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Art Vibration - 125


Sculptor Ram Kumar  Ji Inaugurating Desert Symphony Art Exhibition of
Artist Kiran Soni Gupta

Year 2003, I was in Mumbai  for  my art exhibition of MANTHAN  a contemporary youth artist group . that  time  in  my city All India  art and craft society ,Delhi  was organized national painting camp . that was a historical art comp of our INDIA. We called  to that camp Kala Khumbh . really that was a very big art activity of our nation and my city people were knew first time the right definition of a painting camp or about painter of contemporary  art . By luck I were participated  in that national camp as a painter. It was a good luck for me or it was possible  for me by a IAS  Cum Artist .

Catalog  launching  movement of Art Exhibition Desert Symphony 
Yes IAS  cum Artist Kiran Soni Gupta , she was officer of water saved department of  Bikaner  , Rajasthan and in her real life  she is a good artist . in that art camp she was putted her 100 % about that national painting camp  for  full success . I were noticed her art energy  in that camp very first . she  was lived with patience or with light mood . I saw her art management, she was gave chance to all  artist s with art respect . After management of art camp  she was created  two big painting by herself  in different style . there I saw she was  trying to learn painting and that’s styles from senior artist works .  I saw a art student  in a vision of  IAS level Officer.

( In 2003, I were started  my art studio ,  Artist  Kiran  Soni Gupta  was  inaugurated  my studio by her hand . it was  my good luck . )  

Sculptor Ram Kumar ji is busy in visit  to art work of Artist  Kiran Soni
Gupta in her art Exhibition Desert Symphony .
After that kala Kumbh , I were met to Artist kiran Soni gupta  In kala Mela jaipur  Year 2004 , there as a art promoter she was promoted  my art installation  work title 14-2-2004 , after her promotion of my art work I saw SBBJ BANK was gave me reward  to my art work in that KALA mela , Jaipur . in Kala mela  I saw  Artist  Kiran Soni Gupta  was worked  like a IAS officer  for promotion  to some struggler  artists .

Exhibition hall of Cottage Art Gallery  is full by art work of  Artist
 Kiran Soni Gupta . 
In 2008 , I were received a invitation of a art exhibition of Artist kiran Soni Gupta , that invitation was came in  my mail or on online network . Her Exhibition was in Delhi  At Cottage art gallery .Her  exhibition title was “Desert Symphony” .  I were went to visit her art exhibition . there I saw lots of painting  in a solo show of kiran Soni Gupta . I were noticed her painting sound that was  completely from Desert Life  sound .  she was painted deep cultural life sound of desert  life . poor people, fight for water in desert , folk singers dancers and that’s life struggle motion . I can say that exhibition was really desert symphony . because  In our national Gallery of Modern art Gallery , I have visited  real painting of Senior late Artist Amrta Sher Gill , she was observed  to  Indian social or village  life and then painted  to that’s  life  on canvas . Artist Amrta Sher Gill  was  got very high level education from western art education Institute  but after art education  she  was created painting on INDIAN cultural  life . she was expressed  to real struggle of social and villager  life  by her painting .  that same sound I saw in painting of kiran Soni  Gupta  .

Artist Cum IAS Kiran Soni  Gupta  is busy in management  work  by call, in her
Art Exhibition Desert Symphony at Cottage art Gallery , Delhi . 
I were noticed Artist Kiran Soni Gupta is trying to express her all art energy  by different  kind of art styles , I saw she was  created traditional style painting, contemporary painting , conceptual painting or  realistic painting . she have lots of art sense and art energy in her vision just like  Artist Amrta Sher Gill .  so I can say Artist Kiran Soni Gupta have lots  of art variation with full art dedication . she is managing to canvas space just like a process of  IAS management . its natural because she is a perfect IAS officer in GOVT. Job  and that same sound you can visit in her paintings .

 I have shoot some visuals of her Desert symphony art exhibition by  my camera And I were observed her art action and work exercise or that’s presentation by her  art exhibition. I saw  Senior sculptor Artist Sir Ram kumar ji was inaugurated her art exhibition and he was said in Hindi Artist  Kiran Soni  Gupta  Ki  kala kratiyon  me rang bhi hai or ek adaa bhi , ( action and color in painting of  Artist Kiran Soni Gupta ) .

Art Viewer is visiting painting of  Desert  Symphony  art Exhibition . 
After that Exhibition of Desert Symphony , I were not visited any live art work of Artist kiran Soni Gupta but by online I have visited  her many new art exercise and exhibitions . she is very active  and energetic  artist cum IAS officer of my nation and In my  art view  her energy is just like Artist Amrta Sher Gill so I said it , Art Energy of Artist Amrta Sher Gill , I saw in Artist kiran Soni Gupta.   

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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