Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Art Vibration..26


It was a very interesting art moment of my art journey. after my M.F.A. Painting education i were started some work as a artist with my free mind concept on paper with limited color. in that mood i had created 30 something painting on concept of "BACTERIUM IN HUMAN MIND''...!

In our Indian culture old people are saying " you have bacterium in your back to noughty and on wrong activity to mistake maker . but i thought again on this word then i find the real place of Bacterium that are living in vision of human and in mind of human .so i were created some visuals in simple form with some symbols of mind bacterium .when i had created 30 art visuals on that concept then i were submit my application of art exhibition at RAJASTHAN SCHOOL OF ART ,Jaipur. that was my art Collage and after master i want to restart my art exhibition track from Rajasthan school of art . our Art collage have a small but nice art gallery for art exhibition. when i were submit my application then my art Teacher were asked to me why you are interested about your art exhibition in our art collage art gallery. then i were told him sir" i want to express my first master art work with art student in his or her home and i think our art collage i a real home of art students. my teacher Dr.Vidhyasagar Upadhyay told me ok exhibit your art with art students. but our art collage will not give you any other support after the gallery i told no problem sir.after a week i got a date from My Art collage for art exhibition with a press note. i were happy and on gallery date i went to art collage with my creative art work. and i were find the gallery for display.there all art student were waiting of myself for my help they all were loving me very much with full respect like a big brother. i were hand our my art work in hand of my junior and i went to submit that press note by fax...ha

when i came back in gallery that time my one junior told me sir we have fix the display board for your work display then i were start the display on display board after 2 hour we had exhibit my art work in art collage art gallery and then i were invited to H.O.D. of Painting and all staff of my art collage . that exhibition was very simple no any formality and no any art drama.kind your information that art exhibition was only for three days.when all staff and H.O.D. of Painting were came in art gallery for visit my art work that time some one asked to me what is your concept in your art then i were explain first time my work in mid of art student as a art master when i were started then all were listening my word. i told its a simple form with concept of "BACTERIUM OF HUMAN VISION" with different example by art form. all were accepted my vision and work visuals that were common .ha
here i want to share some visuals of that art exhibition for your visit.

A visual on concept of hospital environment bacterium ..ha

recycle bin and human have same bacterium system in society...ha

Bacterium of education and study..ha
sorry i can't share all visuals of this concept at here with this post . first day all art student had visit my art work and talked to me about my art concept. in that case some media person came for visit and some press photographer have shoot some visuals of my art exhibition. E -TV News and Bhaskar New channel had share visuals on TV with A art news and next day the Hindustan Times have published a big picture of my art exhibition with a short news. that was a big message to all art student about press not media is active for art and culture they just want a right information for right place by a perfect way . i had post press note to media by fax that was a advance step of myself as a art master in that time because in our art collage no any fax service.ha

when i were sited in the gallery on third day that was sunday. i were alone in art gallery of art collage and main gate was open for visitors . then a one car came in front of art collage and that car was stop there.i saw that number plate that plate with red Cross . the gate of car was opened and a 40 to 50 year aged smart lady come out from that car and she watch my painting visuals from the road and she came direct in art gallery. she was visited my all art work with silence and she had gave 30 minute for visit my art work . when she had visited all art work then she came near to myself and asked to me its your art work, i reply to her yes Ma'm its my art work ,
then she asked to me are you art student i reply her yes ,i have master from this art collage in this year but i am learning every time so you can say i am art student.she told me . when i come out from my care then i saw first your work , so i come in your art gallery your red color had pull me because i am a DOCTOR in SMS Hospitel , Jaipur....!

She told me i had visited your all art work you have been used the form of Bacterium in all painting with some symbols of human and red color. i think you have visit the real place of Bacterium of human life , you had created a very strong concept, Doctor can't see this type Bacterium in human mind and i hope all doctor will think just like you then we can clear the All problem of Bacterium..thanks yogendra..

I were silent and thinking some one have read the real sound of my art concept by this art exhibition,that day my art concept had got a real visitor in that art gallery...ha

After art talk that lady Doctor share her name to me and she want to write some comment so she did asked to me where is your visitor book i want to write something about your art work . that time i were not put my visitor book in art gallery because i want to talk with visitor live about art visit and about art concept . i told to that lady doctor sorry Ma'm, i have not visitor book for this art exhibition.. she told me ok but her face expression was saying to me lots of. i were read it from her face.she told me good wish and best of luck yogendra..and after that she was went near her car . after a one minute she came back in art gallery and called to me yogendra come here i want to give you something, i went near to her then she was open her bag and taken a pen and told me just take it and wait, then she had taken a torch from her bag and told me take it, i were taken her pen and torch then she told me . yogendra i think you can see better the bacterium of human vision and you have the vision of control on bacterium so i think this pen and torch will help to you for see more better to bacterium .take it as a gift . she was happy after submit her pen and torch in my hand and i were thinking about her creative action..that time i had no any kind of word for that respectable lady Doctor.. that time i were speechless . i were told to her only thanks.. Ma'm.....!

here i want to share a image of that gifted Pen and Torch from that lady Doctor.

that day i saw the art power and philosophy of art in my real art journey " when science journey is getting last point , that point to art journey is getting start for next ...".....ha

yogendra kumar purohit

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