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Art Vibration..29


In 2008, i were received a invitation for a art exhibition . that invitation were came from International festival of poetry by KRITYA society, that event was in Chandigarh at Punjab Art Council building . they were design that event for poet and for artist a joint cultural event of Kritya 2008.

i were went there with my art work by train. at 3 am i were on chandigarh railway station .i were call to organizer of that event then he guide me you can hire a auto and came at Punjab art council . At 4 am i were at Punjab art council building . a one young man Artist Amit Kalla was still for me on gate of Punjab art council he told me welcome Yogendra.

we were went in a hall and talk about exhibition hall and about artist of our exhibition then he was told me all information of that art exhibition. after a hour we were went in hall of art exhibition that was a good art gallery . then Artist Amit Kalla asked me can you help me about display of my art work i have big canvas for display in this art exhibition i were reply to him yes why not. i am always living active for art work and i am not think much more when some one want help to me...its my art nature..ha

when i were helping to Artist Amit Kalla that time a one artist Mr. Daniel Connell came in gallery and saw our art activity that time i were use the hammer for display the art work of Artist Amit .that time he was feel some upset by our art activity and he went out from gallery. but we are
continue for display. when we display the work of Artist Amit kalla. i were went to bath and after bath i we were take morning tea that art center was near to Rose Garden i saw lots of flower in that garden .that was very nice morning for myself art journey...ha
at 10 :00 am i were went in art gallery for display my art work on gallery wall. i were select last wall for my art work display. because i know diamond always sign in darkness..ha

that time i saw artist Daniel had put his art work on basement of gallery because there side no any tool for display so he were feeling leaved his art work on basement of Gallery. i saw there a boll of thread for painting hang on wall but no any cuter and etc. in that case i saw a small blade in transparent small bag of Daniel i were taken that small blade and then i were cut thread for painting hang on the wall of gallery. after 30 minute i were display my art work and i were put back the small blade in bag of Daniel and came out from gallery.and in evening time i were went in art gallery that time all artist were busy for display his or her art work in gallery but i were not saw there artist Daniel but his art work on same place of gallery basement i were feel bad and think why Daniel is not here. then i were start the display his art work by myself because i want to make happy to Artist Danile by my art activity , in morning time i were made upset to him by my hammer use on canvas with loud sound ..

After 40 minute i were display the art work of Artist Daniel on wall and all artist of that exhibition were watching me in gallery. Next morning i were stand in groung of Punjab Art Council that time Artist Daniel came near to myself and told me very thanks yogendra , you have display my work from your energy i were not presented there but you have display very perfect so thanks many thanks and after that he did huge me, i were made a artistic smile on a artist face by my art activity..i were feel happy.ha
On exhibition day at 10:00 am , Artist Mr. Amit Kalla told me yogendra just come with me i want to show our exhibition catalog . when i were saw that catalog copy then i were told to Mr. Kalla its nice design then he told me must read this text i were read some text of that Catalog that was in english after read some line of top of that catalog i were asked to Mr. Kalla nice writing who wrote it then he told me its from Himanshu Vyas .i were feel happy and then asked to Mr.Kalla where is the name of Mr. Himanshu Vyas in this catalog , he told me the designer had forget published his name. i were got angry on designer .then mr. Amit Kalla told me we will paste a name strip of him on all catalog. i were laugh on designer and then i were told to Mr. Amit Kalla why you will paste his name on this catalog we can print his name on this catalog then Mr. Kalla asked to me how to.? we have not time at 5 pm our art exhibition will start at here and who will be do it. i reply ti him i will do it. then mr. Kalla smile and told me ok do it. he was gave me 1000 Rupees and told me the market of Printing sector 16- 17. kind your information, i were very new and that was my first visit of Chandigarh as a artist . but i were taken a risk on myself and i were hire a auto and went to market with 1000 printed catalog . i were stop on a shop that was card printer but he told me sorry we have no time i told to him sir i have same problem just like you with myself ,so try but he was not with support mood .then i were went in sector no 11 there side by luck i were find a real Sardar ji,A real man of Punjab i were share my condition then he told me i will take big charge for this work i told him ok done you can start, then he told me our computer Designer will come at 2 pm and that time i saw the watch then time was 12 :20 pm. i told to him sir i know computer design so i can create the master for your screen printing he was very strong and trusty person , he told to his servant "Oe Chotu just on the computer . when he did on the computer i were sited on his shop pc and design a simple Name of Himanshu vyas with this style "hIMANSHU VYAS" when i were design this name then i were got a print out on butter paper , when that print copy Mr. Sardar ji saw then gave me smile and told me we will do your work in 2 hour and you can collect this catalog from my shop at 3 pm i were happy and came in confidence .that time i told to Printer please print this name in golden Ink then he reply me sorry sir we have silver color ink i were told to him ok use it for printing.

After submit that catalog i were went to eat food and after taken food i were move on the road of Chandigarh for one hour. at 3 pm i were go back at printer shop and that time his printer had printed 600 catalog. i were told to him sir ji you are getting late after listen my word he gave order to his one servant just do fast finally at 4 :00 pm i were got printed catalog with name of Himanshu Vyas . i were feel happy and that was a thanks to Mr. Himanshu Vyas by my art sound...ha
At 4 :30 i were came at Punjab art Council and submit that printed catalog to Artist Amit Kalla he was happy to my art action he told me very nice sir ji. that time i were meet to catalog Designer cum artist Mr. Vijendra S. Vij . he told i forget his name publication by mistake because we have no space for his name after design this catalog ( i were created a special space for name of Himanshu vyas on our printed catalog ) and thanks to you if you have done a big job for art catalog .here i want to share that art catalog image part. for your knowledge

Mr. Himanshu Vyas have wrote this text for myself art sense...!

Kind your information Mr. Himanshu Vyas is a real art master of Our nation at present he is busy in Job of Hinduastan Times Jaipur as a chief Photographer . i were meet to him in year 2003 when i were went to Rajasthan School of art For my Master . i were read his art sound when he came in my class that was my final year of Master i were exhibit my one art work that was on concept of our heritage . he saw my art work and told me Purohit Ji you had open your mind i am reading by this art work good going . that work was a concept of myself but on that work my all junior have draw some drawing and text with free expression . i were invited to all of my art collage students for that art work actually that was my critical art work on condition of contemporary Heritage .that day to we have a very silent and a very peaceful art relation in our art journey. that' s result i were got some real study word on myself from Art Mster Mr. himanshu Vyas in International poetry festival of Kritya, Catalog 2008...!

That day i saw" the surprising mood of energy of Art Master Himanshu Vyas for me"..ha

Art Master Himanshu Vyas in my view at my Home Town Bikaner.
Art Master Himanshu Vyas is thinking something..!

The Art tool in hand of Art master Himanshu Vyas ..!

A real Art Joke of "THE SURPRISING MOOD OF ENERGY" :- here i want to share a real Art joke of International poetry festival of Kritya 2008,Chandigarh . the organizer of that poetry event was submit me a note book for writing in time of event of poetry presentation . i were not noted any word in that note book but i were draw sketch of poets in that note book and submit back to Organizer..ha

yoegndra kumar purohit

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