Monday, June 24, 2013

Art Vibration - 129


HAWA MAHAL  Jaipur .
In a one week I were visited and documented many art exhibitions of JKK , Jaipur. In that week I did visited  a photography exhibition of a senior photographer of Gujrat State . he was came from Ahamdabad City . its bad luck  for me if I have forget  his name today so sorry (  I request  to all of  you if  you know his name then tell me  after visit his picture on this post )  , but I have not forget his guide line  for perfect photo shooting . I think it is plus point  for me if I have saved his right guide line in  my memory.

In JKK he was exhibited  his photography prints in big size with good framed .his all pictures were  black and white . that was  old collection of his young  age time . I saw in his pictures subject he was exhibited to life and historical buildings structure and historical movement of our nation , like festivals , fair, cultural events , national celebrity ,our super hero , big project of our nation,  Sports ,science project , nature  , landscape and  some more  subjects .

He was exhibited  to common man by his photography and in   his photography , I were observed  to our old INDIAN condition and that’s life style . I were presented there  on his exhibition inauguration time at art gallery with my digital camera  . I were saw there many senior and junior photographers  were came for visit to that classical photography exhibition .

Photographer of this photography Exhibition i captured  Him with his art photos  in his art  Photo exhibition at JKK .

Photographer is busy in visit of cultural event  at JKK .
As a Photographer I were talked  to him and I were asked many questions  to him , then he was noticed  my question sound  and then gave me a one answer , he told me  you are talking and asking very much so stop asking and shoot picture because photography is time base exercise there no way for talk so just  shoot and shoot and shoot. Ha

I were noticed  his kind words because I have used it before   that guide line  for  two month  about a press photography job. so I were started shooting  again without talk  to that senior Old Photographer . I did focused  my camera angle  on him and as a photographer he was noticing to my photography action.

I were shoot him in many action or motion in his gallery or out of art gallery . there he was  my teacher and I were student of him . I were captured to him when he was explaining  his past time and that’s  photography story . I captured  top him when he was enjoying to art and culture event at JKK in evening time , I shoot to him when he was sited on chair and artist Daniel was created  his portrait , I did captured him when he was sharing technical talk about Photography . in that photography  work  I were not said any words to him but my silence was talking to him on my every click of camera .

Artist  Daniel Is busy in portrait of Photo exhibitor , myself busy is shooting
 to both of them .
On last day of his photography exhibition  I were shared  some visuals of him by my digital camera screen, he was visited  my photography exercise because there I were followed  his talk for that photography work .
 He was liked  some picture and said me  you are lucky because  you have digital camera  , by this advance tool of photography  you can see result after click , in my time I were can’t see result just like  you , I were lived on full risk  when I were taken  to photo print  some time I  did  got good result and some time I did lost .there were no option for delete in our camera . there a mistake can delete to all by a very short sun light  effect . ha  that was really risky but in your digital camera no risk for roll and no fear of sun light effect . this kind of talk he was taking  to me and on last day he was gave me his postal address and a Email id for art communication .

Photographer is telling  about photography to photographer of JAIPUR city on his photo exhibition closing day 

After that exhibition I were posted  some visuals of him on  his E mail id. He was reply to me with a big thanks and he was invited  me at his studio  but time was not created any way  for meet  to him after that exhibition. so I could not went at his studio . But when I shoot to picture his guide line and kind  words are come in my vision for a right and perfect still photography work . his words is  helping to me about dedication of  art work .  because he said  to me don’t talk  just shoot.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine art
Bikaner, INDIA

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enjoyed your story... meeting a master is a blessing... best to you...