Thursday, June 27, 2013

Art Vibration - 132


         Robonaut 2 Demonstration at Kennedy Space Center

It is Interesting because it is reality of today  In science . here newspaper have published a news about science , in that news I were read a talky Robot is ready  for space Journey . it is critical  , because today world is busy  in education of  communication and scientist is busy in talky robot creation . haha

You just Imagine Robot will in space  station and we human on earth , robot will give the right information by phone talk in mid robot battery will  off then whose to we will talk on  Space station ?

In past Science and Nasa were  presented a video presentation  on online for world , in that video I saw a demo of a ROBOT , that was designed   for space station . Nasa was declared we will launch this robot  to space station. In that video presentation a scientist or Designer of that Robot was explaining to that robot working way . I were listened,  he said its working like a human  , it can think and judge very fast  like a human mind , it can see like a human , and its body is very flexible like human  body . its have two hand like a human and this hand is working just like human hand . this robot can see 360 degree without move to its place  and some more special function detail was shared  by that video presentation .

Nasa Said this robot will take a place of human in our space station , we will launch it very soon. I think it was year 2012.  When I were read and observed to that scientist design in form  of human figure robot , I were laughed very critically . As a artist I saw to that ROBOT design and then I thought for that , this is a nice sculpture  by science . it’s a sensitive sculpture , it can see, it can work and it can think . so it was interesting for me , I saw first time a very sensitive sculpture in  my life  by NASA scientist . they were crafted that very well by advance technology . That Robot Design can surprise to anyone in first look because I was surprised after visited  that .

But  my creative  mind was not accepted that Robot and that’s responsible duty . Space Station  is fix for our space observation that is a machine of observation to our universe . Nasa Scientists were observing  any step of our Universe by that space station . there human  is working  for earth life.

So I were wrote a critical letter to NASA about that Electronic Robot.  I said , Human is working by natural energy  and robot is working  by Electronic energy . human have self charging system in this solar system .but Robot need a charge battery all time  for perfect work . without right battery that is fail . so please think on this matter , who is best  for a responsible job of space station . today we human observing our universe from our space station through human , but when we send Robot there  then first we will observe to this ROBOT and then ROBOT activity in that case we will take big risk for observation of our universe by space station.

In last I were wrote TOY for play not for a responsible job. Ha ha ha

I were send that mail copy to President of INDIA and To President of America after that to UN Director. It was  my art duty  for a right action about our Earth future. Ha

AS a Critic  I were noticed A scientist  was created a perfect sculpture ,by science method . I did asked  to NASA and to Science Why Science can’t think after human body . in space station or our space station want better tool and observation system not a copy of human body ,space station want better tool for repair, that is not want human shape Robot or talky robot . we have not 100 % confidence  on human life then how to we can trust on this battery based  toy in form of ROBOT ( science sculpted  Sculpture in form of copy of human body  ) ?

Talky Robot  Image  i share from Rajasthan Patrika News paper .
After read this short and critical note  you can say to me a artist is working like a scientist , and I will accept it because I know the real definition of science and our universe. Because when science journey is  get stop then , there to art journey is get start. ( A philosopher said it in INDIAN art History and its  fact )

This critical Art and science sound of myself   was observed  by NASA and by other responsible people of our earth and then they were stop to that ROBOT launching  project  for space station. It was a right step  for our space station or for our earth future.

But when today I were read again a news about talky robot is ready for space station journey  then i were  laughed and said it Scientist is busy in creation of Sculpture .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

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