Monday, October 04, 2010

Art Vibration..32


I can't forget that day when i were selected to art. i were busy in my art work at JKK .i can say i were started reading of myself in that days and i were changed in my creative visuals. Actually that time i were visiting myself life by my vision and after that i were started painting on paper with color blue and black with transparent paper.that time i were thinking about myself inner matter and i saw the time just like a transparent layer and its coming in my life day by day . so i were used the transparent paper for my art visuals. that time i want to catch to painting by limited color and limited size of visuals . i were trying to express my inner sound by line and symbols . here i want to share my art mood and working style of that time . that was very complicated time for me i can't give a right word to that condition but that was very important time of my art journey. how to i were lived that time with myself , one time SAMBHAR WAD and one cup tea in morning time and at 4 pm tea and at 8 pm complete food for art year continue i were lived in that condition without leave..! working time 8 am to 7 pm. and art talk with junior and senior artist .that time i were leaved all dramatical activity of art ,i were used very limited tool of art at JKK and i can say i were full time busy in myself art vision so i can't want to express my vision in dramatical language .
i can say my all senior were understood my condition and way of art journey so they were leaved me alone with my art that moment i were feeling alone and i were weep many time in JKK when i were lived alone and getting puzzle condition of mind but when i came in mood of art that time i were transfer my all puzzle and inner sound on my art space with full freedom. here i want to share a visual for your knowledge that time how to i were worked in JKK for my art work "MYSELF"

in this visuals you can visit some color bottle and one water bottle and on board a painting image its on myself ..ha

when i were busy with my art work that time one day a very clear minded person and a business man of art came at art studio for visit . that time i were busy in my art work . he did saw me and my art work style . he did asked to me "are you art student ?'' i were reply to him yes sir you can say i am art student , then he did asked to me what is your education in art ?
i were reply to him sir i am master in fine art .then he again asked to me so how to you are art student? you have master of art education. i were smile and told to him sir at present i am learning the mean of painting and vision of painting by myself study so i am thinking in myself i am art student after education of master of art...ha
he told me good i like your talking way.then he saw again my art work and asked to me are you have more work in your same style. that time i had painted 8 or 9 art work in size 15X30 inches i were exhibetted my art work for his visit on a table . he was saw one by one and after visit my art work he asked a one more question ,how many painting you were sold ? that time i were reply to him at present i am busy in art vision search so i am not thinking about sale of art . then he asked a one more question to me what is your art work cost..? i were reply to him its very tuf question for me because i think art is my pure energy and pure energy just like diamond and diamond cost is designing market cost but diamond have no cost after purity of diamond..ha, he was impressed to my answer and told me very true but my dear how to you sale your diamond in market .that time i were understood, he is taking my patience and art test . i were reply to him sir you can't sale diamond on the road to any one but the real diamond collector will come for collection of pure diamond because he is know the real cost of pure diamond and i know my art is pure diamond and it will pull to a real diamond collector by natural sign ..ha after listen my answer he told me you are very confident i like your art nature.i am accepting your art is pure art like a diamond .good thing yogendra..

After one minute he told me i want to sale your art work on international art track because you have something special art energy and out of country people is liking this type art nature. so i want to offer you a chance for work with me. he told i can give you one lakh rupees for your each one painting at present and after one year it will go on level of sinor artist work cost , i will design it with your work. that time i saw a real confidence of business on that art collector face.(sorry here i can't sharing his name.) i saw some one want my art sound and some one want to create a easy way for my art journey. when i were thinking on this matter he told me next talk, yogendra come with me for 5 years and give me your 5 year i will sale your art work in international art market. i will published your art journey in a international art catalog and after 5 year you will see to yourself on a big hight. just think on it and come with me.that time i were thinking on that matter and i saw one side money and one side real painting study . he did asked to me what are you thinking young man. what..?

that time i were listen my inner sound and i were reply to him sorry i can give you my work because its my study work . you want to me myself style work, and at present i am not sure how to my next painting will come out from myself with same visual . you want to my 5 year i am not sure for my tomorrow, in this mood of art. so i can't commit with you for this art deal . because i want to catch the real painting for my art journey i want to make myself as a pure painter with hard work and with real study of painting and i know its want free time and free mind. when i will commit with you then my mind will pack for art labour and in that mood i can't catch to painting with right time so at present time is very must for myself art study money is not..!

after listen my answer he told me you are right young man but when you feel , you want any support then you can contact with me i will come first for your support as a senior ..good luck.

that day i were selected the way of art by myself art sense.when i were share that talk with my friends mostly all friends were told me'' you had missed a successful life way, but whose told to them purity is a real success of art journey,here i have lots of example of our national artist , Great poet and art master Ravindra nath Tegor ,Jamini ray, Nandlal bosh,Gagendra nath Thakur, Deviprasad ray Chodhari ,Ramgopal vijayvargiya and lots of artist of our nation.

myself work is continue with me to last three year, in this three year i have got three type change you can say three steps of myself art study with time moment . here i want to share that three style work visual for your visit may be you can understand the way of myself art journey.

1.Its my first step, art study on myself for visual art in painting language.2007

2.Its my second step, art study on myself for visual art in Painting Language.2008-09

3.Its my third step, art study on myself for visual art in Drawing Language..2010

2007 to till 2010 , i were created 10 painting on canvas, 70 Painting on paper and 156 Drawing on paper and its continue with myself today..!

kind your information that day to till today i am continue busy in my art work with self study and day by day i am catching to painting by my vision and learning lots of for myself art journey.
today i am drawing on paper by pencil and ink pen . i have been stop the use of color and i were achieved a new concept about color by self art study. color is in ourself we are searching it in nature color but our inner color live in feeling and that is abstract color of life, nature color can't express same tone of our inner color but line drawing can express our inner sound and color mood . i have learn it at present by myself in art study. may be i am right or may be i am wrong but i am still at here with myself on way of art...!

yogendra kumar purohit


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an important piece of work--richard

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very nice dear yogi , keep it up .
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