Thursday, June 11, 2020

Art Vibration - 562

Pariwar - Sabke haath, pariwar ke sath

Family -  All hands, along  with family …

Family is our roots, it is universal truth . we all are human family our home is earth . today we family persons are facing to very critical condition about our family life . we are calling to that covid -19 . A  killer virus in our environment or its killing to our family members . last 6 months to we all are fighting  to this killer virus on our earth . we are trying to brake to chain of this killer virus . so our world family living in lock down action . last three months to I am also in my home for brake to chain of this killer virus covid -19 . we are using a  tag line for educate to each other .. Be Safe  , Stay At Home ..we are maintaining  social distance for brake to chain of this killer virus . it is must for care to life of our human family . so we are just trying about it .

Certificate from Kalaneri  Art Gallery , Jaipur 2020
In Indian  philosophy or mythology we are reading first happiness is healthy life . it’s a time for us ,we must care our health very first then we can kill to this covid -19 .

I know we all are in this danger zone but we are giving our 100 % for care to each other  today . 

In this format I noticed a very fine and creative art action of a art gallery of  my nation . The team of that art gallery was created a new art concept  for our families  . they gave title to that concept PARIWAR  ( Family  ) . In lock down  condition  we all are in home and with our family . we are trying to pass this critical time at home by many activities like cooking, reading, playing, cleaning ,painting or online communicating . our life is totally compressed its region is  covid -19 . so the art gallery team invited art works from families . they invited painting of family members . actually the team of art gallery wanted to give busy to mind of all members of family  by they way of art . they created a art task for all members of family . they invited a digital image of art works and created category like drawing, pencil sketch , painting and some more  art forms .

My Pencil  drawing  work  2020 myself and covid-19

Mr. Vijay  Kumar Sharma  Director of  Kalaneri Art  gallery  Jaipur , 
On my whatsapp contact I received a message cum invitation of art gallery Kalaneri art gallery jaipur . the Director  Sir Vijay Kumar Sharma  posted me a format for detail of art works about entry or participation .
 At my home I am sharing   my full time  with  my niece Ms. Disha Purohit  . she is 3 year old , we both are create every day some art works in her drawing book . some character of cartoons or some free expressions of her vision .  I read to  her color and lines . that same thing  I noticed in art concept of  Kalaneri Art gallery  Jaipur . so I accepted that task and created a art work on covid-19 and myself . I also shared a art work of My niece with team of kalaneri art gallery  , but the team of art gallery asked to me the name of her school . my Niece is not going to school , because we think she will go to school after complete her five year with us . ( old Indian education format of families ) . so her work could not accepted . any way that was not matter . the matter was myself and the director of Kalaneri Art Gallery  Mr. Vijay Kumar  Sharma are thinking on same way . I live busy wth family by art activity at home in this lock down and the team of Kalaneri art gallery  want to create some busy movements for family through the art activity . so it was acceptable for me , I saw very much positive energy and sound about joint to family through the art , so it was acceptable  for me . so I accepted easily .

I posted  my work by mail or on whatsapp , they accepted that in pencil drawing  category to  my art work .
 Finally they announced to awards from Kalaneri  Art gallery  Jaipur , they posted me a message for  my art work award , they selected that for first position in pencil category . it was surprised to me because I just shared my art work  for support to art concept of Kalaneri  Art gallery  Jaipur . 

Myself   yogendra kumar purohit
 This art Activity was virtual activity from Kalaneri Art gallery  but in reality all families members were lived it live at home with family members , they all created art work at home  . they created real art form , joint art form  and converted that  in again virtual form for kalaneri art gallery, in this lock down  condition .  so tha art concept of kalaneri art gallery was got fully success in their art concept . They were bounded to families through the art , they were  broken  to chain of covid -19, they were  provided a art creation  opportunity for artist and artist  families or every art lover . such a great art activity in this very critical time of our world family . I want to give a army salute  to Director of Kalaneri Art gallery and his team too. They were done a role model work in field of art for our societies or families . it is very inspiring art activity for our world family …  

So here I tag the title of Kalaneri art gallery  Jaipur for this post .

Family – all hands , along with family..

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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