Thursday, September 26, 2013

Art Vibration - 217


Some time art come from consciousness and some time its come from unconsciousness . yes it is true . because I have saw a live example of this talk in real . I was in Mumbai year 2007 . there my exhibition was at Pradarshak Art Gallery , Khar.Mumbai.  when I were going to art gallery in mid way I were saw a temple . that was a temple of  God HANUMANA . but that’s temple name was very creative and critical . yes that’s name was GHANTESHWAR HANUMAN temple. Ghanteshwar name came from GHANTI ( it is a bell of temple ) .

When I saw first time that temple I were surprised by that temple visuals or that’s live condition. That temple was on a road side that was not a big temple but that’s visuals were very big or meaning full for art vision. For me that temple was a complete art work in a installation form .

 I saw, there lots of bells of metal  was fixed on wall and temple pillar . there religion people were submitted metal bells to temple for wish or that’s completeness . it is a different matter for life and hope by trust on god or wish. People have demand to god  in that demand  feeling they gift to god some sweets ,cloths , prayer mediums and temple bells . it is religion culture of HINDU sanskrity .


I were noticed on that temple people are wishing and there they were gifted  to god a single metal bell . and that temple trusty hang to that gifted bells on temple walls or on pillars . for common man that was a live activity of prayer or wish for better future by blessing of god. But in my view they all well wishers were created a very strong installation art work by unconsciousness on the road in form of temple with creative name GHANTESHWAR HANUMAN temple is very contemporary name of God Hanuman by that well wishers .

In art history I have read our all temple and other prayer place is also a fine installation art work of our society. So that temple was also a installation but with very contemporary art action.
I were shoot to that temple visuals like a art master and here you will visit to that unconsciously creation of prayer persons in visuals .

A religion give this kind of  freedom to people for express to his or her self in front side of god . I saw Mumbai is a metro city a very advance or practical city of our INDIA but there that temple was showing a very different type feeling in that art form or by  that  creative name of temple Ghanteshwar Hanuman.

I were observed there unlimited metal bells was hanged . I were thought how many people were demanded to god HANUMANA and after completeness of wish or before wish they have gifted  this metal bells to this temple of GHANTESHWAR HANUMAN . there was no free space for hang to a new bell but people were hanging bell on bell with lots of feeling or prayer + wish .
There feeling full people were gave a complete installation to Mumbai in Khar area by his or her unconsciousness . as a art master I were observed and felt surprising  visuals in form of  that live installation art .

So I said  that GHANTESHAWAR  HANUMAN temple  was a complete installation..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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