Thursday, September 12, 2013

Art Vibration - 206


Hand Note image of Mahtma Ghandhi 
Yes any free space  for art or that’s expression , because art is creating some refreshment  motion for viewers or listeners . it is fact. Here I want to share a short but very strong example of this talk for  your notice. I sure  you will notice it when  you observe it in form of true art work on free space.
In art history I have read  to Great Philosopher and freedom concept designer Mahatma Ghandhi . he was a freedom fighter cum a true artist . in  his real life he was used  to free space for creation of art . his creation was concept of freedom and his hand writing and hand note was his art presentation . I were read about him he was used  to a used post card for his notes writing or short note message . he was using to free space of paper for his concept presentation . this creative art activity is also a good art for save to tree and nature from him about  our world.

I have learned how to use free space for art work from our nation Father Mahatma Ghandhi .
I am saying it because I am following it always for my creative work. By a story I want to clear this talk for  you. It is not a funny or critical it is a real art expression on a free space . one day I were came from INDIAN post office , after posted a   letter by speed post . there to I were received a receipt  in size 3X1.5 Inches  something . on that paper receipt  I saw a logo image of INDIAN post service and some very light text about my post  number or date.

When I came at home and then I saw  to that paper receipt   I were observed free space on that receipt . so I were started a drawing on that paper receipt  by me in my own art style . you can say that was my miniature drawing on that free space of paper receipt  . but I were enjoyed to that art work motion and movement by me . because I were living and following to free space and that’s use like  process of philosopher cum freedom fighter  Mahatma Ghandhi .

That art work I were not shared or exhibited but I have captured a image and saved that in my art data . today when I saw that art work image in my data ,  then that live true art story of that art work  creation was came  again in my canvas of memory . so here I am sharing with  you that true art sound of free space for art.

Philosopher Mahatma Ghandhi was used free space of paper for writing of his concept by text language  and I am using free space  for writing of my concept in visual language .

Drawing by me on receipt of INDIAN post Service .
 In that drawing  I were created a elephant image and one airplane and try to compose to that free space of paper receipt  with logo of INDIAN post Service . for me that was a art fun , art exercise , drawing in miniature form, and use of free space of paper. I were converted to that paper sleep in form of art work . that was a small art work by me but that’s sound is very large in visual art concept for save environment or use of spare medium concept so that art work exercise was important for me or I were saved that for  your visit by this blog post link.

I sure  you will notice to my very small art exercise of free space for art and may be in future  you will follow to this very artistic concept for care to nature or save to nature . I am not joking ,but I know I were created that art work like a joke but that was not a joke that was a live message for save to nature by  use of free space of paper , Because a right concept can change  to world and world  life style for better future.

In History Our Nation Father Mahatma Ghandhi was done it and in present its our duty we do some creative for better future of our world by art and creative concept .because in our world we have lots of free space for art …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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