Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Art Vibration..15


In month of RAMDANA i am remember to Artist M.F.HUSAIN..

That was a special day of my art journey . I were meet live to great art master M.F.Husain in my life, first time. the date 11-4-2004, i were read a news in news paper the M.F.Husain will show his second film preview of " MEENAXI" in cinema hall of Jaipur. i were interested in that matter and by luck my one friend Mr. Sanjay verma called me for visit that Art film show of M.F.Husain i were told to him yes i am also interested in this art visit so you come at my room we will go both on your moterbike. he came at my room at 11 am and i were ready with my sketchbook for visit the canvas of M.F.Husain "MEENAXI" at 11:30 we were on cinema hall i saw only few people i can say real art lover was present there for visit the canvas of M.F.Husain.
12 noon the M.F.Husain came there from hotel and told to all come and watch our canvas like that ...we all were went back to M.F.Husain he was very energetic and active for share his art view with us. in 3 to 5 minute we all are in cinema hall and we taken our sit . i saw on the
stage a table and chair for M.F.Husain sahab he went on stage and said" hello to all i am M.F.Husain painter, this is not a film so i hope you will visit it as a canvas a moving canvas in cinema fram ok" after some opening activity and some more art dialog from others film supporters of M.F.Husain they all were came down to stage and sited on cinema hall chair and worker was sifting the table and chairs from stage of cine screen. that time M.F.Husain sahab was talked with art gallery director . i got a idea and went near to M.F.Husain sahab and told to him please draw something for me in my sketchbook he told me "NO, TIME FOR YOU, JUST SEE ". but i pressed to him then he taken my sketchbook and draw his sing in English and again told me just see my boy..

here i want to share that sign image of M.F.Husain for your visit.

after sign he gave a order to cinema hall director start the film please ,we can't wait. after 2 or 3 minute the film was started for us . here i want to share a link of that film song for your visit ,one poster of that film and one image of M.F.Husain.

when film preview was finished the M.F.Husain went on the Stage again and asked to all in HINDI."MAJA AAYA DEKHANE MAI YA NAHI" that time i were busy in sketching of M.F.Husain cherector in my sketchbook i saw he was watching me but i were not listening his word because i am busy in sketch then he asked again with strong sound the same word but that time he was asking to me direct i were answer him by my silent smile..then he told enjoy to art.
here i want to share that sketch image for your visit...

I were draw it within 3 to 4 minute . i were show my art sound in front of M.F.Husain ( i am watching and creating both with live action in my art journey.)kind your information that time i were in M.F.A first year at Rajasthan School of Art,Jaipur. 2004.

yogendra kumar purohit

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