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Art Vibration - 207


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Friends we know today our world is converting in virtual form about work and communication system. It is a new change for future change . Virtual word  mean is real feeling , In mythology we have read this word with lots of example . but that was just a fantasy for us because we are  not live that virtual reality of past in our present.

But when  we are using this advance and strong virtual communication tool by us then we are living to that mythology or that’s real virtual impression  in is not a  joke but this electronic virtual tool is making lots of joke for real life it is another fact. ( in critical word )
This virtual condition have saved our lots of time and energy so it is making to us or our world a educate and advance . by a computer we can touch to all part of our world by virtual electronic webs . it is great. By this virtual element we can get , education, information, fun , art, and culture form in virtual form . 

In my view it is a artistic creation for refreshment of our world and its giving light condition  to users . this virtual electronic world is giving  you some real feeling when we follow to it by virtual system . a computer screen can give you  a real feeling of Cinema Hall, that screen can give  you journey feeling of space journey by support of  Virtual project of NASA,  that screen can give  you feeling of your future  home design , you can buy anything from that screen by a one click if  you want to buy some product ,. That screen can convert in art gallery form when you want to visit some online art galleries  of other countries  and many more on a one screen .
Display page of KBC virtual game 2013.

So today virtual world design a very success full art work because our world is following it and its giving some good result for better future because its saving time and energy of our world.

I am sharing it today because I am living it to last five  years continue for my art communication and by this virtual art communication tool I have touched to our world art family  from my art studio . my art concept have done very long virtual art journey .I were got many historical art movement in my  virtual  art  journey . in that  list , I were got art workshops, International art exhibitions , seminars, art talks, world artists ,art critic  and art education. But story is not complete at here.

My first virtual winning cheque of 40,000 rupees by KBC or AXIS bank. 2013 

This week I were watching a art work presentation  on on my computer screen .in same time I saw a advertise  on that youtube .com page. That was from game show . yes that advertise  was from KBC team , this is a money maker game .its name is in Hindi Kon Banega  Karod  Pati ( who will make itself husband of rupees one karor .ha ha.) Sony television is presenting and mage start of INDIAN cinema Dr. Amitabh Bachchan My E GURU ( E- GURU is a form of Virtual teacher ) is hosting to KBC. It is a big TV show of today In INDIA.

So After visit to that advertise  I were login on that web page of game show KBC. On that virtual web page I saw some design of set of KBC . so that’s giving some real feeling , after that I were noticed that musical sound that was same sound or tune of KBC. But I were missed to Dr. Amitabh Bachchan Voice and Image on that virtual KBC game.

My second  virtual winning cheque of 6,40,000 rupees by KBC or AXIS bank. 2013 

I am art master but I were taken a risk for live feeling of KBC by that virtual KBC web page.   That questions were  very challenging for me because I am practical artist and that was theoretical or G.K question  . but I were played,  like a participant of KBC game show . that was funny , critical but in feeling that was real like a art work or that’s impression . in Hindi we are saying to that condition  SAMPRESHAN ( camunication). In game time of KBC on my screen ,  I were felt real feeling when I went  puzzle condition, I were felt tens  when time was going from my hand  in search to right question by knowledge memory , I felt cool when I were used  to life line of that virtual game when  that was supporting to me in wining process of KBC. Game.

That web page designer was created a real virtual condition after observe to real KBC performance .Axis  bank was showed  cheque for  you after win to a wining level like 40,000 , 6,40,000 ,12,50,000 and 25,00,000 or some more ..

My first virtual winning cheque of 2, 50,000 rupees by KBC or AXIS bank. 2013 

Yesterday I were played with dedication as a participant of KBC on virtual game show on my computer screen  and I were won 25,00,000 rupees . that time I were got a real winning feeling because I were played real with my full consciousness and that’s consciousness was gave me a winning condition and feeling by that virtual game show . but after some  time I were felt that virtual  KBC game is a real impressive art work of virtual game designer . he is success in his virtual design. Because his creative virtual game design is giving a real feeling to game player and in that movement that art work is giving more refreshment to that virtual game player .i were felt it really so I am sharing  it here for  you .
Virtually I were won 25,00,000 and bank Axis was showed a cheque of 25,00,000 for me . so I have saved to that wining movement in my virtual data by virtual image of winning cheques image  . that images I were collected from virtual KBC game screen . here I am sharing with you that virtual wining movement by winning  cheque images .

Art is giving real feeling and in this art definition virtual KBC  game is a perfect art work  . so I were played and then sharing here with  you that virtual art work visit experience  as a art master .  because today we are part of virtual world …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikan er, INDIA

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