .

Sculptor Himmat Shah In Exhibition Of My Junior Art Master  Shika Shekhawat
At JKK Jaipur.
I were offered  a one cup tea to him , but he was again said NO, but his eyes is watching  and noticing  my character as a senior artist of my nation . in that crowd  only I were knew it if Great Artist Himmat Shah is here in this crowd at JKK. He was not wanted  to show to his self art identity in that movement , it was  my view. May be I was wrong. Ha

In that meeting  I were shared  my right condition  with my senior Artist HIMMAT SHAH  Sir , After that meeting  he was observed  to  me many time  and I can say as a senior he was watching to me and  my art action time to time .

A Great Sculptor is talking to A great Photographer of our Nation  at JKK
One day he was came in Studio of JKK In Afternoon time , I were busy there with  my big painting exercise , he was visited  my working condition and condition of JKK studio and asked  to me , how  Many time  you are working here  young boy ?

I were reply to him sir I am coming here in morning time at 8 am and I am living it in evening time at 8 pm  in mid one time food and one time tea ,and its continue to last one year  with me . after listen my answer he was again watching  my face with blessing sound.

Many time I were met  to him in art exhibitions of Jaipur , I saw he was always watching to juniors art action , one day he came in   my junior artist art Master  Shika Shekhawat Art Exhibition  at Jkk, after that I saw him In exhibition of My Junior Art Master Suresh Jangid At Samanvay Art Gallery Jaipur and some more art activity he was attended and I were met to him because I were also active  for visual art  in that time  In Jaipur . 

Myself  is  Busy  in lighting to candle on inauguration of
my junior art masters exhibition at samanvay art Gallery , Artist
 Himmat Shah is watching to me and Artist Suresh is clapping .
As a art Documentation I have some visuals of Sir HIMMAT SHAH  so I am sharing  with  you by this post   for  your visit and I sure after visit  his rocking face  you will feel direct word  NO,, ha ha ha .. Because  I did  faced this NO word was  came from Himmat Shah .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master Of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Monday, June 24, 2013

Art Vibration - 129


HAWA MAHAL  Jaipur .
In a one week I were visited and documented many art exhibitions of JKK , Jaipur. In that week I did visited  a photography exhibition of a senior photographer of Gujrat State . he was came from Ahamdabad City . its bad luck  for me if I have forget  his name today so sorry (  I request  to all of  you if  you know his name then tell me  after visit his picture on this post )  , but I have not forget his guide line  for perfect photo shooting . I think it is plus point  for me if I have saved his right guide line in  my memory.

In JKK he was exhibited  his photography prints in big size with good framed .his all pictures were  black and white . that was  old collection of his young  age time . I saw in his pictures subject he was exhibited to life and historical buildings structure and historical movement of our nation , like festivals , fair, cultural events , national celebrity ,our super hero , big project of our nation,  Sports ,science project , nature  , landscape and  some more  subjects .

He was exhibited  to common man by his photography and in   his photography , I were observed  to our old INDIAN condition and that’s life style . I were presented there  on his exhibition inauguration time at art gallery with my digital camera  . I were saw there many senior and junior photographers  were came for visit to that classical photography exhibition .

Photographer of this photography Exhibition i captured  Him with his art photos  in his art  Photo exhibition at JKK .

Photographer is busy in visit of cultural event  at JKK .
As a Photographer I were talked  to him and I were asked many questions  to him , then he was noticed  my question sound  and then gave me a one answer , he told me  you are talking and asking very much so stop asking and shoot picture because photography is time base exercise there no way for talk so just  shoot and shoot and shoot. Ha

I were noticed  his kind words because I have used it before   that guide line  for  two month  about a press photography job. so I were started shooting  again without talk  to that senior Old Photographer . I did focused  my camera angle  on him and as a photographer he was noticing to my photography action.

I were shoot him in many action or motion in his gallery or out of art gallery . there he was  my teacher and I were student of him . I were captured to him when he was explaining  his past time and that’s  photography story . I captured  top him when he was enjoying to art and culture event at JKK in evening time , I shoot to him when he was sited on chair and artist Daniel was created  his portrait , I did captured him when he was sharing technical talk about Photography . in that photography  work  I were not said any words to him but my silence was talking to him on my every click of camera .

Artist  Daniel Is busy in portrait of Photo exhibitor , myself busy is shooting
 to both of them .
On last day of his photography exhibition  I were shared  some visuals of him by my digital camera screen, he was visited  my photography exercise because there I were followed  his talk for that photography work .
 He was liked  some picture and said me  you are lucky because  you have digital camera  , by this advance tool of photography  you can see result after click , in my time I were can’t see result just like  you , I were lived on full risk  when I were taken  to photo print  some time I  did  got good result and some time I did lost .there were no option for delete in our camera . there a mistake can delete to all by a very short sun light  effect . ha  that was really risky but in your digital camera no risk for roll and no fear of sun light effect . this kind of talk he was taking  to me and on last day he was gave me his postal address and a Email id for art communication .

Photographer is telling  about photography to photographer of JAIPUR city on his photo exhibition closing day 

After that exhibition I were posted  some visuals of him on  his E mail id. He was reply to me with a big thanks and he was invited  me at his studio  but time was not created any way  for meet  to him after that exhibition. so I could not went at his studio . But when I shoot to picture his guide line and kind  words are come in my vision for a right and perfect still photography work . his words is  helping to me about dedication of  art work .  because he said  to me don’t talk  just shoot.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine art
Bikaner, INDIA

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Art Vibration - 128


Sant Shri Somgiri Ji Maharaj  Visiting Exhibition of RAMTA DRAG at JKK.
Yes it is fact of that. I am saying about a art exhibition of Jawahar Kala Kendra  Jaipur . that was a group show  of youth artist of Rajasthan. That’s Title was in HINDI “ RAMTA DRAG ” its mean a bird is enjoying  to itself in large space of Sky . I were noticed  this title was fit on that exhibition  artists  all were enjoying  to his or her inner art sound on canvas space . here canvas space mean is large vision of creative  thinking.

I saw there photographer was exhibited his paintings , a painter was  exhibited  his poem on canvas , and a poet was exhibited his photography work. I saw there all art work was in black and white shades or few work in colors .

A comment in URDU Language  by Muslim  Girl  for
RAMTA DRAG Art Exhibition  at JKK .
I were noticed in that art exhibition  A artist of Australia Mr. Daniel was exhibited his big portrait work . as a artist friend I were helped him  for his display . in his art work I saw complete freedom without any boundary .there  I were noticed My artist Friend Cum Big Brother Himanshu Vyas , he is a great  photographer but in that art exhibition he was exhibited his fresh paintings , before that exhibition I were many time requested  to him for painting so he was exhibited  his painting work . after visit his painting work I said  to him Prabhu  Chitra  aap se bahar aagaye hai , painting is come out from  you. So thank  you.

Artist Apra Thanvi  Purohit ( My Little aunty ) was also exhibited her creative  work  in that art exhibition and I were there as a committed artist  with my art , you can say I was only one person at there with  my art boundary . ha it was critical but it was fact of my art  time at there. Ha

artist  Ajay Mishra My junior art master  was exhibited  his colorful building paintings and drawings and one other Artist ………….. was exhibited  his art and poetry works in that art exhibition .

Malty art master  Himanshu Vyas Busy In writing  to Poetry  on canvas
 for exhibition of RAMTA DRAG  at JKK. 
it is about art , there I saw no boundary in art work presentation and that’s expression.

After that  I were noticed  a other view about no boundary . it was from visitor side . I saw there a SANT SHRI SOMGIRI JI MKAHARAJ ,( BIKANER ) was came to  visit  that creative art exhibition , I were saw he was observing to all artists work and thats work and exhibition concept as a art critic . he did taken a live test of art knowledge of each one artists in that art exhibition . there I saw a SANT was broken boundary of his self or may be he was teaching the right meaning of No boundary for  art and art visitors .That Sant Was Hindu .

Writer Dr. Nand Kishor Achary  Finance Adviser of PM  Comity of INDIA
Dr. Vijay Shankar Vyas and Editor Mr. Rajendra  Boda at RAMTA DRAG .
On same day I were noticed  a young girl was visited that art exhibition and after visit that art work she was demanded  to me  charcoal stick for write a comment on visitor book . I was not a part of that art exhibition but she was demanded to me charcoal stick . she was broken boundary of visitor  but as a committed artist I were searched charcoal stick for her  and by luck I did founded charcoal for her from  my artist friend Daniel . when I were submitted charcoal in hand of that girl she was wrote  some URDU words in visitor book by that charcoal  stick. She was MUSLIM girl .her name I think Tabeena, she  was wrote her name in visitor book . and I were shoot her comment as a art documentation of myself.

Writer Dr. Nand Kishor Achary launching catalog of Ramta Drag 
I were noticed there our national level Hindi Writer Dr. NandKishor Achary  was inaugurated that visual art exhibition with a news paper Editor  Mr. Rajendra  Boda . As a painter I was there and  some more junior artists were  presented there as a visitor .

So I can say I saw there no boundary for  art visitors because I were noticed  a Sant HINDU , A Reporter Muslim Young Girl , A national level Hindi  Writer  and a Editor too. They all were came in that art exhibition after cross to Boundary of his or her self field boundary . they all were very up to all kind of boundary then they were there with boundary less artists of my nation .

Editor Mr. Rajendra Boda  Inaugurated To Ramta Drag Art Exhibition at JKK. 

I can say RAMTA DRAG art exhibition was a right definition of boundary less art vision there no boundary for art and art visitors.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA