Sunday, August 29, 2010

Art Vibration ..12

" The Concept On EARTH Matter By Visual Language..."

In last days i have created some visuals for international art and poster compitition with my self thought about our plant Earth. i were thought how to we can care the nuture of our EARTH by our activity and adoption of nutural ways of our culture of EARTH....
in this post i am sharing my tree art visuals for your visit and for your study of my concept may be you will read the sound of my visuals and follow it for fresh nuture of our plant Earth, i am very confident about you and i am sure you will do it for our next generation of EARTH..ha

In first Design i have try to show the adopt our culture system for food dis , mostly we Indian and some Asian country were used this system for food dis ,its a real and nutural recycle system of nuture , in this system we not require the extra recycle bin on our Earth..point be noted....!

and in second visual i have show the action sound on our real pain of Earth Peace thats name is "Terrorism" so i try to pull your attention on this real pain of our Earth, may be our world will take a real action on this painful condition very soon..because its very must for real peace of our Earth life....!

and in third visual i have show the problem of our future , the real problem of our earth about Drinking water, on Earth the water level is going down day by day and our science is saying this and science have no any way for come out from this real future problem so i asked a question by this visual "where is water"....!

this art work visual i have created for "Concerned Communication Award 2010" by Patrika group,A International communication sound of Rajasthan patrika news paper group.
and one visual i have created for the Group Green + You its invited to all international artist with his conceptual visuals on his group . i have submit my concept by visual to the group director Mr. Byoung Won Choi .. he did liked that and give me a word .GREAT WORK YOGENDRA.. so i am very thankful for Mr. Byoung Won Choi .. & for DRECTOR OF PATRIKA GROUP..!

my ,this post just a way of communication of us with vision of myself about our EARTH plant..!

thanks and i hope you will start the work on it from today..ha

Yogendra kumar purohit

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Dhiraj Singh said...

Mr.Yogendra,The info provided via ur blog appear to be excellent,easy to understand & linked to the most recent problems which we all are facing thru out the globe...