Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Art Vibration..33


In 2008, i were read a news about election of President of America on yahoo news. that time i were read name of Mr. Barack Obama with his picture on yahoo news .com page . he did fight the election for post of President of America . in that time in my city a one common man asked to me who will be win the election of post of President oF America. i were told to him may be OBAMA.that was my unconscious sound but with truth. as a visual artist i were saw the truth on face of Mr. Barack Obama by his picture on yahoo news.

after some time one day the yahoo news and all world media had published the news of election of President of America. when i were read that news, new president of America Mr. Barack Obama was won the election and in same time some media people had published the news of President of America with this line " first Black man is president of America"and lots of this type title news for President of America in media i were read...ha

In that case i were thought President post for a capable person of nation not for black or white man or woman and as a creative person i were created two line in poem language for President post of a Nation i were wrote " THE MAN IS MAN NO BLACK NO WHITE THE MESSAGE OF ART THE COLOR FOR LIFE" and after creation of this poem line i were update it on yahoo news comment board i were saw lots of people of yahoo user's were liked that poem line . and after that i were update it on my art network that time i were attached with 1500 artist of our world on facebook . they all were liked my view about presiden
t post .

that was very feeling full point when New president of America Mr. Barack Obama were remember to Our national Father Mahatama Ghandhi ( INDIA) in event of acceptation of post of President of America at White house and all world media were Published that event report with full respect.the media published President of America had remember to Mahatma Ghandhi and his life style for peace. when i were read it, i were feel some one thinking for peace and peace live in a creative mind ..ha, then i were wrote a mail to White House with big thanks to President of America Mr. Barack Obama because he remember for peace to MAHATMA GHANDHI by him.

when i got some confidence on myself then i were search the contact of WHITE HOUSE AMERICA on google by luck i were got the real contact by web site of White House. i were fill my full information with identity of myself with name of INDIA. and i were wrote a good wish to President Of America Mr. Barack Obama with my poem line" THE MAN IS MAN NO BLACK NO WHITE THE MESSAGE OF ART THE COLOR FOR LIFE" after posting that mail i were received a reply with thanks ,that was first reply to me from President House of America.

i can say i were achieved the real trust of President of America Mr. Barack Obama from his first mail reply on myself posted mail.he were read my art sound and thinking way about world matter and about a nation system. i were continue read the yahoo news and i were saw the very creative project for nation development by vision of President of America Mr. Barack Obama. when he did started the project of health care system that time i were posted a mail to him " sir, today our world is ill from terrorism, so its very must we all world educated people will control on this illness of our world then we can say we are healthy and we can live healthy . so its very must if you take a right action on this illness of terrorism . i were received some text by President of America Mr. Barack Obama by his own community web magazine "Barack"you can say that was work report Of President Of America .

when president of America Mr. Barack Obama had got the full work on health care project and he did sign on the paper of health care project that day i were again posted a good wish for his success, because he was gave a good idea to all world for future health of a nation people. that was a very creative and artistic idea i were liked that very much and then i were posted a good wish again to him.

Last year on day of new year i were received a mail from Community web magazine of President of America Mr. Barack Obama that was a special and artistic greeting for me on new year . point be noted he did wrote with that greeting mail " HOLIDAY" Greeting Not for New year wish or etc. here i want to share that mail text with that a greeting link for your knowledge .

( yogendra kumar --You've been an incredible part of this movement this year. So some volunteers got together and helped us make a holiday video, just for you.
You can watch it here:Happy Holidays,Yogendra

Now, spread the cheer by sending this message to your ow

n fr

iends and family. Your video can be customized with their name and your choice of holiday greeting.

It was a blast making it. Enjoy!
Happy holidays,Mitch and the entire OFA community )

this is visuals of that holiday video greeting. i were captured from that video for my collection .

1. Holiday greeting with Sign of President of America Mr. Barack Obama.

2. people of America saying thanks to me in that video Greeting visuals.

3.big banner with my name in hand of American people.all are wishing to me the holiday.

after visit this video visuals you can see the vision of A creative President of a nation and his world relation. he did not forget to me in his holiday time thats result is this greeting post for me..ha
when i were received this greeting from President of America i were reply to him with my digital art greeting for his holiday.

this is my creative art work and i were converted this image in greeting by digital art and posted to White House by my mail.they were accepted it as a greeting and reply me with thanks..

before few month i were draw some portrait in pencil drawing language . then i were created a portrait of President of America Mr. Barack Obama on paper. i were selected a image from and then i were draw that. here i want to share that art portrait image for your visit.

when i were draw it , i were share first on facebook and then on other art network of myself on online . but this art work is not finished at here i were got a photo digital print on big cup . when i got that printed cup from KARIZMA digital color lab of Bikaner , i were update it on yahoo page of yahoo have update it on yahoo photo page . here i want to share that yahoo page image for your knowledge.

Digital photo printing on big cup with image of Mr. Barack Obama in drawing language art work.

After this post i were send some visuals of that printed cup and yahoo updated photo page. to WHITE HOUSE and to Community Magazine of President of America by my mail. when they were received my mail and reply to me with good wish and trust of art vision by BARACK OBAMA.COM.

last two month BP petrol had got a big problem then oil was spill in Sea. that was very tuf moment for BP petrol unite . but condition was totally out of control. that time i were Wrote a mail to President of America Mr. Barack Obama , i were wrote in that mail Hon' ble president of America please control on uncontrol condition of BP oil . thats answer i were received by a photo visual on online President of America was guiding to BP unite and all engineer of Bp by his hand ,you can stop the oil spill by block and lock that oil well mouth and then re start the work . sorry that visuals i can't store in my data but that was very artistic reply with a creative action and BP had started the work on that idea of President of America. that day i were feel he is listing the pure sound and working for that sound by his soul power .

2008 to 2010 two year art journey i have share with President of America and he is also on this track with me and sharing some creative idea and his vision on online . its a true relation of art with full trust of heart to heart . he always want help and trust because its a real way for peace of a nation and nation peace can create peaceful heart for next future of a nation with sound of art..ha
so i can say i were saw a creative artist in a President of America Mr. Barack Obama , i were read to Mahatma Ghandhi in my art study when i were in art collage and today i am busy in study of President of America Mr .Barack Obama in my art studio for art journey..he is a President of a nation,he is a art teacher, he is a big thinker he is a peace designer ,he is a complete art master of our world . i am very thankful if he is accepted my friendship request and today he is with me continue by online connection and by pure soul sound connection because he know very well " THE MAN IS MAN NO BLACK NO WHITE THE MESSAGE OF ART THE COLOR FOR LIFE" just like me . so i am salute to President of America Mr. Barack Obama ( Artist of Our World )

Yogendra Kumar Puorhit

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