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Art Vibration - 134


Sculptor Vinod Ji Sudhesh Sharma is Busy in crafting to stone in kalavrat camp
Kalavrat  art society is working  for visual art in Rajasthan , it’s working  on national level . by bad  luck I were not participated in art activity of  this art society . because I were lived  always busy in  my art exercise in Jaipur.

Kalavrat Art Society  was organized  a sculpture workshop in form of art camp  .when that camp was running  in JKK that time I were there for a art exhibition . After exhibition I were visited and captured  to that sculpture camp as a critic . I saw  my senior and junior sculptors  were busy in that camp and they were cutting to black stone by electric cutter . I saw  my Art Collage Teacher Sculptor Vinod  ji was participated  in that sculpture art camp . Sculptor Mahendra Gour and Sudhesh Sharma also participated  in that camp . I were visited  two young sculptors were  came in that camp from Udaipur .

Sculptor Sudhesh Sharma is busy in his sculpture work
Kalavrat Art Society was gave Stone to sculptors in Jkk and they all were busy in crafting to a sculpture at  open space of JKK. Some  young sculptors were crafting stone by hammer and someone by grinder . There talk sound  was not working because there electric cutter and grinder was making lots  of sound or in that sound human talk voice is not get right space  for art communication . I were noticed and faced  it there by that sculpture camp .

In that camp all sculptors were busy in a human figure  sculpture . that was critical point  for me , I thought why they all are creating human  figure in stone because our world time is creating natural stone  to human  in this contemporary  world .in my view they all were  damaging to art medium of that sculpture camp. Ha

There I saw they all sculptors were working on full risk , they were crafting to hard stone without goggle on eyes . when I were saw  to my junior , he was busy in work of stone cutting I asked  to him where is  your goggle ? he said to me I am doing  work always in this condition , then I said  to him its risky for  your eyes  my junior artist . he was smile and restarted work and in next step a small stone was came on his eyes he was leaved work and got busy to care his eyes, I saw his eyes got red after that small accident .

A Junior Sculptor is creating sculpture  in Black stone in camp of  KALAVRAT at JKK. JAIPUR.

I saw a other case in that camp  a sculptor of Udaipur was moving his sculpture for other side crafting in that movement his sculpture was getting down and he was handling to that in that case he got some big scratches on his hand or on fingers , his blood was came out to body . in that movement I were noticed  there organizer were not updated  for medical backup .

There that  sculptor was busy in his pain condition care  and I were got busy to myself  for search a medical store . I were went out  to there  by walk and after one Kilo miter  walk I got a medical store,  there to I were buy a tube and bandage + cotton  and came back at JKK . I were gave that medical small kit to that sculptor of Udaipur , his friend and myself was  bounded bandage on his hand or on his  finger . his eyes was wet after  seen to my love and care action for him. I did touched  his chick and said hey young artist take care , our nation want to  you lots  of big sculpture so next time  you will work with activeness or alertness ok.

There I saw a very funny and critical work that was created or under creation  from  my batch mate ********** Hari Ram Kumawat **********, I asked  to him about his work . then he was explaining  to me I am working on balance , he was cut to stone in 6X 6 inches box and he was fixed to that boxes  one by one in vertical angle , I were laughed on him because he was not balanced in his real life how to he can create balance in this sculpture ..haha that was very funny part of that camp and critical too.  

As a artist I were performed there as a sculptor and I were crafted a very small sculpture in size five inch .i were cut to stone by grinder and gave a shape like a wining trophy . I were submitted there my art work as a guest artist without registration and in exhibition of that sculptures I were not visited  my small sculpture .ha ha ..

Sculptor Hariram Is Busy in balance
A sculpture in form of  Farmer 

Sculptor Shudhesh is giving final touch to his sculpture 
Sculptor  Dharmendra Gour is busy in his sculpture

On last day  of that sculpture camp  I were taken a one cup tea that was from Sculptor Dharmendra Gour , in that movement I were shared  my  critical view about that kalavrat camp and there all artists were listening  my critical words  after that I were not visited  any art camp of kalavrat art society  in my art life. So I said for that art camp . My critical visit on sculpture camp.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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