Monday, September 02, 2013

Art Vibration - 196

Google a definition of  real friend of  human knowledge . we all know what is a real image of google in our advance communication of online . its working like a friend ,teacher, guide , scientist , observer of world  and many more sector is coming in under of google observation . Google is giving  us  space  for expressions of   our self  by electronic  space ,its giving data storage space over all google is saving our world energy and time by hard exercise of fast communication .

I were connected to google in year  2008, that day to till today  I  am with google and google with me like a very best friend of my knowledge. I were remember when I were connected  to online communication in first two month I were shared  my full time on google  for search to world art galleries  addresses  .By google support in that two month I were posted 10,000 email to 10,000 art galleries of our world art galleries . That big mail post work was not got complete stage without google support . so I am thankful for google or this thanks will walk continue on path of our art communication.

By google I were connected  to world and I were got lots of art and othere subject information in very short time with right information for my art communication. Google  is working 24 hours for observation of world by this communication path. It is not a easy job but google and that’s team is working it for more safe and fast communication about change to world for love and peace . I sure it will support to love and peace project of our world.

Here  I have wrote it about google because it is very must if I share with  you this sound of google because this blog is also a art space from google for my art writing and that’s communication .by this blog space I have shared many past art movement of myself  art journey for  your visit and notice so it is must I share with  you about google .

Yesterday I were felt happy after received a mail from google +. In that mail I saw the team of google + was created a animation on my art work ..that was in form of screen saver of mobile or pc  Screen. Actually google was collected  my pictures of GOVINDA  HANDI  FESTIVAL of MUMBAI  . I were updated that pictures on my blog post in last post . google creative team was observed that pictures sound and then they were created a animation by seven picture of GOVINDA HANDI , that was still photography work but team of google + was created that like a video or animation . I can say google + was putted  life in my still photography by a exercise of animation  work on my pictures. Google + team was used my art work like a family member or as a friend of myself or as a transparent friend google + shared with me this creative exercise very first  for my visit or share .

I felt happy because my art work was inspired to creative team of google + and they were observed  to my art exercise by my blog posts on google blog . you can see here our family relations sound or true friend sound by work of art and that’s exercise . its giving me some interesting feeling and some confidence about my art exercise or on work so thanks to creative  team of google + .

Here I am going to share that animated art work image and a link of my google + page there  you can see live presentation of this live animation work of GOVINDA HANDI festival of Mumbai . I were shared a story photo with text and google + have observed to that photo story and converted in animation film , I saw our national flag was moving by animation work but that’s looking like natural move by wind . so I want to say JAI HIND..ha ha ..

This is a  link of my google + page  for  your visit..

Over all yesterday I were noticed  it , in 5 to 6 year I have create some strong art communication relation with godfather of communication system . in this list of godfather of communication google is one and today google and google creative team with me . its giving me  more trust on this online communication way.  So I said google +  & My work …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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