Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Art Vibration..13


I were talked to great art master and cartoonist Mr. R.K.Laxman by visual language in 2005,
At JKK, Jaipur.i were created  a sketch and posted by FAX to the Hindustantimes. the Hindustantimes was shared that sketch of  myself with R.K.Laxman. i were asked a question to R.K.Laxman by my art sketch and in day time or  in mid of live interview he answered  me with his sign on my sketch book. three time same sign and then asked to me are you want more ? i were reply  to him no no ok sir..he did guided me that day, you and me are same a common man of our nation.....

This sketch i were draw on date 15-11-2005,time 11:45 pm ,Jaipur. i were feeling pain , the JKK officer stop  to me for art work in studio of JKK, because that was blocked for former president of INDIA.  that day the president of INDIA Dr. Abdul KALAM have started  the Exhibition of R.K.Laxman so they have stop my art work. i were told  to Officer Sir ,i am artist not a terrorist but they are bounded from duty and i am bonded by my art commitment .but i respect to rule so i came out to jkk and leaved the studio of jkk from that day..ha

and i were got a reply in visual language by Art MAster and Cartoonist Mr. R.K.Laxman..ha

this sign drawing of Mr. R. K. Laxman on my sketch book a real history of my art journey..!

R.K.Laxman with press live interview and in background you can visit his comman man cartoon drawing .

The name R.K. Laxman is create a art history in cartoon language with a big historical art work from his art sense and his soul power. i wish for his long life ...!
...HAY RAM...

yogendra kumar purohit

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