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Art Vibration -115


Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR,   Portrait by me  In Mosaic Style  for  big  Mural Painting  in 10 X 10 fits. 

Friends we have celebrated 150 years about our  Nobel Prize  winner Sir Ravindra Nath Thakur . he was a great thinker , poet , writer and painter. He was born in 1861 In Bangal . today we are calling to that Kolkata . Sir Ravindra Nath Thakur was gave to us lots of to  our art and culture . you know British Government was gave him reward about his high thinking  by word  “ SIR ” and we Indian are calling to his name GURUDEV (TEACHER).

In social study I were read him as a social thinker because he was gave lots of concept to Freedom Fighter by way of peace step. I read , Mahatma Ghandhi was giving  full respect to him and he was getting idea and they both were discussing  for our Nation  freedom . But when I came  In fine art  study then I were knew his real image or identity . I have read his poem AEKLA CHALO RE , Walk alone  on  your path , I did knew he was wrote our national anthem JAN GAN  MAN and he got Nobel Prize on his Geetanjaly poem book.  When  I came in B.F.A. Fine Art Education  then I were read to him as a painter . A contemporary INDIAN art Concept Designer . After B.F.A  Art Education I were visited first time His live art work by exhibition of our National gallery of Modern Art , Delhi . there to   I were  picked the real definition of contemporary  art . because I saw painting of Sir Ravindra Nath  Thakur , that was very simple with very simple art medium  paper or ink . I were noticed his work sound that was  giving me freedom sense about visual  art , there to I knew , no any fix definition about visual art but when  you create a visual with  your pure inner sound  then  that sound and visual creation is putting  a new definition by your visual art sense , in field of visual art .

In my master Education  I were wrote dissertation on subject HUMAN NATURE AND ART then I got first example in front of my vision Sir Ravindra Nath Thakur  so I were started   writing of my dissertation to his art sound and then other artist of my nation.

After master education to till today I have completed  seven years and in this seven years art journey I have noticed real meaning of contemporary  art  concept of Sir Ravindra Nath Thakur , because I have passed this seven years though drawing process  on paper by pencil or ink . In this art exercise  I could concentrated on my inner sound and I did focused only  on my art concept there art medium and art definition was out to  my mind .

In that case  I did started giving full respect to Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR, it was natural or  it is true , and in that respect condition   I were taken a art action against slow work of our under construction RAVINDRA RANG MANCH , BIKANER. So I were Created a Critical Art workshop with concept of  wall painting at Under Construction Ravindra Rang Manch .because there wrong people were misused of that place and that’s name is connect to Sir  RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR so I were felt pain and then I did  that art activity for restart to that under construction work of RAVINDRA RANG MANCH  ( here  you can read and visit our art action  story by this art vibration blog post  no 74  ) By luck or by blessing of Sir Ravindra Nath Thakur that Rang Manch construction work was restarted  and I hope after few month this Rang Manch will available to  Our City and our nation artist for performing art.

I were collected this Image from  facebook page  of  Shantiniketan and
i were converted this image in Mosaic style painting  look. 
You can think why I write this here ?  so I want to tell  you , I am visual artist  and I have learn something about true Art from Idea of Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR.  so I want to give thanks to him by my visual art  activity . in this respect or thanks motion  I were planned a big mosaic painting  concept for our RAVINDRA RANG MANCH , in that Mosaic painting concept   I have selected  a portrait  image of Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR . that image I were collected from ONLINE  page of SANTINIKETAN Art Institute of KOLKATA . It was Founded by  Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR for our  REAL INDIAN VISUAL ART.

By luck yesterday I felt a special art energy in myself or in that art energy mood I were created  a layout of Mosaic painting . if time and Sir Ravindra Nath Thakur will bless on my true art energy  then  I will convert to it on wall of our under construction RAVINDRA RANG MANCH In Size 10X 10 Fits   on That’s  wall.
After completed to that layout I were started work as a art projector . I did got right cost  of medium , work time , art labor cost and technical tools cost after collection of  right information  then I  were  created a short project report with layout of mosaic portrait of Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR and that’s creation cost.  

In  same time I were collected live view about my mosaic art work from online viewers . I wrote on that picture post ( A layout  of big  Mosaic  painting for  your  visit and I hope you will share with me , who is in this painting ?  )   . you can’t believe,  with in 30 minutes   I got 100 something  viewers with his or her right comment with name Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR . that was complete art view  for this mosaic art concept and I felt happy because my nation art lovers and literature persons knew him and his image so they could saw to Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR In My Mosaic style painting  image update , Kind  your information  today I have shared  that mosaic painting  link on Dr. Amitabh Bachchan  blog ( ) this painting image is on top of this post for your visit and I am asking  to you that same question about this art work and I sure  you will give me same feedback just like others by  your fast reply,   if  you have  true  respect  for Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR . Because its my true respect to Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR ..

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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Yogendra ji, Truly Awesome work, Great post.