Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Art Vibration..25


In childhood age when i were reading my school study book and some comics that time i were watching painting and printed colorful visuals in that books and comics. that time i were thinking ,when my art work will published like this books visuals . because that time i were painting in my painting book . kind your information i could understand science practical subject by visual language . i were interested in painting. so one day i were thought and asked to myself when my art work will published in a book. that was my childhood age dream .

After 10 year, one day i received a phone call from city collector office . they were invited me in office .i were went there and meet to secretary in his office room. he asked to my name and then about my art education. i were told him i am yogendra kumar purohit from BIKANER,and have done B.F.A. In PAINITING. after my answer he asked to me can you create visuals on our project concept then i told to him yes i can try with my best for your project. he did feel happy and come in confidence on myself then he asked to me one more question how many Rupees you will charge for each one painting i reply him one thousand each one , then he asked to me are you know whose this project i reply him yes its our INDIAN GOVT. Project , he was smiling and then he told me its work of City Collector he will not pay you 1000 for your one art work then i reply to him sorry without this cost i can't work for your project .he told me think again yogendra you will missed a big project . actually he was checking my art patience and finally he told me we will pay you 800 for each one painting and we will design a folder with 15th painting.i were told ok i will do it for our INDIAN GOVT.And for our City Collector.after that formal meeting he told me you will come tomorrow at D.R.D. office we will start the work on concept of City Collector Bikaner.that time our city Collector was Mr. Akhil Arora and D.R.D. Secretary Mr. Bhawar lal Sharma .next day on right time i were went to D.R.D. office (D.R.D. Office is working in our nation for village life development and village Environment ) when i went in room of Secretary he told me welcome artist yogendra. we were talked on some concept of city collector , for visuals desing he were gave me 15 concept and told me i want to visit some layout on this concept , i were reply him ok sir i will desing some layout on this concept and submit to you after two days . he was happy after listen my two day time limit .he asked to me are you design all concept layout in only two days . then i told to him sir i have visit lots of sites of village and i have save some visuals in my momory about your concept design so i can draw ruf layout in short time and i were joke for that moment and told to him if you have a table and sit here in your office then i can create your all concept layout design in 4 to 5 hour . he had understood my indication and reply me sorry yogendra its not my office its GOVT. office . after that talk i were came at home and in two days i were draw all drawing by pencil on drawing sheet . when i were submit my drawing on table of Secretary of D.R.D. office . he told me thanks why i don't know he had collect my drawing and told me you will come tomorrow at 2 pm .today i will exhibit your drawing in front of city collector Mr. Akhil Arora. he will final your drawing .i told ok sir bye and come back.next day at 2 pm i were at office of D.R.D. and i were meet to Secretary of D.R.D. then he was happy to my work and he told me your drawing is good our city collector told me but he want to see a color full painting so you will paint a one concept drawing in color and you will show in our office . i told ok sir i will paint and exhibit .

after that meeting i were came at home and start the painting on hand made paper with water color in 4 to 6 hour i were finished first painting od D.R.D. project .
here i want to share that art work image for your visit..

concept of village woman community for joint work .

as a advertising person i were went to office of D.R.D.and i were submit my first conceptual art work on table of D.R.D. Secretary . he did open that art work and told me nice yogendra that day City collector Mr. Akhil Arora was presented at D.R.D. office for visit that time he saw my art work and meet to me first time live face to face he asked to me my name and education.
after visit my art work he had done that projejct of concept drawing and painting for me .

after that meeting i got mote confidence in myself for that art project because concept desinger was happy to my art visual he got the real sound by my art work for his concept presentation..ha
in a two week i were complete all drawing with lots of exercise in that time i were visit the lab of
agriculture , because that all concept for village protection , environment development , animal hospital concept , village meeting concept, water saved project ,farming project desert stop concept etc..
here i want to share some more visuals of that concept design project for your visit .

concept :- Soler power project working better in village

concept :- animal Hospital in village

concept :- Group Meeting for village development and village environment

so i have done lots of exercise, that was very hard work and a big challenge for myself and it was good luck for me i had done that with in 15th days after 15th days i were submit my all design work to Office of D.R.D. and i were collect my payment of my art work . all office staff were happy to my work and i were happy from his selection because they had started a project of completeness of my childhood age Dream . they want to published my art work in a folder like a booklet . after a week i were received a phone call from D.R.D. office they were want i were meet to them at office so i were went there and asked about that meeting then Secretary of D.R.D. told me we want a publication of your work so just tell some name of publisher of our city.how can published it better ? then i were told the name of Kalayani Printers ,because Kalayani printer's have published Shivira education office book of GOVT. so i told first that name then Secretary of D.R.D. told me you can do it for us because we don't know him then i told ok i will do it for your project. i went to Kalayani printers and share the concept of D.R.D. project he were told me yes i will do it better then i were gave contact of D.R.D. office and came back at my home . after three month i were received again a call from D.R.D. office . the Secretary of D.R.D. told me yogendra you can collect a folder of your painting from our office .i went there then he told me you know our city collector is very happy to your work and from this creative art project he told you have create art form on text in short time it was great and its publication is too good so he told for you a good wish for your art journey. i were reply with thanks. in that time Secretary asked to me can you give this visuals image in Compact disk our city collector want it to me he want to save this visuals in his digital library. that time i told yes i will give you a compect disk with my created visuals that time i had shoot all visuals of that concept painting. and i told to Secretary of D.R.D. sir please say thanks to our city collector because he had not create only a art job for me actually he had complete a childhood age dream of myself by his concept .he had published my art work in four color on art paper with 15th art work image like a book. kind your information when i were reading my school book that time i were thought and asked to myself when my art work will published like this book visuals and today in my hand i have my published art work book it was a great feeling for me so thanks to our City Collector Mr. Akhil Arora and D.R.D. Office GOVT. and You..( Bhanwar Lal sharma )...!
after that wish talk the Secretary of D.R.d. told me we have a more big project for this art desinged concept we will paint your painting on wall of all village GOVT.school and on wall of GRAM PANCHAYT wall ,Bikaner . that time i were feel very happy. and after some time i were saw a painter was painting my art work on a wall of D.R.D. office wall ,that time i were went near to Paintiner and i were asked to him its hard work for you or not..? he told me its giving me food so its nice for me then i told him i had painted first this painting on paper and you are painting it on a 12X18 fit wall. he told me thanks...ha after that i were saw my created visuals in many villages of Bikaner when i were got tour of different side by road. that D.R.D. project was very bog art work and that had brack the limit of my childhood age dream of Art work publication..ha..!

Yogendra kumar purohit

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