Sunday, September 22, 2013

Art Vibration - 213

[k  to d 
d it is a text of Hindi language . I were noticed a art and culture society was fixed this title with text d ! I were gave a comment in visitor book of this d art and culture society . after visit and participate in art activity of d society . I were wrote very simple comment in Hindi . my word was d dks esjk [k !

Before that comment I were visited to activity of art and culture society of d .This society is a promoter of  youth artist of our nation . they have no boundary for any art activity.  this society is publishing a art and cultural magazine with same title d .

We know in INDIA Sir Ravindra nath Thakur was a great promoter of our nation . in his life he was created many social work with cultural sound for our nation or that’s art promotion . Shantiniketan is a live example of his art promotion work.

I have read to Sir Ravindra Nath Thankur but I were not saw  to him live . but when I were saw to Editor of d magazine or director of d art and culture society Mr. Vijay Shankar . I were felt some sound of Sir Ravindra nath Thakur in his live activity for art promotion.

 It was year 2008, I were busy in art work at JKK , Jaipur . he was came there with his team . in JKK. He was exhibited a art exhibition of  youth artist of our INDIA . he was invited  to youth Artists  of Maharastra , Uttarpradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan and some other states . that was a very fresh art work exhibition . in that movement he was met to me in Studio of JKK and he was observed to my working condition like a senior . he was noticed  my live art  condition and said to me you are living like KABIRA ( Poet of INDIA) .he was offered me for join to his  d  society as a artist .i were said to him we are talking ,its mean we are in a one society we have join to each other it is very must  for art and culture . I think its very must we meet and talk for art time to time. He was liked  my reply about joining of his d  society .

There his d society were lived one week busy at JKK in art exhibition or after that art communication by art talk and desk meeting .that was a literature part of d.

As a observer or listener I were attended all meeting and art talk of  d  society as a artist . mr. Vijay Kumar was invited in art and literature talk to Dr. Nand bhardwaj ( writer of Hindi Literature ) Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay ( Contemporary Painter ) Dr. Dilip Singh Chohan ( senior painter ) Dr. Virbala Bhawsar ( painter and folk art master ) and some more faculty of art and literature .

I were listened to all as a art student and in same time I were captured that live promotional art activity of d by my camera .  

 Over all in seven days of that art activity was gave me many art sound and view for know to right art view . there I were observed  art is a chain and d  society is caring and reviewing to that chain by art promotional work in banner of d.

Because there I saw literature , poetry , painting, sculpture , folk art and talk on theater of on music by a one organizer . I were noticed  a true person Mr. Vijay Shankar was knowing to right definition of art and he was recreating and trying to connect with society by art activity . he said I want to start communication or talk on art by activity of art and culture . I saw he was not thinking for loss and profit but he was busy in his right aim of art communication with society by art activity through his d society .

In seven days he was organized five art talk in gallery or in meeting hall of JKK. In gallery he was communicated with senior artists by open talk of art. And in meeting hall he was organized seminar on art and literature . there in seven days I were observed a very simple man was  working for true art of INDIA like Sir Ravindra nath Thakur with a simple text of HINDI d  for Identity  .i were observed he was presented all complicated condition of art communication by a simple Hindi text  d .it was great for me so I were wrote a simple comment on his visitor book in HINDI after my lots of struggle and complicated art condition . I were wrote d dks esjk [k  . (ka ko mera kha ) so here I said [k to d

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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