Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Art Vibration - 519

One More Academic Certificate To My Art Journey…

Art & Literature are move on same path . that path name is Emotion/Thought/Idea/Concept or Feelings . actually art and literature are  sculptures of Emotion/Thought/Idea/Concept or Feelings of a creator /Thinker we are calling to Him /Her  Artist or Writer . 

Art and Literature are very supportive for our Society . when art and literature are work, a joint work in that case that work get more impressive or that’s result come out very positive in our society . we have lots of example about it . 

Eygipt Culture , Hindu Culture , Boudh Culture , in west- western culture were adopted to art and literature for a right communication about  their life style concept, thought or idea . 

In present time we are following to our historical activity for our life style . you can say our history is our idle .
You know I am master of Fine Art but in art study I read to history of art by literature . so I know without historical literature I could not knew to art history or without art history I could not design or set to  my art vision for our present or future . it is true . I think   you all accept it about  your own vision or life style .
We know visual language is very first language of our world . I am writer of that , but text or that’s vocabulary communicate very easily with a good sound or pronoun - session . visual language is a silent language so text is complete to that when a reader not know to visual language or that’s reading . it is another fact of art language. 

But I am happy  some literature academies are know  to this visual language or that’s sound impact . so they are calling to artist for visual language . they use to visual language for their book meaning in a one page, for book aesthetic look, for use of free space of inside or out side too. 

I am saying this  because two month ago I received a art call from Rajasthan  Sahity ( Literature ) Academy  Udaipur ( Raj.) . The Editor of Madhumati  magazine  Dr. Braj  Ratan Joshi  called me and he demanded  to me some drawings in abstract form or a one painting  for  title  cover of Madhumati Magazine . 

Madhumati Magazine is Publishing  in  Hindi Literature from Rajasthan Sahitya  Academy  Udaipur . its good think , that’s team and Editor also Know to visual language or that’s right impression on Readers . so they are selecting or calling to visual writer from their Academy .

On Editor  call I created some abstract Drawings and I shared my few abstract paintings visuals ( ONLY COLOR  PAINTING ) . that paintings mean are Peace, Love, freedom, self expressions or in Hindu culture we are calling to that way of MUKTI or MOKSH ..

The Editor of Madhumati Magazine Dr. Braj Ratan Joshi accepted my visuals and he published by his editorial desk . 

Last week Magazine Madhumati , I received at  my Postal Address and I got one more academic certificate for  my art journey from Rajasthan Sahitya Academy Udaipur  2019 . 

  so here I said about this ..One More Academic Certificate To  My Art Journey ..

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Friday, June 14, 2019

Art Vibration - 518

I Am Happy Because He Has  Read To My way of art …

Art Maestro Enzo Marino  ITALY ...
Italy ,the nation of art and culture . I read to Italian  art very much In my art History books in art education  time . or after academic art education I am reading to Italian  art through this online networks . mostly everyday . because I am communicating to many Italian Artists of ITALY .

Italian  Artist Enzo Marino ( my real Alexander ) , connected to me last few years , we are met two time in m y city we did talked through a translator . or we did knew to each other . I enjoyed to work of senior artist of ITALY in my city Bikaner at Desert site . he created very big canvas’s I think 10 to 12 canvas’s in a one day by roller or acrylic colors . in hot sunlight I protected to him as a assistant of him that was great intension of us without any long dialogue .

Few month ago Italian Artist Maestro Enzo Marino came Bikaner for a international art workshop  but by a region I could not participated in that camp or workshop as a artist but I were presented there for him as a artist friend or as a junior artist of our world art family ,  Sir Enzo Marino was noticed to my presence continue because when he need some support for his art idea I were presented with him for his work process it was coincident but it was by time design .

So I am thankful for time because my time was created a good space near Art Maestro Enzo Marino Italy .

Today  Morning My real Alexander  Sir Enzo Marino  Italy surprised to me when he shared a article with me on online network . he has share his true observation or view about myself or my art journey .

He read to my work very first and then he read to my way of art or wrote in his kind words . so here I want to share his feeling full article for  your reading . you can know how to art is  communicating or how to artists are react on that art impact through the art and writing .
In this article  you will see a true art critic of  yogendra Kumar Purohit or that art critic is a senior artist of  ITALY , a great Art Maestro of  Contemporary ITALIAN ART .
My art work , Sir Enzo Marino read to my way of art  by this work

Article of Enzo  Marino  :-

Let me know. Hello - As it is congenial to everyone, I recognize the art of my home for the attitudes expressed by the individual personalities I know. And I remembered it. In my travels around the world from Uruguay to Austria, from Mexico to Morocco, from Germany to India, I met artists from other countries, thus knowing new trends and schools of arts, definitively setting in my consciousness that beauty, even if differentiated from local tastes, from more abstruse philosophies, from unequal styles and inclinations, it still tends to rise to a universal value. I learned to recognize the art of Indian school through my stays in India, having continuous artistic experiences, working and collaborating with artists and organizations in the city of Bikaner and Rajasthan but also in other parts of India. In one of my artistic incursions in the Thar desert I met several good artists, including Yogendra K. Purohit, who with the sound of bells, drums, flutes and ancient nenias cheered my painting under the scorching sun. While I appreciate their song, which fascinated me in atavistic vortices, their way of being hospitable, like my Naples, my city, and the pleasant sound of the Hindi language, even if incomprehensible to me I could not strike a true speech to understand their art. I was distracted by my work and then my English was so gaunt that I could not finish a speech. I went by intuition. I have seen the works of some artists in their studios or while they were producing them, but not seeing Yogendra's works and not understanding his spoken language, I did not understand what kind of art he did. Then, on my return to Italy, communicating assiduously with him, seeing his multiple works and following the projects on his blog, like the one on language, of my compatriot Luigi Pio Tessitori, I finally understood his thought and his work. An art that is not easy, full of social problems, with absolutely ecological values. His projects, his poetry and his artistic actions act directly on the environment. His intervention to make a part of the desert fertile is well known. In fact, his artistic performance for the conquest of greenery on drought is a reason for study because it is not only art as an end in itself but is, essentially art / science / nature / love. A direct action of respect for mother earth and love for all humanity. Unconsciously and clearly, this report can be read in his pictorial and graphic works. In fact, his canvases are always divided into fragments of various colors, like so many plots of land, of which only some are green. The vegetation conquered in the desert! Airplanes highlight the importance of the technological presence of men. Science, as a reasoning element necessary to respect nature! Fish floating in the fields, similar to sperm in search of a goal, give the idea of ​​research, study, natural pollination of man on nature. The love! The language and artistic actions of Yogendra K. Purohit deserve great respect because they are interesting for subsequent projects. –

Enzo Marino  Italy  13-6-2019 …

So heartly thanks to art maestro /my real Alexander /artist friend /sir Enzo Marino for  your  observation on my way of art have read to my way of art from your kind heart ..

Myself  is caring to Sir Enzo Marino in sun light by umbrella at desert of Bikaner

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA