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Art Vibration - 219


My application in  short wordswith sign image of Sir Shashi Kapoor ..
Friends we know Kapoor family is a great art promoter of our nation. Yes I am saying about Prathvi Raj kapoor Family. That family was build to our Indian Cinema or theater art in our nation. Today Indian cinema is celebrating to success of 100 years journey.

After cinema visit , I were saw live place of  late great art master  sir Prathvi raj kapoor Family  home. It was year 2000 I were in Mumbai for try my admission at J.J. School of Art . in that waiting  time , that was 15th days wait about a admission or that’s interview by luck I could not got admission at J.J.schjool of art .but in that time of waiting I were visited Prathvi theater very first. There I were met to a very senior person Mr. Tilak Raj ji . he was visited  my art work and said me do some more work and come back at prithvi.

Sir Shashi Kapoor Actor of  INDIAN Cinema ..
In 2004 , I was in master education at Rajasthan School of art . there one day  I were going to temple of Goving Dev Ji After my collage time . in mid way on Kishanpol Bazar Road, I saw a car was still on road .i saw a face  in that car , that was looking  like sir Shahi kappor , I were thought he is or not ? finally I went near to his car and I asked directly to him , sir Are  you Shashi Kapoor ? he was gave me a natural smile and Said yes I am Shashi . then he asked me who are you ? I said I am yogendra  a art student and I am busy in master education in Rajasthan School of Art .  in next movement  I said sir give me  your sign , he said ok but where ? I were putted a visiting card in front side of him, he was looked that  , and  I side to him ,  you can give me your sign back side of this card . he was looked me and said in HINDI words “ Mai visiting card par sign nahi deta !”  ( I am not giving sign on visiting card) that time I were remembering his film seen of DEEWAR and I sure he was also remembering that true art work of his self  . that was a puzzle condition for me but in next movement I said  to him , you stop here I am coming back now. He said  ok come soon  , there to I were went very fast on a art medium shop and I were buy a pen or sketchbook ,and came back near to car of sir Shashi kapoor , he was there. I were give my new sketchbook in his hand  for his sigh . he was game  me sign with blessing  word. He was putted his hand on my head and said god bless  you  yogendra .

Prithvi Theater of Mumbai . 
In 2007, I were in Mumbai for a art exhibition  of Pradarshak Art gallery in same time I were went to Prithvi for display of  my art exhibition poster . that was displayed on display board on the spot. I saw that live display of my poster live by  eyes at prithvi. That was live and true respect to art from Prithvi.
After poster display I were went in office of Prithvi theater but there I saw prithvi art gallery was off for future exhibition . I were felt pain because time was fixed for me no exhibition of  yogendra at prithvi .

But there I were submitted a letter cum application  with sign image of sir Shashi kapoor . There  I saw On sit of Sir Tilak Raj a other person was sited  , I asked to him about tilak raj ji then he said  to me a sad news about Tilk Raj ji  , he told me he was passed away . I felt another sad feeling .  in that case I said to that person I am going but  you will submit this application  in hand of Sir Shashi kapoor . he said ok I will submit it very soon  to him .

Over all I were at prithvi with blessing of Sir Shashi kapoor or with more work in visuals art so I said here I was at prithvi theater with blessing of Sir Shashi Kapoor..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner INDIA

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