Monday, October 11, 2010

Art Vibration..36


Camel festival ,the real sound of Desert . my home town Bikaner had started it with Tourism Department of GOVT. of INDIA. Its a international event for world tourist . i were participated in camel festival to last few year as a art photographer , i had join this event in different village of Bikaner . first i were join this festival at village Katriyasar and after that ladera village . kind your information this event is a joint event of Human and desert air craft animal Camel. this event is showing to all world how to in village and in desert human and animal live like a family.kind your information the father of my grand father Mr. Shivratan Purohit had a beautiful camel with him always in his life. i think his some love of animal sound in me by him as a blood of family. so i were with camel festival event of Bikaner all time . i have 2000 visuals in my data record of camel festival. here i want to share some visuals by CD presentation of Camel festival 2007.

today all world know about animal camel and for festival of camel,Bikaner, In 2007, i were shoot some moment of camel festival by my camera and then i were designed a project of CD presentation by me on projector of Movie maker a one week i were created a simple presentation of Camel festival for cd presentation. that was first CD. presentation of Camel festival of Bikaner with visuals and with folk music . when i were created it that time i did designed some CD for visitors with a digital title cover, on top of this a post you can visit that title image.
one day i were sited on online then i saw a web portal of my home town on online thats link was i were saw lots of visuals and text matter on that portal. then i were thought my CD presentation can display on this portal . that time i were wrote a mail to director of with application of my video presentation on his web portal. he were invited me in his offce and then he did visit my CD presentation of camel festival 2007, after visit my CD presentation he told me ok we will update this video on real may be visitor will like this because its a good presentation of yours. after listen his yes for update my CD presentation on his web portal i were demand to him i want to a press meeting for this CD presentation in your office . we was happy to my activeness for art promotion and told me ok next week you can fix a press meeting in our office .
when he did permission to me for press meeting and for update of my camel festival cd presentation on his realbikaner .com portal i were told thanks to him. and come back at studio.
on sunday i were designed a press meeting plan and then i were though for a guest . i search in my mind and asked to myself whose to i can call for this press meeting i were want to invited a special guest by me for my first CD presentation of Camel festival 2007. when i were thinking for gust then i were got a name by my memory that name was "Ma'm, Natacha" i were meet to her in a journey of Jaipur to Bikaner. that was our bus Journey. that time she did asked to me about my art life and i were know about her Job of a NGO. in 2007 , she was in camel festival with her some Franch friends, i saw a lady were invite to her friends from her country for special visit of camel festival so i were invited to Ma'm Natacha for my Camel festival CD presentation promotion with press meeting.
i were send a sms by my mobile and then she did reply to me ok i will join you in your press meeting .after received her permission i were posted a mail to Director of real with gust list for press meeting with date and time. on press meeting date i were invited to press and to electronic media of Bikaner. we had join to all one by one that day in office of
there were presented person Ma'm, Natacha Director of NGO " " and director of and myself . we were taken our first meeting in office room with
E TV News. they were taken our complete interview one by one with full information of Cd presentation of Camel festival 2007.

here i want to share that interview visuals by video presentation for your knowledge.

after that press meeting the director of had update that video on web portal of and Ma'm Natach had collect some CD presentation of camel festival for her collection she had presented my CD presentation of camel festival 2007 in franc .she told me after few month about this art news from her mail .
in that project i were promoted to camel festival by art work in world art and that art work had touched to all world by online medium . you can say this is a view of myself about camel festival ...ha..

yogendra kumar purohit

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सुनील गज्जाणी said...

dear brother
camel festivel bikaner ki shaan hai .pura vishav simat bikaner me aa jaata hai . kyun ki yaaha ke dhoore { duke }man ki sukoon dete hai