Thursday, October 17, 2019

Art Vibration - 527

Creative Work Image for  
 Our Google Image …

Friends some time we work for a one aim but that work complete many aim’s without indication to us . its come in format of power of words. We are calling to that in Hindi Shabd Shakti ..its come in Vyanjna Shabd Shakti  format . Vyanjana Shabd Shakti is showing many aim’s of a one word or sentence . how to it is possible ?  I will not explain as a teacher of Hindi, because I am not a teacher of Hindi , I am master of fine art or by art I can explain it for  you at here , because I felt it after  my work of art .
 You know I am blogger of  our google to year 2008 , this art vibration blog is run on google blog page or web. On blog  I am sharing  my art journey step by step or day by day . 

So in this chain of blog writing I am sharing one more new art story of  my art journey .

In last week I were created a art work on a old guitar , that was part of  my studio but after art work today that guitar is part of  Art Hotel Gaj Kesari Bikaner , yesterday I were submitted that in hand of Sir Sunil Rampuriya the Director of  Art Hotel Gaj Kesari  Bikaner, 

When I submitted that work at Art Hotel Gaj Kesari in that movement I thought , I have created one more art work for our Google Image ( search Engine ) . 

My many art works are on google image or after this post this creative guitar image will show in google image when some one search the image of creative guitar on google image . 

So I think you have understand to  my talk about Vyanjana Shabd Shakti  ( the Power of words ) I were looking that in art work  you can say to it the power of art ..ha ha ..

I did converted to a guitar in form of art about installation art at Art Hotel Gaj Kesari  Bikaner . I used the style of Mosaic painting , I pasted color full paper on that guitar , because I wanted a light weight guitar so I did it . I could not created any image in mosaic because that will disturb to  viewer vision or they will not enjoy to real form of guitar in mosaic style  .

 I imagine this guitar display on dark sky blue background. May be the decoration team of Art Hotel Gaj Kesari will Display with this idea or color or may be not .. they are fully free for display of my creative art work . or I have trust on them because they have very talented creative art team for art Decoration at  Art  Hotel Gaj Kesari  Bikaner. 

I hope our google image Search Engine team will also notice it because it will go on google data through this art vibration blog post . so a one more hope or confidence about this creative work image.  it will show on our google image very soon for any researcher of  image.

So here I said about this , Creative image for our google image ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine  Arts
Bikaner, INDIA