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Art Vibration..41


In 2000, i were in Mumbai for My masters Admission at J.J.School of Art. that time i were meet to two artist of Historical Village of HUMPY ,south INDIA. artist Jitendra and Rajkumar kalet. they had exhibit a art exhibition in Mumbai PVT. bank. we were stay in J.J. hostel Bandra. one day when we came at hostel of J.J. that evening Mr. Rajkumar Kalet had share his exhibition report with us . he told ,today we did got a art collector for our art work in exhibition hall. when he share his name and address of office .after that he did guide us you can meet to him may be he will support to you in Mumbai. we were noted his address of office and after that we friends were fixed a date for meet to that art collector . one day after J.J. School of art inquiry of Admission date we were went to Jahangir art gallery . that day the rain was continue tip tip tip..ha

But we were on art mission so no way for rest in any condition. i told to my friends we can meet to that Art collector all are upset but we had no any way for other after that art meet . we had started the search the right Address of that art collector. after a hour we did find the right address of that art collector. that was on Pitha Street. we did saw a sign board of AIM Advertising , we were went in that office that time our cloth was wet by rain water . when we enter in first door of his office a committed worker asked to us where to you come.then i were told to him we want to meet to your Director we are artist from Rajasthan. he did reply me wait i am asking to him about your meeting. that time i were thought may be he will not meet to us and after visit our look he will tell us sorry...ha

After a one minute that committed worker came and told to us.sir you can meet to him so you can go inside of his room. i were reply to him thanks.when i were enter in his room that time i were feeling hesitation because our condition was very funny.because i were meet first time to a art collector in his office with out any talk to him in my art journey. when we were enter in his office room he did said welcome . we were sited in his office a small room one table some art work on wall and lots of art tool on his table for Advertising work. i were feel he is a artist.he told us i am Artist Prashant shah .tell me , who told to you about my office add. then we were share the full story of his contact .he was like that art search of ourself .that time he was said good i like your spirit young boys.after formal talk he did offer us coffee when we were told no then he did press on us and told to us i will drink tea so you can give me company . after that we told ok sir we can take tea with you. In tea brake we had share our art mission and that condition and after that talk he did asked to us are you have some work and work visuals at present in your hand that time we had share our art work visuals files one by one . he did saw our art work and asked to us about our art medium. that time my one friend Artist Sanjay had some small work on paper portrait art work in miniature style and my friend sohan singh Jakhar had show his big art work but that was also on paper and then i were share my art work visuals that was on canvas by oil color. Mr. Prashant Shah had liked my conceptual art work and art medium . he did guide us in international art market all are want long life art work so medium selection is very must .paper work is not safe and not for long life but canvas can live 100 year in same condition when we care to canvas . that time i saw and feel my in side. he is not a simple artist he had lots of art knowledge of art and about art market. after visit our art work Artist Mr. Prashant Shah had share his art business point and a new step of his art business. that time he did busy in a online art business. he told us i have started a new web portal that is a online art gallery we will sale the art work from our online art gallery and i will update your art work with your bio- data after your registration on our online art gallery.thats gallery link is . that time i did asked to him how we can register ourself on your online art gallery. after listen my question he told me good question . i will gave you a form you will fill that with right art information and then you will submit to my office then we will register yourself on our online art gallery. then i were asked a one more question how many rupees we will pay to you for our registration that time he did guide us 2000 rupees for one member and on your sale of art work we will cut 25% our commission . we were reply to him ok sir. please give us the registration form of your collect that form of registration we were came out from his office and our side the rain was continue tip tip tip..ha .In evening time we were meet to Rajkumar Kalet and told to him thanks.after that i were came back Bikaner and i were completed that registration form of and posted that to office of Painternet .com with Draft of 1000 rupees.i were attached a application of my membership fees. i were wrote i will pay to you my membership fees in two or three installment . when Mr. Prashant shah received my membership form he called me yogendra i like your relationship step ok you can send your fess of registration of our online gallery in installment .that time he did read my real art condition.he asked to me about my Masters admission but i could not got the admission in of art i told three month i had sent my full fees of membership of to office of Prashant Shah.Mumbai.after my second installment of fees he did called me for my some art work i were posted him my canvas work in roll to Mumbai. he told me some one is interested in your art work so send me very soon. after one month he did posted me a first cheque of 10,000 something. with a mail of art collector name he was from America Mr. Amish Divatiya like that..ha

here i want to share that art work image for your visit. it was my first art sale by online art gallery in 2000.

this art work title is "NATURE"

kind your information that time Mr. Prashant shah had gave us life time membership on his online art gallery and after few month he had sold my two more art work from his online gallery. here i want to share one more artwork for your visit.thats title was "ART PAIN" its sold by

2000 to 2001 The Director of had sold my 5 to 6 art work and i were came in art form by support of a real art promoter . kind your information 2000 to 2003 i had lots of exhibition and i were used the money of my sold art work .in 2001 i were visiting some more art gallery of MUMBAI that time i were went to visit the gallery of Art Musings thats gallery director asked to me are you from RAJASTHAN so how to you sale your art work ? that time i were reply to'm i had sold my 5 to 6 art work from online art gallery . thats link is and its office in Mumbai. she did laugh and told me i can't believe . then i were show some visuals of my online sold art work in her art gallery. that time Mumbai art galleris were not showing the trust on online art business but a lion had work on online art gallery in 2000 for Indian artist and he did sold many art work of contemporary Indian artist from his online art gallery with in one year by art communication 2003 Mr. Prashant shah came Jaipur for Art fair visit . that time he did offer to all artist of Rajasthan for membership of in free. he did share some information and advantage of online art business with artist of RAJASTHAN. that time he did show me as a member of online gallery in mid of RAJASTHAN artist. he did sold my art work from his online gallery.he did created a special image of myself in that art fair and in mid of Rajasthan Artist. he told to all yogendra is not a artist he is my friend ..ha

In that art fair he did shoot my portrait he told me your eyes is very critical ,i like its sound so i want to shoot your portrait . in that case i were shoot some picture of him by my camera and here i want to share two image of Mr. Prashant Shah with his natural art mood sound.

Myself with Lion Mr. Prashant shah

Lion Prashant shah is busy in art talk with Dr.Vidhyasagar Upadhyay in art fair of LKA.Jaipur at J.K.K.2003-4.

Here in this story i had used the word lion for Mr. Prashant shah because he is real hard worker for art and very committed for his art duty to last 10 years, his online art gallery is continue working for promotion of contemporary art and art communication in our word on his own art vision and self lion word is perfect for him in my vision . and he is member of world lion community from INDIA he told ,so its proving he is a real lion of INDIA..i am accepting he is LION what you say to him, I don't know..ha
webpage image for your knowledge

yogendra kumar purohit

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