Thursday, September 09, 2010

Art Vibration..17


I think on it, because its real truth of our world art definition . i have lots of example about this art rule but here i am sharing only one example of myself art creation. I want to express the nature of art creation, may be you will know it by this text story.

In 2005 i were taking rest in my rental room at Jaipur, and i were thinking about home and festival of "GANESH CHATURTHI" i were alone in my room . my inner sound (unconscious) was order to me for some creative work about festival of Ganpati. I did not painted and any art work in my rental room ,Jaipur , because that was very small "5X8X7" 3 window and one door and one rank for work storage . i were worked in art collage and after that JKK.jaipur. but i were buying news paper every day some time hindi and some time english. so i had store of news papers in my room. and one small thread roll always i have in my tour kit so that was in my room. i saw the news paper and roll of thread and just sit in room and pick to news paper and thread roll. my vision were thinking for use of news paper and thread roll and my energy want to work on order of mind and my inner sound is want a Ganpati from myself. so i were created a scluptur image in my mind and started the work with news paper i did not know what and how to i will create A Ganpati but i did started that and after some time i have designed a structure of Ganpati by news paper and i have bound that structure by thread and step by step i were got a real image of Ganpati by my vision and energy on inner sound demand. that Ganpati Sclupture size was 18X18 Inches at 12:50 Am something i did created with final touch to that Ganpati Sclupture by me. and sleep.
here i want to share that Ganpati Sclupture image for your visit.

Next day i were pick that Ganpati Sclupture and went to Jkk,Jaipurby City Bus. i were fixed that paper sclupture in Studio and after two day my one friend Mr. GAGAN MISHRA came in studio of jkk and visited my PAPER GANPATI, he told me i want to use this Ganpati In my School drama . he is a theater artist and art Teacher in a school. i saw first time ,how to a creation is making place in others vision .i told him ok you can use it but you will not sale it. i were gifted my creation to a art lover and art teacher.ha . after one week Mr. GAGAN came in my studio with a big smile and told me, sir ji - Mitra our play have win a prize by your Ganpati Sclupture so thanks to you..i told him, say thanks to Art ....ha

In year 2007, I were In Mumbai for a solo art Exhibition of myself . that exhibition at Pradarshak art Gallery,Khar Mumbai. that exhibition for 15th day and time was Ganpati Festival of Mumbai or Maharastra. There i were buying the news paper every day for my art news record collection and thread roll in my bag i were free in hotel Arya Nivas after take food. i were sited on bad at 12: 40 pm something and i were listening the word and music of GANPATI Festival,and watching some Big size Ganpati Sclupture, i could saw by window of Arya Nivas Hotel . that day i feel same feeling of my rental room of Jaipur , inner sound was pressing to me again for a new Ganpati Sclupture that time mind was ready for creation and energy was started after listen the "GANPATI BAPA MORIYA " . I were again pick the news paper and thread roll and started the paper sclupture of Ganpati .at 2 : 35 pm i were created the second Ganpati by news paper and thread , when i were created that paper Sclupture of Ganpati that time a one potter came in my room and told me sir you have created a very nice Ganpati , i am not on leave other wise i will pick this Ganpati for my home, he saw the image of Ganpati in my paper art work . i told him, i will gift it to your hotel Director and this is your second home so you feel this Ganpati in your Home ..he were smile and went on his job.after final touch i were submit my paper Sclupture of Ganpati to Director of Hotel ARYA NIVAS, because one day i were reading the news paper in Hotel Library, that day he was read my name in news paper then he asked to me , are you artist ,i were reply him yes sir. i am ! then he demand to me a art workas a gift , i were told him yes i will give you a gift but that time i were not know if i will create a Ganapati Sclupture and gift to him. when i gifted the ganpati in hand of Director of Hotel Arya nivas that time his potter was stand there other side and he was watching that activity of myself , the Director of Arya Nivas , exhibited that gifted paper Sclupture of Ganpati on a rank of Wood that was in back side of main counter of that hotel, he was gave respect to my art energy and respect to Ganpati . i saw that day all potter was busy in cleaning the all room of that hotel and after one day live i were leaved the Mumbai but that time i were told to Director of Hotel, sir please you will pass this Ganapti in Sea of Mumabi on Last day of Festival of Ganpati he told me sure dear .. here i want to share some visuals of that ganpati with you for your visit.

Second Ganpati Image after final Touch by me in festival of Ganpati of .Mumbai 2007.

Ganapti On rank of wood In Arya Nivas Hotel Main Counter,Mumabi .2007

Senior Staf Member of Arya Nivas Hotel And back Side Paper Sclupture of Ganpati.2007

Mid chair is empty for Respect to Ganpati, Hotel Arya Nivas , Mumbai 2007

yogendra kumar purohit

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Read the complete story.This is how any novel gr8 things r created.Require basically a combination of imagination/creativity/innovation+hard-work+resources+time=Novel inventions by special people like u...