Thursday, January 17, 2013

Art Vibration - 65


India  -Korea  International  art camp 2013 Bikaner  ,There Myself  Drawing in
process , Photo by  Photo Journalist Rounak Vyas , Bikaner 
The time is giving always some new message to life journey . On this  earth all human  living his or her life  every day and they all learning and noticing new message by time  you know  time is a very practical  task  for all because  time have no boundary . its move continue  in this universe without any limitation or  brake . its a invisible journey of our Universe and we all are part of this time journey . we don't know where to it was  started  and where it will stop ? So we all are on journey of time . Time journey is very large but our body  journey is very small  only on this earth  .

By vision we can do very  long journey its a special design in our vision by time or  nature and human have done  some exercise for cross to earth boundary.  In history we have lots of Example about  this talk ,  we are saying to that Myth ( Mythology ) and at present some science teams like NASA is also busy in this kind of exercise they have cross some boundary by technical  tool but its  not complete journey without boundary .they know it.

Here i can see two thing ,its same but something different , time is controlling on this universe  and our vision is controlling  on our motion or emotion its live on  journey continue but we can't  visualize it direct . Its presenting  or expressing by us  through some activity and same thing with time that is doing change environment climate and planet condition time to time and we notice that in this journey .

we know time is fixing our life or condition  and we are  fixing  our condition and time by life design on this earth.I am saying this, time or life journey talk because, i  were lived  this true sound  for two days with practical  action of time . In  my city a Art Society Mrudha was organized a art workshop ( art Camp  it was a journey of vision ) The Art Society Mrudha was invited  to Korean  Artist  Sung  yu park for  art workshop in Bikaner city ( My Home Town )  Korean Artist Sung yu park not know English or Hindi language but she know visual language and she has  a strong vision  for life journey .that's result she was in Bikaner  on date 15 th or 16th  January  2013 .

Korea Artist Sung yu Park is Busy In
Expressing her vision by visual art exercise
in International  INDIA-KOREA  Art Workshop
Bikaner  15th -16th January  2013 .
 Korean Artist Sung yu park was  came INDIA and then Bikaner by her vision power and she was crossed all boundary of  "LOC " on this earth by low order  , by luck  that art workshop was organized  in B.J.S. Rampuriya Jain  Low  collage Bikaner  .Her vision power was avoided all kind of trouble and she was expressed her inner art sound  and cultural nature of  Korea by her visual exercise .

Here In Bikaner city artists and art students  were joined that art workshop  as a artist  in that case i were also invited  by Art Society Mrudha  so i were there as a art learner , i saw some demo presentation of Korean Artist Sung yu park , when she was  painting  that time she went in peace and meditation  condition . she was created some visuals by her vision  with complete peace or silence  . that was a learning point for art students and i am happy they were learning something  from work demo of  Korean Artist Sung yu park.

In art workshop when i started my art visual exercise that time  Artist Sung yu park was watching  my drawing medium and style she asked me  are you work by ink pen or only pencil  on paper  ? i did reply to her yes  you are working by black ink on paper same thing is here i am also draw by ink pen on paper here no boundary for medium selection or  you can say we are thinking on a same place  for our vision journey, she was accepted my answer . Actually she was noticed  it , a artist of INDIA also working on same art medium just like me she said it . she was surprised and  happy  after know  it , if  a artist of Bikaner is busy in drawing work to last five years  by ink or paper its great she told me ,  i did noticed in Korean art culture  some one working  for cultural  art  sound and they are taking all kind of risk for promote  to that art vision sound in this world .they can cross  to all kind of  boundary of this Earth " LOC " for real art vision journey .its really great art job .

 After Saw The Art Confidence of Korean Artist Sung  Yu Park I gave salute  to Korean Art and culture and then Artist Sung yu Park .  In two days Sung yu park was displayed her painting  in art exhibition  and created  some art visual for art transformation exercise, I also created four art drawing on different kind of paper like Art paper , China hand made paper or  Etc. 

There lots of art lover and visitor came  and visited  that art workshop presentation  . it was my first international  art workshop in  my city Bikaner , i did participated and created some visuals like other artist of art workshop but my work is very close  to korea artist Sung yu park over medium was same and over  vision journey was on same track that is  love and peace of art journey without any boundary ..and i hope  to  you after read it  you will accept  it .. no boundary in art.

yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


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