Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Art Vibration - 210


Our City Commissioner is busy in painting  on inauguration  day of traditional painting exhibition cum art camp at Lalghar Palace Hotel ,Bikaner2003 

Some time , time need  to  you something special for make some more special about  future . in past I were done this live special activity for visuals art or for confidence of my juniors  . some time I am taking some hard step for true art activity because art need that for true art sound by me. In that condition I can’t stop to myself because I have designed in this form by my art education .
I am remembering year 2003 , in Bikaner our City commissioner Sir Madhukar Gupta was created a art group with title Bikaner creative artist group. That group director was senior artist Msr. Kiran Soni Gupta . I were also member of that artist group as a painter .

By that art group I have participated  in many art activity in a one year , our Bikaner Creative Artist group was created two national level art camp. A big state level art exhibition in Lalghar palace Hotel.
 In exhibition cum art workshop of traditional art  was organized  at hotel lalghar palace  Bikaner, so I were went there for visit to that art exhibition cum art camp of traditional painting . senior Artist Nathulal Verma was gave demo  in that art work shop for art students of our Bikaner. That was a plus point for art students  a national awarded artist was gave art guide line to art students through  that art exhibition.

On opening day of that art exhibition I saw a big canvas was fixed there for a big oil painting .that canvas size was 6 X 4 fits. Our Bikaner artist realistic master kalashri was draw a nice landscape drawing  for big painting on that canvas  . there on opening time our Creative artist group manager or founder commissioner sir Shri Madhukar Gupta was filled very first some color on that big canvas and he was inaugurated to that art exhibition cum traditional painting camp . After commissioner sir all artists were painted  to that canvas and I were shoot to that all live painting action by my camera .

After painting of seniors on that canvas , someone told me for paint to that canvas . and I saw many young students were watching and waiting for paint on that canvas .but they are feeling some fear type feeling . they all were want to paint to that canvas but who start first.  So I were observed that condition and went to paint, in side I were knew that  canvas will be  a big painting after painting by artist    kalashri .

But art students were  want to paint live canvas in oil color so I were got myself as a painter motion  and I were taken a big color mixing plate then putted lots of sky blue  color and then, by a big oil color brush I were started painting on that big canvas . I were painted that sky blue color in  fast speed like a sports player  . my juniors were watching my painting action . someone observed to me and my live painting activity . so I were invited to them for painting .first two art students came for painting  and after some time I saw I were very far to that canvas and all art students were busy on that canvas  for live oil painting . In that movement  someone try to stop to students  as a art teacher . Then I were  said to him please don’t stop to students they are learning how to design confidence for visual art by painting exercise in live or in mid of seniors.  so please don’t stop , if  you think about money or medium cost  of this canvas  , so  I will pay this art medium cost to  you  .but please don’t stop to art students . he was noticed my talk and after that he was not stop to art students for live painting on that big canvas..

Junior artists is busy in live painting exercise  after invitation of myself  at Lalghar  palace Hotel , Bikaner, 2003 .
There within 30 minutes  that canvas got a complete painting look by live painting  of art students . I know that was a not fine art work but  that canvas was gave a fine art confidence  to art students for future art work in mid of society. ( it was fine )

Art need true feeling and expressions of creative person . art not need a very fine photography image look in color on canvas. It’s a logic of world art , its not myself. I have read it by historical  notes  of art critics in my study of art history . there I were taken a right action for build confidence  in  my juniors and they were got after live painting .that day  I were feeling  happy because that day I were gave some contribution to our visual art family.  So I said here I were invited  to youth artist’s…
Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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