Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Art Vibration - 66


When a human feel presser on heart that time his/her  unconscious part of heart is get activeness but that activeness  of heart any one can't understand on that movement , and in that condition human feel presser on heart and that presser try to come out  from unconscious part of heart  in any condition, by luck time and nature give us mind for help to  understand to our unconscious part of heart condition .A  philosopher Frayad said to it our conscious part of heart .
In social life every one facing every day lots of presser by his or her unconscious part of heart . it can design in any heart by time condition , some time it can positive and some time it can negative but  its live with all humans every time because it is  connect to our daily life and demands.  we are saying to it  in social definition  HOPE .

Yes for a common man or women hope is making presser in his or her heart when they are not get to complete hope ,  here to unconscious  is get  start strong presser for humans . Mostly all humans can't control on his or her  unconscious presser and they can't express to that inner presser matter to society thats result they are get depression  and some more negative activity. they are  brake to all kind of social rule because they can't understand to his or her inner unconscious presser condition , its a tens matter for a healthy society or for a fresh future of a fresh nation .

But As a creative Person when i notice  to this unconscious presser of my heart and i listen to others presser full condition and words i try to give a way to get free by this unwanted presser of unconscious part of heart , I know Art is a very strong tool for control on this unconscious presser of heart. Art can not complete  any  HOPE or ETC but it can convert  to that hard presser of unconsciousness . 

Time  is create  tuf condition for a limited time , but that time movement live  still  for all humans as a test of patience , test of expression or  test of self control on that movement . some one get pass to that tuf time  and some one get pass away from  that time test .ha 

Here i said lots of about unconscious presser of heart because  i am also a human and every day i live this presser  in my life i can't leave it but i live it.  its  my limitation , last year i were in condition of unconscious presser of  my heart after my lots of art work , kind  your information i am busy in drawing work so my work was came out by limited lines but that lines was not gave me freedom to my inner presser of heart that presser was very strong and much more so  i did selected some more medium for convert to my inner presser . i felt in my unconsciousness i am in flow of emotions and thats in very different type form. i could not expressed that in line language because that is not a line motion that was very strong flow and moving in my unconsciousness  here and there . so i selected water color , i did not selected any paper , brush or canvas , because it was not a idea or a creative painting concept . it was a very danger presser of my unconscious part of heart , i did a operation of myself inner presser in my studio that time my studio was converted  in operation theater and i did created 378 time water color visuals on mixing plate.  you can say i did 378 time  my operation by water color therapy . that was art activity but not for art collectors or Art Galleries . 

Kind  your information  i were lived 5th month  busy in that operation of myself by water color therapy . That  time i lived in two condition one was  like a patient and second was like a doctor . and in both role i did lived in patience because i want to know how to i can control on my self inner presser of unconscious part of heart and finally i did know Inner sound can  come out by water color flow .  Some international artist friends of myself  was noticed  my flow of inner sound by that visuals and they asked to me are  you ok  yogendra ? after five  months i said yes  i am ok because i know how to convert to  your inner presser of unconsciousness by way of art or by flow of  color .That time i knew  inner presser want a easy language   to express  that very strong presser of unconsciousness, because that time every one live alone in his or her self .Today in my view  inner presser is a real inner sound and i can say inner sound can come out by color flow , i sure about it but when then some one  live in his or her  patience or in control because i have done this research as a art  researcher by 378 visual exercise , 

Here  i have updated two video presentation of  my 378 visual exercise for  your visit  i hope  you will notice it how to i have done this and why i can say it ? Inner Sound Can Come  Out By Color Flow .

yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Art Vibration - 65


India  -Korea  International  art camp 2013 Bikaner  ,There Myself  Drawing in
process , Photo by  Photo Journalist Rounak Vyas , Bikaner 
The time is giving always some new message to life journey . On this  earth all human  living his or her life  every day and they all learning and noticing new message by time  you know  time is a very practical  task  for all because  time have no boundary . its move continue  in this universe without any limitation or  brake . its a invisible journey of our Universe and we all are part of this time journey . we don't know where to it was  started  and where it will stop ? So we all are on journey of time . Time journey is very large but our body  journey is very small  only on this earth  .

By vision we can do very  long journey its a special design in our vision by time or  nature and human have done  some exercise for cross to earth boundary.  In history we have lots of Example about  this talk ,  we are saying to that Myth ( Mythology ) and at present some science teams like NASA is also busy in this kind of exercise they have cross some boundary by technical  tool but its  not complete journey without boundary .they know it.

Here i can see two thing ,its same but something different , time is controlling on this universe  and our vision is controlling  on our motion or emotion its live on  journey continue but we can't  visualize it direct . Its presenting  or expressing by us  through some activity and same thing with time that is doing change environment climate and planet condition time to time and we notice that in this journey .

we know time is fixing our life or condition  and we are  fixing  our condition and time by life design on this earth.I am saying this, time or life journey talk because, i  were lived  this true sound  for two days with practical  action of time . In  my city a Art Society Mrudha was organized a art workshop ( art Camp  it was a journey of vision ) The Art Society Mrudha was invited  to Korean  Artist  Sung  yu park for  art workshop in Bikaner city ( My Home Town )  Korean Artist Sung yu park not know English or Hindi language but she know visual language and she has  a strong vision  for life journey .that's result she was in Bikaner  on date 15 th or 16th  January  2013 .

Korea Artist Sung yu Park is Busy In
Expressing her vision by visual art exercise
in International  INDIA-KOREA  Art Workshop
Bikaner  15th -16th January  2013 .
 Korean Artist Sung yu park was  came INDIA and then Bikaner by her vision power and she was crossed all boundary of  "LOC " on this earth by low order  , by luck  that art workshop was organized  in B.J.S. Rampuriya Jain  Low  collage Bikaner  .Her vision power was avoided all kind of trouble and she was expressed her inner art sound  and cultural nature of  Korea by her visual exercise .

Here In Bikaner city artists and art students  were joined that art workshop  as a artist  in that case i were also invited  by Art Society Mrudha  so i were there as a art learner , i saw some demo presentation of Korean Artist Sung yu park , when she was  painting  that time she went in peace and meditation  condition . she was created some visuals by her vision  with complete peace or silence  . that was a learning point for art students and i am happy they were learning something  from work demo of  Korean Artist Sung yu park.

In art workshop when i started my art visual exercise that time  Artist Sung yu park was watching  my drawing medium and style she asked me  are you work by ink pen or only pencil  on paper  ? i did reply to her yes  you are working by black ink on paper same thing is here i am also draw by ink pen on paper here no boundary for medium selection or  you can say we are thinking on a same place  for our vision journey, she was accepted my answer . Actually she was noticed  it , a artist of INDIA also working on same art medium just like me she said it . she was surprised and  happy  after know  it , if  a artist of Bikaner is busy in drawing work to last five years  by ink or paper its great she told me ,  i did noticed in Korean art culture  some one working  for cultural  art  sound and they are taking all kind of risk for promote  to that art vision sound in this world .they can cross  to all kind of  boundary of this Earth " LOC " for real art vision journey .its really great art job .

 After Saw The Art Confidence of Korean Artist Sung  Yu Park I gave salute  to Korean Art and culture and then Artist Sung yu Park .  In two days Sung yu park was displayed her painting  in art exhibition  and created  some art visual for art transformation exercise, I also created four art drawing on different kind of paper like Art paper , China hand made paper or  Etc. 

There lots of art lover and visitor came  and visited  that art workshop presentation  . it was my first international  art workshop in  my city Bikaner , i did participated and created some visuals like other artist of art workshop but my work is very close  to korea artist Sung yu park over medium was same and over  vision journey was on same track that is  love and peace of art journey without any boundary ..and i hope  to  you after read it  you will accept  it .. no boundary in art.

yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Art Vibration - 64


Portrait of Cine Mega Star Dr. Amitabh Bachchan 

 Life Mean Study. Friends  i am saying it because i notice it in  my life in every movement  of  time . life start to study and its  end on study .  you know  time or nature is our teacher  in life . Its universal truth for all .
you can say it, its  my study or  may be its  yours also ..ha

I am art student  by education i have master in fine Art but i think art study is unlimited like space of this universe . there no boundary  no end only depth and large space for our study  and study is start to our sensors of  body , when we feel , watch and imagine then our study work is getting on  in our vision  and our observation  is a one and only  reason of  our study . Every  sensitive  person  when feel and observe some motion and action  by his or her self  that time his or her study is on and he or she collect  some knowledge  by that observation by that condition , After that knowledge he or she get some more perfection and strong  sense in his or her self  senses . 

This Study definition  is working on all kind of human of this planet earth , By study  we all have created many subject  for easy  study  about  perfection in a one subject and we have many category of this study level , Degree, Masters , Doctor 's and  ETC. 

But Study is not getting final stage  after any educational category .Its  live continue with a learner  or student and every one can learn much more  when he or she live like a learner or  student in his or her life .
I know a learner or Student can observe any time and on any place of this planet earth for his or her knowledge perfection or presentation in front of this world .

In world  history we have lots of example about strong learner of planet Earth in any subject or category of knowledge .i will not share  that name list for  your reading because i know i will not complete  this post  in a one day when i start to share that all name  so its  your duty  you start study on it ..ha ( its Must ) 

Ok i want to tell  you why i am saying to  you this study or observation  talk , because  i am a  Visual art master  but as a artist i am living  like a art student and i observe any time  for my art knowledge or thats perfection . actually art is not need any object for presentation of art , i know about it because i observe it . but when society want communication to art knowledge  then art create communication way by art observation . 

 In  my art study  Time i have done lots of  study by  many type exercises and its continue with  my art Journey .I know it will not stop for me before  my death because its in  my nature by this planet earth nature. Kind  your information i observe any time and then i convert to my observation in form of visual  for communication with society because i am a human just like others but  my observation is something different to others its designed  in me by nature. i am not a one person of  like this ,  many learners or Students nature  person have this kind of ability for strong communication to this world family by self expression or presentation . 

As a visual art Student  i did observed many visuals  and objects or subjects in  my past art study  and i were getting perfection  for  my inner observation presentation  in front of our society and its continue  with me .i am getting more perfection  day by day  from  my art study .

 Here i want to share my drawing exercise or observation view by some visuals , its  my direct talk to some art family members , In 2008  i were joined  to online network and by this network i were joined  to many artists , art lovers or art promoters, some were asked  to me for portrait exercise  and some face inspired  me for portrait exercise  so i were started portrait exercise  in my free time after other art study work , 
Today 2013  in five years  i did exercised on 35 faces for portrait work by  pencil.  

I did accepted once again the challenge of portrait Study work after  my masters education . it was open challenge  for me from International  art  family because in this portrait i did draw many other countries    Art masters ,art lovers and art promoters some seniors or some juniors. i did accepted  that challenge as a art student  and i did try and created  some portrait of them  and updated on online networks  and shared with them . they did liked  my art exercise and promoted  me time to time for  my art study or observation of face look .
 In that Portrait Exercise i did draw the portrait of  Former President of  INDIA Msr.Pratibha Devi Singh Patil , Hon'ble President of America Barack Obama, Hon'ble Princess of Bikaner  Rajshree Kumari , INDIAN CINEMA MEGA Star Dr. Amitabh Bachchan , ( My E - GURU ) Art Critic Alexandra , Miss world  Aishwariya Rai Bachchan ,Hon'ble Princess Margaret ( London ) Artist Katy Held , Cine Actress Waheeda Rahman , painter Mahboobeh ( IZRAIL) Super Star of INDIAN cinema Sharukh Khan,  Model  Yulia , Artist Rosemaria De , Cine Artist Jaya Bachchan  ji , Rajasthani Writer Om Purohit Kagad , a cloth shop keeper and many others art family members were  came in  my observation for art study and then i did presented  them in a visual look that is portrait  art exercise of myself . here i am sharing  some visual of that portrait study  for  your visit , i hope you will  like it and notice it , because Art Study is exercise of observation.

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art 
Bikaner ,INDIA