Monday, July 29, 2019

Art Vibration - 524

A Painting Can complete to wish  
In  Indian Mythology …

Drawing of Kalpvraksh 2019
Friend we know Indian mythology have many surprising angle about survive to life in this nature or universe  . we know we all are live individual life , its run on only breaths . breaths possible by air or this air is part of nature . the fresh air can give long life to us or this fresh air come from tree of nature . today we human are forgetting it so we are in critical condition in our individual life . science has proved it very early or indicated to us . 

But this talk is for our body function. in our body we live one more life that is move in our vision , you can say that is our own philosophy . our philosophy run on our daily life conditions of action /reaction . it is live continue 24 hours with us in our internal individual life . that life have lots of sound but that work in silence or in hidden mode . just think it   you will feel it ..i sure about it because  you are human of this nature . 

 Some time our life condition is create trouble and puzzle condition about our self freedom or requirement and the time  block to our vision,  In that case , in India many upset persons are  follow to instruction of our INDIAN Mythology . our Indian Mythology have many sectors or logics  for pull up to puzzled minds of INDIAN peoples . we are calling to that VASTU, JOTISH, TANTRA-MANTRA ,DHYAN,YOGA and ART .

Painting of Kalpvraksh  2019
How to Art can help to Puzzled  Mind of a Human I knew it  yesterday . when a senior person demanded to me a painting of Tree KALPVRAKSH . 

Kind  your information Kalpvraksh tree is complete to wish of all wishers , Indian mythology is  saying it. This tree or that’s image is helpful for all kind of upset minds or down businesses . I have not done practical with it, but I created a painting of KALVRAKSH  for a senior person of my city . 

 As a painter I know mythological definition of Indian  painting , that definition demand six elements for painting . mythological book VISHNU DHARMOTAR  PURAN  defined it  in  a slok of Sanskrit . 

#i Hksnk izek.kkuh Hkko yko.; ;kstue !
lknz’; of.kZdk Hkaxe bfr fp= ‘kMa/kda !!

form difference/measurement/Emotions/fantasy/composition/color balance are  elements of  Indian painting .( notice it,  it is useful for all INDIAN painters ) .

so on definition of Vishnu dharmotar  Puran I painited a image of kalpvraksh on paper by water color or ink pen . 

before painting I knew some basic of Kalpvraksh or why that is important for upset life or business . it was must because the senior person of  my city demanded to me painting of Kalpvraksh  for his business growth .
I met to him at town hall  Bikaner  ,  here I am  not share his name  but he is a good theater artist too . for life survive he is doing a business that is in under small business industries  . when  he talked to me , he showed a image on his mobile screen and he said I want to this image in painting form from  you . it is kalpvraksh the tree of wish or blessing . 

He demanded to art or I know art is itself a kalpvraksh but that is not in form of tree but that’s shadow is much better to tree for vision of peoples of our world . it is  my art philosophy ..

In two hours sting I created a image of tree ( I don’t know that is kalpvraksh or not ? ) but I created just like his mobile screen image , he showed that to me . 

I noticed his pure wish and hope was working step by step , he demanded to me painting of kalpvraksh , I created that with  my full dedication or without any hope or demand a sa giver or care taker ( artist nature ) . in two days he got a painting of kalpvraksh in his hand , he did that wish to me or his wish was  completed  according his wish . it was great experience for me . I knew some more magical power or concept of our INDIAN mythology , here I can’t define that in words but I felt clearly when I saw the confident face of that senior person of  my city . he will install that kalpvraksh painting at his business center . or I hope  his  wish work as soon as  after installation of kalpvraksh painting at his business center ..

Indian mythology is teaching about trust and patience it is main region of success of Indian Mythology . by a painting it can pull to upset life in natural life, step by step .. it is great and magical power of it .  

So here I said about it ..A painting can complete to wish in Indian mythology …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Art Vibration - 523

Property Chandrayaan For Theater Art …

Sankalp Natya Samiti Bikaner  is a organization of theater art . its director is Senior Writer Sir Vidhyasagar  Acharya ji . he is fully committed for theater art and that’s promotion in Bikaner . he gave theater art education or culture to his two son’s or to Bikaner  theater Artists too. 

Now in this days his son freelancer  theater Artist Anand v Acharya ji is calling to me for property design about his plays . Artist Anand V Acharya ji also a senior Artist of theater art and at present he is operating to Sankalp Natya Samiti  Bikaner  ,

Today I visited his play the Inspector Matadeen On moon . it is a hindi language play , writer Late Harishankar Parsaai ( story ) , writer Girish purohit  wrote to play script on story of Late Writer Harishankar Parsai . Directed by Anand v Acharya  ji . For this play  I created a property that was spacecraft name Chandryaan . 

Kind your information Play The Inspector matadeen on Moon  was a joint presentation of Sangeet natak Academi New Delhi & sankalp natya samiti Bikaner . 

Before this play I created a another property for Play Tido rao, it was presented by sankalap natya samiti Bikaner  , I wrote about that property work on this art vibration in past post . 

I know Anand V Acharya ji why selected to me for property of  his recent play .  he know about my work process . here I want to share with  you , how to I work when I create property for a play script .

First I read or see to live rehearsal of that play and I notice how to actor will use to property  on the stage in final performance .  After basic study of property of play I select light weight medium , it is must for comfort of actors or that medium can stable for 5 to 10 performance of that play . 

 So for chandrayaan property  I selected wood ply or I created a cutout of chandryaan from my hand. After that I gave real look of chandryaan by paper pasting work . in visuals  you can  see how to chandryaan came in form or shape . 

property chandrayaan cut out step first ..
                                                                property chandrayaan cut out step second  ...

                                                                         property chandrayaan cut out step third ...

In play The property chandryaan for  use of two actors .  so I gave length 5.5 fit’s to chandryaan . for pick  to that property on stage , I used handle of doors  and fixed on that property . in play script writer high lighted to chandryaan so actors used that many time  on stage . they were moved on stage left wing to right wing .so I got a extra task for property chandryaan . I created both side same image of that cut out of chandrayaan . so property were giving a special look or comfort zone to actors in use of property on stage . in visuals  you will notice it .

Final rehearsal Movements from Town Hall Play Inspector matadeen Chand Par ..2019

Final rehearsal Movements from Town Hall Play Inspector matadeen Chand Par ..2019
Final rehearsal Movements from Town Hall Play Inspector matadeen Chand Par ..2019

Last seen of Play The Inspector Matadeen On Moon  date 27-July 2019 Town Hall  Bikaner ..

Date 27 /28 July 2019 the inspector matadeen on moon play  run in town hall at 7:30 pm . play duration is 1:15 hour. 

 When I were  watching to play as a viewer I noticed actors were worked hard because the play was converted in play script from Story . so story play  performance is very tuff for actors because they remember long long dialogs or they deliver that continue so in that complicated  condition play miss to sent of drama or viewer can’t get space for think to each one dialog of actors. It is critical but it is because play script writer master Girish Purohit just converted he was not imagine to seen of play in his vision or imagination . because story telling play is very tuff style for writer/director or actor too. I can say it , because I have read to theater art or that’s basic from Natya Shastra of BHARAT MUNI . 

Play concept is remove to corruption from our world or universe , writer late Harishankar parsaai wrote it in story form ..

Final rehearsal Movements from Town Hall Play Inspector matadeen Chand Par ..2019
Final rehearsal Movements from Town Hall Play Inspector matadeen Chand Par ..2019

Final rehearsal Movements from Town Hall Play Inspector matadeen Chand Par ..2019

Final rehearsal Movements from Town Hall Play Inspector matadeen Chand Par ..2019

But in this play script property creation ( task)  I got good marks because many theater artists were appreciated to  my art and craft work ( property Chandrayaan ) .

Before my property presentation some young artists were gave full play form to that play script on stage of town hall. their name you can see with his photo image in browser image cum ticket. 


( kind  your information as a viewer I buy a ticket of play The Inspector Matadeen on Moon  for promotion of theater art of Bikaner.)  

So here I said it about property of play script ..

Property chandryaan for theater art …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA