Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Art Vibration..37


kind your information i had share with you the definition of Heritage, in my last post on this canvas with , link and title '' CRITICAL LANGUAGE OF ART MASTER''

so here i will not re write the same sound of Heritage and you can say this post is a joint part of Heritage art project work of myself and its continue with my art journey. In past a Senior Write and director of Tourism writer society Bikaner.Mr. U.C. Kochar had wrote a book on Historical building of BIKANER with title " HAJAR HAVELIYON KA SHAHAR ,BIKANER.( the Bikaner city of thousand Historical buildings) that time i were read the historical city Bikaner and thats beauty look and i did saw lots of historical building was transport for other city and for other country with big cost.i were read it by news paper ..ha

that time i were re construct a concept on heritage with critical art sound. i were designed some paper ship. point be noted paper ship is my childhood age Heritage. i were created lots of paper ship by me and then i were wrote Heritage text on all paper ship by black text and then i were created a installation art visuals on real desert. i were putted all paper ship on a desert and shoot some pictures . after shoot that pictures i were show that visuals in front of City print media and my city print media had published that with full sound of heritage with my installation visuals. here i want to share that visual image for your visit.

i were wrote the Heritage ship in desert so how to it will be move just think on it...ha

and in same sound i were created a one more big installation of my art journey. that was very big challenge for me from technical side. when i were designed the concept of installation that time i were selected medium only news paper , i want to cover a one Historical building of my city to news paper. because i saw news paper were published many time the sound of historical building and thats real condition but thats result was nothing . so i were created a critical art sound and wrote " we are covering to Heritage by text and by print media. but reality is very opposite for Heritage sound.i did wrote why we are cover to brake Heritage by text ..?
so i were selected news paper for cover to historical building . i were started the work on my Heritage art installation . In a one week i had pasted 350 news paper . its in size 30X50 fit . it was selected for a Historical building . kind your information that historical building was my grandfather of grandfather Mr. KishanGopal Ji purohit . before that art installation presentation i were wrote for care our Historical building of Bikaner city with application to City commissioner , to city collector and to office of tourism department Bikaner and thats copy to city writer U.C.Kochar and to KING Family of BIKAER. but i did not received any positive result.then i were feel text can't care to Heritage without educational action on that matter .ha

so i were came in art action for sound of Heritage. i were covered the historical building of my family that is in DUJARIYON KIGALI(street),BINANI CHOCK,BIKANER,RAJASTHAN,INDIA. by news paper . here i want to share that art work presentation by picture video . after visit this art presentation you can read the sound of my big challenge of technical part of that art work presentation .that was tuf and interesting for me and for others..ha

by this art presentation i want to share my view with educated person of my city with this sound. if we can't care to Heritage then just cover it and don't show it in front of our guest tourist. no one came with me for this sound but that time HINDUSTAN TIMES had published that art action on page of "Rajasthan" the editor of HINDUSTAN TIMES had show his confidence with me thats result they had published and created a right sound with a big visuals of my Heritage Installation art in mid of society as a mirror refection .so i were thankful for Editor and Team of HINDUSTAN TIME.they were listen the sound of Heritage of yogendra..ha

after few months i were visited the TAJ MAHAL it was a part of other story of my myself art journey but thats sound is attached with this post so here i want to share that visuals and some story text for you. i were went to Taj Mahal and i saw some one were busy in work of Conservation of TAJ MAHAL look. that time i were feel its a real Heritage work. i were told thanks to all worker and to director of R.T.D.C . and U.P.GOVT. i were feel happy because some one were active for Heritage, they were feeling its ourselves .its our real property .i saw they were loving to TAJ MAHAL .
here i want to share some visuals of TAJ MAHAL by my view .i had shoot lots of visuals of TAJ.
with sound of Heritage of INDIA.

After visit this visuals and story text may be you can understood the real sound of Heritage by myself Heritage ...ha

Yogendra Kumar Purohit


सुनील गज्जाणी said...

yogi bahi ,
namaskar 1
maru dhara ke baare me aap apnisahi abhi vyakti likhte hai , aap kuch lok kalon pe bhi hume padhwao naa !

Anonymous said...

good job bhai

Sardá Patricia said...

Dear Yogendra,congratulation for exellente page.See you